Tuesday, 7 June 2011

When Self-Medication Fails

I take full responsibility for my own health, but when my trusty version of self medication - a few Tio Pepes and couple of quality oatcakes smothered in a tasty smelly cheese - has no effect then I have to resort to the medical profession.  Today is one of these days so may I direct you to the new blog Independent Political Bloggers where there's always something of interest.

My own doctor is most pleasant.  She's young, keen and still interested in listening.  But today she's unavailable so I'm seeing another who will most likely treat me kindly, all the while thinking I'm a hypochondriacal, slightly paranoid, post-menopausal woman who expects to feel 40.

What's wrong with that?  It's a good deterrent to patronising GPs.


Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

SWMBO gets put off going to the quack because she's always left feeling "hypochondriacal, slightly paranoid, post-menopausal woman who expects to feel 40".

This does mean when they paid attention it's colonoscopies, CAT and MRI scans. Those little niggles often have a cause.

I get a similar feeling, except for the "post-menopausal woman" bit. At 40 it took turning yellow and a jar of urine with bilirubin to get the GP's attention.

The patronising bit is either part of their training or a reaction to the steady stream of young mums with snotty kids.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Wish you well.

Oldrightie said...

I, too, wish you well. As my Pa in law says, with regard to most things, the baby that screams the loudest gets fed first. So scream!

Brian said...

Perhaps you're eating the wrong oatcakes, Duck. Try the proper ones hot with bacon and cheese.
Hope you're feeling better soonest.

Edward Spalton said...

Best wishes, Rosie.

Have you considered trying the vet? They are always extremely prompt and efficient.

As a young man, I was very ill with what my GP diagnosed as 'flu - but not responding to treatment at all.

I was rearing a few calves at the time which my mother had to take over. The vet had to be called to them. He came up to my room to tell me what was wrong and what he'd done, had one look at me and said "You've got glandular fever".

He was right and recognised it because so many vets get it.

I have felt a bit unsure about doctors since they started to be paid according to targets and wondered how many treatments are driven by government incentive rather than clinical judgement.
If we could go to the vets, we'd avoid that.

Demetrius said...

Most GP's seem to be form fillers and pill pushers these days.

Anon said...

Get well soon.

- Aangirfan

petem130 said...

I never go. Man thing. Leg is falling off, held on with the tiniest thinnest bit if skin and I'll still not go.

I had to go last year. Sore leg. Had it for months. Lady Doc. looked at leg. Can't see anything wrong. You could try physio. voice in my head says whoa that costs money unless i go to queue at local drop in.

I'm about to leave. Docs say I'll just check your blood pressure since you're here. Ah I thought, box ticking and a few quid for the practice. Ten mins later I'm out in the street with a prescription for blood pressure reduction tablets and a further prescription for cholesterol. You'll probably take them for the rest of your life she said as I left. You reckon I thought?

Life's a peach and then you cry.

Sheila said...

Good to see you back on form ;) Hope you are feeling better.

subrosa said...

Disenfranchised, actually the GP I saw was charming. Yes, I'm sure they get weary of parents requiring assurance.

subrosa said...

Thanks Crinkly. It's amazing what the old codeine can do.

subrosa said...

Very true OR but there was no need. I think they realise I'm not a regular visitor.

subrosa said...

Now these are oatcakes Brian. I've bookmarked that site in case I'm down that way. Many thanks.

subrosa said...

Strangely enough Edward, it was my retired vet friend who said I ought to have a word with a GP. She sorts most of us out and as you say, very promptly too. I trust her medical knowledge implicitly.

Mind you, she makes a dreadful patient. Last year, when she had a hip replaced, I'm sure the hospital was glad to get rid of her. :)

subrosa said...

Demetrius, I have a family member in Canada and he insists the GPs there are the biggest drug pushers in the world.

subrosa said...

Thank you Aangirfan. It will be interesting to see how just how long I wait to see the specialist.

subrosa said...

I try to avoid going petem at times it's necessary.

Up here, if you want physio, you get a form from the local hospital giving details of the problem and they contact you with an appointment (usually within 4 weeks). It's a reasonable service.

Just out of interest - do you take your prescribed medicine?

subrosa said...

Codeine works wonders Sheila.

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