Monday, 3 October 2011

Will Dave Admit His Choice For Scottish Leader?

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The last of the unionist party conferences will be over by the middle of the week and once the Sundays have filled their pages with excruciatingly boring prose, perhaps the Westminster coalition will find the time to attend their respective offices and undertake some work on behalf of their constituents and the country.

But Call Me Dave won't have to look too far for a problem now that Guido has highlighted the fact that he supports Ruth Davidson in the Scottish Tory leadership election and is content to permit  the tory head of media, who has to be neutral in the contest, to attend a meeting at Ms Davidson's home with her campaign strategists.

It would appear to be a fierce fight within the Scottish Tory campaign and Murdo appears to have some very sharp eyed and eared supporters.

I wonder if the BBC will show the hustings which are set to take place this afternoon?  They could be interesting enough to entertain the most fervent independence supporter while they wait for Scotland's conference at the end of the month.


JRB said...

Sadly, at this moment in our political history, the machinations within the Scottish Tory party are of neither interest nor relevance to anyone.

I say sadly, because, much as though I am against that which Tories hold dear, I do believe that our present SNP government with their considerable majority need an effective opposition to balance and curb the extremes of some of their present and proposed policies.

And sadly, an effective opposition, from any quarter, is something we do not have.

subrosa said...

I'd agree they are an irrelevance John and I too wish there was an even moderately successful opposition but I doubt if we shall see that this side of the referendum.

Sue said...

Check your email :)

Sue x

Joe Public said...

It's a bit like a Job Interview - just to give an impression of fairness.

Observer said...

The Tories were completely bonkers to get rid of Bella because she actually had an influence beyond the amount of divisions she had.

The next person won't.

subrosa said...

No politicians are good at impressions Joe. :)

subrosa said...

Somehow I feel Annabel wanted out Observer. She'd had enough as she had little backing owing to the weakness of her members.

subrosa said...

Will do Sue. Thanks.

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