Tuesday, 2 August 2011

So What's The Real Story Of The Crown Estate?

Recently I wrote about the Crown Estate argument between Westminster and the Scottish government.

The best analysis of the situation has been undertaken by an Argyll blog. You can read it here.

A wee quote to whet your interest:

The notion of a partnership with Scotland has never been in the DNA of the Crown Estate Commissioners. These are the grab-it-all merchants who are only appearing to sing a slightly different tune now that they are fighting for their own continuation.

We say that they are singing only ‘a slightly different tune’ because the reality of their vaunted increased investment is not what it seems.

Update:  Apologies for not including a link to Andy Wightman's post where he discusses the Crown Estate.


RMcGeddon said...

Interesting article SR. It seems that all the political parties are using the Crown Estates ownership saga to further their own agenda. No change there then.
The Scottish Water saga seems to have quietened down so hopefully it will remain in public ownership. I see Mr Li in Hong Kong has just bought Northumbrian Water and shares have leaped 12%. He bought EDF's infrastructure in the south of England last year as well. This would be the fate of our water supplies if Labour/ Tory / Conservative had their way. Bought and sold by private equity companies with shareholders interests first and consumers used as a cash cow. To be milked at will with a compliant government giving 'favourable' pricing tariffs ensuring the money keeps rolling in.

Demetrius said...

Property is theft?

subrosa said...

Aye it's purely a political football (from this article's view) and I'd come to that conclusion myself.

Did see the sale of Northumberland Water this morning RM. The new owner has had to sell his investment in Cambridge water so as not to cause problems with the Competition Commission.

There was something very recently I read about another call for SW to be privatised and I thought 'they never give up the money men'.

SW is healthy I believe and the subsidy they receive works. We must hold onto it as it's a fine example of how a government can control a public utility.

subrosa said...

Depends which side of the coin you're looking from Demetrius.

Apogee said...

Hi SR.The amount of cash is peanuts to Westmonster, but no country can call itself independent when its coastline is controlled by another administration. So if we look at the current issue of borders in the EU, where is Scotlands current borders controlled from? Is not the final authority the EU, in which case How can Scotland ever be independent within Europe? We would still, as now be subject to the whim of Europe and would still be subject to interference from south of the border via Brussels,and don't think it would never happen!
You are only independent by being independent, very few countries ever became independent from the British Empire peacefully unless the cost of holding them was greater than the gain.
Look at why America now has a Tea Party and you will see how stupid the British governments have been historically in dealing with people. Tax was the problem then, and it will be the same again.So do you want independence? It will not be given to you.

subrosa said...

Apogee, there's a very interesting post by Hazel at NewsnetScotland.

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