Thursday, 30 June 2011

End Of Term

Owing to a fault with Blogger today I have been unable to access my dashboard to write any post for this evening until now.  The last FMQs for this parliamentary term took place at noon today.  An interesting end to a term in which the unionists' determination to avoid any party achieving a majority returned to bite them.

In 2007 I celebrated the SNP's success and decision to govern as a minority.  For the next five years the SNP will govern with a majority and Alex Salmond has declared he will continue to seek consensus throughout the chamber.

Work I'm informed will continue throughout the MSPs' summer break but the First Minister deserves a couple of weeks on a Scottish golf course to recharge his batteries.  There will be two new party leaders to harass when parliament reconvenes and he'll need to be at the top of his game with so many 'newbies' anxious to make their mark.

We do live in interesting times.


Brian said...

If he continues to artfully present Westminster-originated policies as his own he ought to fare well. Compare this with this.
Fair enough, education is devolved to Scotland and the money is dished out there, but Salmond's habit of begrudging anything good from the south diminishes him. The BBC for once is spin-free and states that the scheme mirrors one already in place in England and Wales.

subrosa said...

Brian, the money is provided by the MoD for the children of the fallen. Therefore it applies to those children of the military who are in Scotland.

Still haven't had a response to my email.

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