Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Another Loss In Afghanistan

Senior Aircraftman Ryan Tomlin, of 2 Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment, was killed on Monday, 13 February.

He was taking part in a partnered patrol to reassure and interact with the local population in the Western Dashte area on the edge of Nad-e Ali district in Central Helmand Province when he was fatally wounded by small arms fire from an insurgent attack. He was airlifted to the field hospital at Camp Bastion, where he later died.

SAC Tomlin was on his second tour to Afghanistan.

British military deaths in the war in Afghanistan since 2001 now stand at 398.

Another loss of life in this useless war.


Gedguy said...


Oldrightie said...

Without your spotting this, Subrosa, I would have missed it. The "keep it quiet" MOD/No.10 tactic still at large.

subrosa said...

And unnecessary Gedguy.

subrosa said...

I received a tip-off OR. It certainly wasn't high on the MSM's agenda.

wisnaeme said...

Aye, they're keeping the casualties quiet these days. Speaking to a friend and work colleague today down in Northampton. He's in bits. Lost his brother Shaun over there. Leaves behind two kids anaw. Family are no very happy about the way he's being brought back via Germany, so they're not.

subrosa said...

That's dreadful wisnaeme. Have they spoken to their MP etc or perhaps they're too distraught. The British Legion or SSAFA ought to be able to help too.

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