Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Scottish Election Results - Live Blog

Once the polls have closed the speculation will being in earnest for a few hours until the results begin to flood in. If you would rather chat with fellow speculators instead of shouting at your television, do come and join in here from 10.30pm tomorrow evening.

The AV referendum result will not be until Friday but it will most probably come into the conversation.

For those who prefer to follow the English local elections ASE is running his usual Thursday live chat but it will be extended.

Thanks to Max for the lovely logo.


Anonymous said...

You have mail ... ;-)

subrosa said...

I do? I'd better log on and see what it is. :)

MekQuarrie said...

Should be fun... ;-)

subrosa said...

Well hopefully it'll be cosier than Twitter Mek. I get lost when Twitter goes so fast.

Jo G said...

Bril Subrosa. I'm having Friday off so that I can watch it all. Is wine allowed? And can we smoke? ; )

subrosa said...

Of course Jo. It's a complete open house. I take no responsibility for wine damaged keyboards though. Somehow I think there will be a bit of spluttering going on. :)

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