Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stuck For A Gift?

During one of the very few warm days of summer, I complained to a friend it was too warm to sleep.  Her answer was "buy a silk pillowcase".  I did.  In fact I bought two and I can confirm they do keep my head comfortable whatever the temperature. Both items were purchased from different websites with one costing £35 and the other £39 (both exclude postage of around £5).

Last month I thought I would treat the family to one each for Christmas and came across this site. The care taken to inform the purchaser about silk was impressive and the price even more so - £22 including postage.

Two days later the parcel arrived. Each pillowcase - made from 100% mulberry silk and a unique 25 momme quality - is tastefully wrapped in tissue and bound by black ribbon.  The quality of the silk far outweighs the quality of the two items I purchased previously and I'm reliably informed that the male head finds using a silk pillowcase the height of luxury too.

Yesterday I tried to order more but had broadband problems. Not to be outdone I phoned the company and spoke to the owner.  The silk she uses is woven in England and she produces every item in her workshop.  The reason why her price is so much cheaper than others is because she doesn't sell to the retail trade and her business is online only. She'll make any size of pillowcase for the same price.

It's seldom I promote a business, but in this case I think it's well deserved. If you're stuck for a gift, which will be appreciated by men and women alike, do consider a little luxury.  At £22 including postage you can't go wrong. Oh, don't forget to order one for yourself. You're worth it.


Unknown said...

I treated myself to complete bed set silk duvet cover, sheet and pillow cases so confirm how super it all feels.

Anonymous said...

TT and I have silk duvets - one for summer, one for winter. Light but warm in winter and wonderfully cool in the summer. To be highly recommended!

subrosa said...

Ah John, if I've anything left in the kitty after I've paid the winter fuel bills that's what I'll do for.

subrosa said...

Wonderful Mrs TT. Sounds right up my street.

Wildgoose said...

Thanks - I've ordered a couple of pillowcases. I needed to think of a Christmas Present for my beloved which my mother-in-law can't complain about. :-)

subrosa said...

I don't think she'll be disappointed Wildgoose. Let me know what she thought will you please?

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