Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Not A Post About The Labour Conference

This morning I had to read this Scotsman article twice. Surely the Unionist Scotsman wasn't praising an SNP government's policy, but yes, it's true. They have no option.  The figures show that Scotland's police have saved £100 million in the past year and diverted money towards frontline services.

I thought, with scepticism, considering the spin we continually receive from the Westminster government, that the statistics may not be authentic.

However why should Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland (HMICS) praise chief officers for driving reported crime down to a 35-year-old low, while trimming their budgets.  Why does Kenny MacAskill think the police service will be able to reduce their costs even more if they become one organisation?

In January this year Alex Salmond indicated that the SNP manifesto would include a move to a single force in Scotland and once again he intends to fulfill his commitment in the hope that a single police force for Scotland would save taxpayers money.  Unfortunately that would only occur in an independent Scotland, but if the figures from the HMICS are anything to go by, then we're on the way to having a professional and efficient police service, so long as personalities, ambitions and the tick-box culture in public services don't prevail.

But, it's a good news story from Scotland and one which doesn't even mention a certain conference south of the border.


Nessimmersion said...

Of course, if we should ever require a Cleveland style investigation of our police force we'd require a foreign police force to do it, should the nirvana of independence in europe ever be achieved. But of course that would never happen as we can guarantee absolute probity in our police for the next 100 years.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

SR: Methinks your Alex is being a tad devious. He may have saved money but all he is proposing is what the EU wish for Britain. Scotland is a 'region' of the EU.

Take this 'regionalisation' one step further - back in 2006, April 12 to be exact, Patricia Hewitt created 10 regional strategic health services (2 in the SE region). If you combine the 2 SE SHAs you have SE Region exactly and the others exactly mirror the other 8 regions of England. Note that these still exist today. Admittedly the Social Health and Care Bill 2011 proposes (if passed) to abolish SHAs, until of course the EU decides otherwise, (health being a co-competence) - which it will do in due course, just wait and see......

Many will no doubt laugh at my comment, again I say wait and see.

Under our noses the EU 'plan' is being implemented......

It is still possible to have an 'independent' Scotland and retain the UK as one entity - take a look at my 'Constitution' series?

subrosa said...

Nessimmersion, how I wish such guarantees were feasible.

subrosa said...

WfW, tut tut, Eck doesn't mention the EU words here if he can avoid them, but you're right, he's determined to be a good boy and do as he's told.

I certainly don't laugh at your comment because I've been following your interest in EU matters closely. Excellent posts too.

J. R. Tomlin said...

Surely, the good old Scotsman could come up with SOME spin on the story. Here. I'll do it for them: SNP Accused of Causing Unempoyment Amongst Criminal Classes.

Ta Da! It's the SNPs fault if crime is down.

I don't know much about the EU but isn't that one of the things they're talking about putting up for a vote or what-not after independence? I should think if Scots don't want to join (don't really know the majority opinion) that could be arranged. There is no international law that they have to, right? I think the SNP is for it, but that doesn't mean Scots can't say no, or does it?

Not all European countries have joined it.

subrosa said...

Think someone at the Scotsman didn't have their unionist ire pulsing away Jeanne. :)

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