Thursday, 3 November 2011

Spread A Little Happiness - It's Free

Earlier this year I took part in World Book Night as a 'giver'.  Two boxes of 'One Day' by David Nicholls duly arrived at my local library - my choice of delivery address.

Arranging the distribution of 48 books wasn't quite as simple as I'd thought because one book reading circle, having heard I was taking part, decided they could relieve me of the lot and save me the effort of individual allocations and it took a certain amount of diplomacy and patience to explain the event was to encourage reading, not just a bundle of freebies. But that wasn't the reason I applied to be a giver. Part of the reason was to introduce books to those who would normally not read.

Did I find any non-readers?  Indeed I did.  My final 15 books were distributed outside a local supermarket where around 25% of those who were offered a book said they never read and refused the book. Others accepted - some reluctantly - but promised to pass it to a friend.

Most people can read but I know quite a few who aren't interested in reading a book from cover to cover except on holiday. If I'm accepted as a giver for 2012 I'll be avoiding the 'holiday only' readers again because there's little chance the book will ever be read and a slimmer chance it will be passed on to others.

Each book has a number which the recipient can register online and this allows the giver to follow its progress. Two of mine are currently in Australia, one in Mexico and four in France.

If you would like to be a giver, I suggest you register quickly or you may not receive the title of your choice.  There are 25 titles from which to choose next year so something for everyone. Spread a little happiness - it's free.


Sue said...

What a lovely idea!

You are aware of "The Gutenberg Project", I presume?

I do some work for them periodically when my hand isn't broken!

subrosa said...

I have heard of it Sue but forgotten about it because I didn't have an iPad at the time. Thanks for reminding me.

Hope your arm is less painful. You should be resting it you know. :)

Sue said...

I have a pile of ironing to do. I shall do it while watching a movie I think and take my mind off the EU fiasco.

subrosa said...

Ironing isn't going to help your arm. Tut tut. Enjoy your film though. Hope it's intriguing enough to take your mind off nasty dirty tricks.

Sue said...

I know but it has to be done. "His" shirts for work etc....

subrosa said...

Ah, understand now Sue. ;)

English Pensioner said...

I've just looked through the list. I have read, or at times skimmed through the classics, and frankly reading the blurb, there's not one of the others that appeals to me. I borrowed the Bernard Cornwell from the library some time ago, read about half and gave up, much preferred his Sharpe.
I like light reading before going to bed, nothing too serious, preferably with a happy ending. I don't want preaching, moralising, "true life", vampires or improbable science fiction which defies the laws of physics. If I want something serious, I prefer non-fiction, biographies, history or travel.
I think many modern authors have "lost the plot", they write what is considered to be "good literature" by the critics and the like, but this is not necessarily what readers want. I wonder how many of the books that are bought when they win the Booker prize or similar awards are actually read right through?
I'm thinking of getting a Kindle, I've been looking at what books are available and I'd like to go back and see if I still like some of the books that I enjoyed in my younger days.

subrosa said...

I like crime, political thrillers and good autobiographies EP. My choice this year is a crime novel but I would have thought there was something there for all tastes.

A Kindle is much cheaper than an iPad, but an iPad can do so much more. The earlier versions have come down in price now and you can still update the software. When I'm away I read my books on it, do emails, load photos, browse the internet. The only thing it's not good at is writing on Blogger but that's because Blogger's app is poor.

subrosa said...

I ought to have said EP that you can use the Amazon kindle app on an iPad along with many other e-book apps.

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