Thursday, 29 September 2011

What's Going On Within The Eurozone?

'Europe's common currency is virtually dead' yet our politicians refuse to see the light and the UK government has decided to contribute more of our money to 'the cause' without question or explanation.

In a passionate - although it sounded rather frantic - speech from the EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso yesterday, he admitted that the EU was in crisis and outlined proposals for moving further towards economic union.

His speech authenticated the fact that, regardless of  fraudulent applications countries from the likes of Greece to join the EU, it didn't matter. Welcome all and sundry.

Where does Scotland go from here?  We have no say in Europe and are completely insignificant in the whole scheme of things, but yet the Scottish government do their best to impress by introducing EU policies (such as a single police force) without public protest. Because the SNP has governed Scotland well in the past four years few of us realise many of their policies, such as a single police service and the changes to our education system, are being introduced to keep in line with EU law.

Why should we support an authoritarian organisation which changes rules without the consent of the people?  Surely if further financial integration is proposed it would require a change to the EU constitution.

Will Call Me Dave over-ride Clegg's determination to bow to the EU and ignore the requirement for a referendum?  Possibly, because he's well aware the people will vote against giving the little power we have left at our disposal, to a dysfunctional administration in Brussels.

John Redwood is of the opinion the future of the Euro and the greater EU superstate project now rests with German politicians. The UK can only hope enough of them have the courage to say 'nein'.


Sue said...

If the UK won't leave the EU and the majority of Scots want independence from England and the EU, they should fight for it.

You must have seen Capt Rantys latest post.. all that you have proudly defended for centuries is simply being sold off or given away.

No good relying on the Germans, we did that once before. Remember Vaclav Klaus and delaying the signing of the Treaty? We were praying then that it didn't happen before the election. As it turned out, it was the excuse Cameron needed to go back on his "cast iron promise"..

JRB said...

Whilst the financial crisis that engulfs Europe is of concern to us all, what is really worrying and should be causing alarm bells to ring out loud, is the increased call for greater European integration and the imposition of a pan-European tax on all financial transactions which would effect all EU members not just those in the euro-zone,

What history and endless wars have failed to achieve, Mr Barroso and friends can now see looming ever nearer – a single geo-political entity, that is the United States of Europe.

What is happening in Europe should be a salutary warning to the SNP government.

Scotland has waited for too many lifetimes to break free from the fetters that tie us to England.
Why, oh why, would we then, even for one second, consider tying ourselves to the odious monster that Europe has become?

Demetrius said...

Fog in Channel. Continent isolated.

William said...

William Hague in The Spectator -

“I described the euro as a burning building with no exits and so it has proved for some of the countries in it. But there are no exits. You can have burning buildings where they manage to put out the fire or control it or get more room or something. I might take the analogy too far but it’s not built with exits so it is physically a difficult thing to leave a currency without any plan to do so I don't think we can advocate that but they are on very unpalatable choices and it clearly means that being in the Euro that Greeks, or Italians or Portuguese have to accept some very big changes in what happens in their country, even bigger than if they weren’t in the Euro and Germans will have to accept that they are going to subsidise those countries for a long time to come really, for the rest of their lifetimes.”

RMcGeddon said...

Cameron and Hague and the other 'eurosceptics' have no intention of leaving the EU. They've voted for all of the treaties and laws and could have given us a referendum on in/out if they had wanted to. They know the people hate the EU so are trying to muddy the waters by letting us think we can be less engaged with the EU.
You're either in or out. All the euro locks are in place after the Lisbon treaty. You can no more be 'less attached' to Europe as less attached to your leg.
Clegg, Hague, Cameron etc will be looking at a nice cushy number in Europe when they leave Parliament.

subrosa said...

Hi Sue, yes I've seen Ranty's post and have been fighting to have the waters rightfully returned for a few years now.

If the MSM is right then the Scots are more in favour of the EU than the English, or perhaps they're not that interested in it. Who knows.

subrosa said...

It should be a warning JRB but there is still no detailed comment from the SNP. All I've heard is that the present government are firmly in favour of the EU.

Completely agree with your last paragraph.

subrosa said...

Unfortunately it's possibly very temporary Demetrius.

subrosa said...

I read that William. Mmm, is Hague saying there's no exit for anyone?

subrosa said...

That's the way I see it too RM.

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