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More Than One Holocaust - A Guest Post

A guest post from Edward Spalton.

The following is a copy of a letter I sent to my local paper. My original headline was "More than one Holocaust" - but the Derby Telegraph never will leave my headlines alone!  Dr. Saros Kavina is a retired apparatchik of the race relations industry who frequently writes to say how beastly and racist Britain is. A while  ago, he actually wrote that Stalin was preferable to Hitler because he was not "racist"!

SAROS Kavina gave us a timely reminder that we should not forget the horrors of the Nazi holocaust.
Many of the officials involved (called Schreibtischtaeter in German – desk criminals) went on to successful post-war careers in German and European politics, administration and industry.
Yet the notoriety of the Nazi horror somehow eclipses the far greater slaughter inflicted by Communist regimes in the name of the workers of the world and the brotherhood of man.
So far, nothing has outstripped the 70 million who were "deprived of existence" by the Chinese Communist regime, although Soviet Russia's executioners and starvation camp commandants far outdid the scale of Hitler's beastliness.
The historian Robert Conquest was the first to quantify the scale of the Soviet Terror and he composed a rather grim limerick as a reminder:
There was an old Marxist called Lenin,
Who did one or two million men in.
That's a lot to have done in, but where he did one in,
That old Marxist Stalin did ten in.
The French parliament recently passed a law making it an offence to deny the genocide of Christian Armenians by the Muslim Turkish Empire in 1915.
Oddly enough, Heinrich Himmler used this example to quieten his lieutenants' fears of retribution.
"Who remembers the Armenians now?" he asked in the thirties. Well, it seems the French do.
A historian or apologist for the Turks might deny the fact of this genocide in Britain.
He could then be extradited to France for this new offence under the European Arrest Warrant.
A crime does not have to be committed in the country issuing the warrant and you can be arrested and extradited to any EU country for offences which are not crimes under British law.
So much for freedom of speech in the supposedly democratic EU.
Edward Spalton


RMcGeddon said...

There was an interesting article in The Slog blog recently Edward highlighting the past of Angela Merkel in East Germany. The centralising of power in Europe is very reminiscent of the old DDR / USSR....

"Angela meanwhile went from strength to strength in her career as a valued scientist and loyal DDR citizen. By now, however, Merkel’s fascination with power and political communication was becoming a big part of her life. Her specialism was youth propaganda: she became politically involved in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (Free German Youth), the politicised youth East German dictatorship. She rose quickly within the organisation, becoming Secretary of Political Education – the most important role in the organisation."

Gedguy said...

The British Empire was no angel either where we have killed/murdered by either neglect or policy millions of people in our own empire.

There are loads more incidents if you Google them.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

How glibly tyrants are blamed on 'communism'; and communism laid at the door of Marxism.

Almost as glibly as democracy trips off the tongues of our politicians.

Apogee said...

Hi Gedguy. The only reason these things are not known about is due to lack of teaching of history in our schools.There have been complaints recently in the MSM about the non teaching of history and the teaching quality generally.None of the stories in your links are lost to history, they just, like a lot of other things are not taught any more. When I was taught history they were almost current affairs and we read of them. Maybe as some people like to claim , history is being shaped to produce a particular result, or one can only teach so much in a given time, and then who decides what to teach?
Why not teach the origins of the EU, Surely we should be made aware of where this came from, the original ideas it formed from, and who put them forward. But most people don't know that, and some people don't want to talk about it,as if there is something to hide. But its happening now,the financial mismanagement is probably far worse than in the time of the British empire in India and its effect on Europe will be much worse! People have a right to know about this as well , don't you think? As well as the autocratic replacement of the Greek and Italian governments,effectively a coup. And there is this....
Lets tell all the people all the news in Europe,why not. They pay for this place,surely they have a right to know?

Gedguy said...


I wholly agree with you about history being taught. I would have to disagree with you about it not being lost. That depends on your definition of lost. Personally, I believe that the history we were/are being taught is a complete fabrication to satisfy a desire by the British establishment to make all of us British and how wonderful the Empire was. The truth is that we were/are a bunch of murdering b******s who will then go on to rip off whatever we could in the countries we took over.
The fact that these sort of atrocities occurred and weren't reported makes our press and media just as corrupt as the link you gave to the Italian press. I see no difference in the two. Which would lead you to think that these facts were indeed 'lost'. They were only found again by the internet.
As to teaching the history of the EU I sympathise with your idea but teaching history is subjective . Who is going to decide which version it should be? There are ample historical examples to show it was started off by the Nazis, the Communists, the USA, the British Empire, or whoever else takes your fancy at that moment in time. The truth is that we will never know and so it is better that we just keep on arguing about it and, hopefully, they will pay attention to what the voters really want. I'm not holding my breath though.
Apart from that I totally agree with your sentiment.

johnm33 said...

I read somewhere that the american genocide of it's natives, was the inspiration for hitler, who intended the same fate for the slavs, and that continued into the 1960's. stalins 20 odd million and 20 odd years just dont compare to 60,000,000 and 200 years of the native american experience.
As to history check out the 'holinshead project' where the history of these islands as recorded and kept by the natives slowly dies of neglect, [far from the only records] replaced now by a 'saxonised' account that serves who?

Apogee said...

It is said that history is written by the victor,The net has shown many examples of history being re written by the apparatchiks for their own reasons,many historians have been guilty of this, but 50, 100 years after the event, who cares? And that unfortunately is human nature.
The further away in time, the more meticulous the research must be.

Brian said...

So-called Freedom of Speech has always been qualified by the law and with good reason:

If someone stood up on their hindlegs and told a baying crowd to kill some other person or people, would you defend their right to incite murder?

Would you like a bank to use their freedom of expression by publishing your PIN, password and account number or credit card details online?

I'm in favour of having no government control of speech but only if speakers have the humanity and maturity to check their own excesses so they do no harm to another.

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