Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Pringle Jumper

A humorous video commissioned by Pringle of Scotland from artist David Shrigley, about life behind-the-scenes at Pringle.

For readers who reside outside Scotland, may I say it doesn't rain all the time. Yesterday for example, when I was battling through the gale and trying desperately to avoid being blown into the next county, there wasn't a drop of rain in sight!


English Pensioner said...

"We make about 700 billion cardigans and jumpers a day" (at 1:34)
The world population is around 7000 billion so they are making a jumper for every one in the world every ten days!
I know the Scots like to exaggerate, but .... !

RMcGeddon said...

I like the fact that Pringle have adapted and moved forward.
There's a rare video in The Courier today showing life in a part of the old Dundee jute mills. All gone now apart from the Verdant museum.
I was going to show the video to my relatives who worked there until I realised they've all passed away :(


Gedguy said...

I used to work for Pringles in their London store in the 70s while in between jobs.
I got sacked for bragging that I had the Saville Row manageress; maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut.



Which also applies to my last sentence. Well, the later part, anyways.

RMcGeddon said...

That Newsnet Scotland website made me reconsider whether I wanted an independent Scotland. If the website's views reflect what it would be like in an independent Scotland then it's not for me.

subrosa said...

I noticed that too EP. I think they must mean a year don't you?

subrosa said...

Jings RM. I've just finished watching the Courier video. My grandpa had a barber shop in Brook Street and I used to see these lorries any time I went to visit him.

I don't know anyone who used to work in the mills either. Like you they've all gone.

subrosa said...

They used to manufacture in Peebles a bit Gedguy, but their main factory was Hawick I think.

Maybe you did learn. ;)

Off to look at your link.

subrosa said...

It's not one of my daily reads RM. Too cliquey for me.

Gedguy said...

If I remember their factory was in Hawick and, on a rare visit back to Dundee, I stopped off in Hawick to chat to the Manager whom I used to have a laugh with on the phone.
If I remember correctly it used to be owned by an American company called Dawson Int.

Gedguy said...


Nothing will change my mind about Scottish independence. My mind didn't change because of Blether with Brian and it won't change my mind because of Newsnet Scotland. My dream of Scottish independence goes way beyond what either of these two sites say.


Is 'weegiewarbler' still posting on newsnet Scotland as I haven't seen her for a while?

Clarinda said...

I suggest the video is using hyper-hyperbole as a comic ruse to imply their development from the days of two and a half "jumpers" a week once hand-crafted by border grannies?

As a child I hated woolly jumpers and preferred my wind-cheaters by Ladybird in bright primary colours.

Anonymous said...


I don't think I'd et a blog put me off independence instead of dependence.

I doubt if the blog owners are going to make President of an independent country.

Scotland will be a democracy, a proper one, unlike the current state of affairs.

Demetrius said...

This kind of thing really gets my goat.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

EP - not to be pedantic but I think the world population approaching 7 billion is causing concern. At 7000 billion I'd be sitting on someone's shoulders typing this!

RMcGeddon said...


It's not the NNS blog per se that's putting me off independence. It's the fact that it actually mirrors the SNP ideology. Support for the EU despite it's undemocratic and authoritarian centralised control. Support for the global warming hoax and associated windmills etc. Support for mass control of the people through extensive databases and health policies etc. Support for an open borders immigration policy despite rising unemployment and pressure on housing and schools etc.
It made me realise that all of these types of things are SNP policy as well.

Gedguy said...


As to the EU question I believe that the SNP have said that if, after independence, we want to have a referendum then we can.
As to the global warming question it is neither here nor there if it is happening or not. What is important is that there is going to be money made and the SNP are trying to position themselves so that we can make money on this con.
Health policies in Scotland are far superior to the way the English run their NHS and, after living in England for longer than 30 years, I can attest to that.
Whether we like it or not Scotland, along with most of the 'western' countries, are going to have a shortage of labour as the baby boomers [us] come to the end of our lives. Immigration is going to happen; far better we control that than let it run away with us but, we are unable to do that while we are shackled to a country which has an 'open borders' policy [but hidden] to ensure the pay of the working man is kept to a minimum.
Don't believe everything you hear in the media and understand that the SNP cannot be totally forthright about its post independence policies while the Unionists are hovering. At least the SNP have given a rough outline of what they hope to achieve; what have the Unionists given us apart from ripping us off and then lying to us about the massive rip off?

RMcGeddon said...


I can only go by what the SNP say and do.

They want 100% renewable energy despite it being a massive scam and a waste of our money ( not anyone else's money - Scottish taxpayers money). They recently gave Scottish councils £4m to buy useless electric cars. Whenever you hear of investment in renewables just follow the money. It usually ends up being a grant from one taxpayer funded quango or another.

They want a more relaxed immigration policy and castigate the London parties whenever they introduce controls. This is despite the fact that our low skill young workforce is primarily Eastern European and it's rare to hear English when in Lidl or Argos in my area.

They castigated Cameron for refusing to sign the fake EU Treaty. Despite it handing our tax raising and budgetary powers to Brussels.

They're introducing alcohol minimum pricing and more draconian cigarette regulations. They've introduced a sectarian policy that won't last the first case in the ECHR ( ditto their alcohol policy).
They stopped independent visits to jails that used to check prisoner well being.

They are introducing gay marriage and seem to delight in undermining Christianity. Anyone speaking out is called a bigot and rounded upon.

I could go on all night but am getting bored ( as you probably are lol )

subrosa said...

Yes you're right Gedguy, but Ballantynes in Peebles used to do a bit for them too. I remember I had a lovely lambswood skirt length from there once and yes it was Dawson International in Hawick.

subrosa said...

Gedguy, I think she is and she also has her own blog. In the past couple of weeks she featured on Take Your Pick with a blog post.

She tweets as @weegiewarbler.

subrosa said...

It's a clever style of marketing though Clarinda.

Oh I liked the Italian woolen jumpers that came into fashion in the early 60s. Lovely colours and styles. Only problem was they were all 'chunky' knits, thus weren't particularly flattering over a drindl skirt.

subrosa said...

You didn't like it then Demetrius?

I thought it amusing.

subrosa said...

You're right Crinkly. She has the numbers wrong - whether purposely or not I can't say.

Apogee said...

RM,Completely agree. Personally I want to see an Independent Scotland.
I do not want an "independent Scotland" in which the only change is the jail and who holds the keys. We will gain nothing from breaking from the yoke of England just to allow ourselves to be shackled to the yoke of the EU which is a much worse situation.It would seem a majority of UK citizens want to break from the EU ,it seems the only people who really want to remain under the yoke of the EU are the politicians who are supposed to do the bidding of the people of this country, and who in the main want the EU to remain in control, seemingly at any cost. Ask why this is so. People should do their own research into the EU, they will quickly realise that Full Independence is the best option,the yoke of the EU is the worst.

RMcGeddon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Demetrius said...

Oops, yes I did like it, but perhaps I should leave off puns, especially involving goats.

subrosa said...

Ooops here too Demetrius. Apologies for being half asleep and missing your wit. Please don't stop- I'll try to do better.

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