Monday, 30 May 2011

Onwards And Upwards

Call me Dave is panicking.  It's his duty to meet the Queen this week to discuss affairs of state and he's been sending out enormous feelers to the Unionist community for tips on how to respond to constitutional questions regarding the independence of Scotland.

The MSM have been reasonably quiet about the issue because they haven't come up with any answers - with the exception of suggesting that Dave should call Alex Salmond's bluff and bring forward the referendum. Maybe it's best ex-military personnel stick to defence matters and not make such fools of themselves, especially when they qualify their comment with, "I'm not a politician".

The Sun and Express are on the case though, as was the Times on Friday.

It's quite astonishing how often the Unionists repeat the majority of Scots don't want independence.  How do they know?  Another scaremongering ploy of course and negative thinking because they've no sensible case for Scotland not taking control of its own affairs.

Is the Queen concerned about the political change in Scotland?  I should think not because she has few assets here other than a palace, a castle plus a few but 'n' bens sprinkled around.

The Unionists are panicking because they realise the referendum may not go their way. The answer is for those who desire independence to keep the pressure on every minute of every day. Once the Scottish government commences serious discussion about independence and how the country will benefit, then the Unionists will have nothing to add other than spin.

Onwards and upwards.


cynicalHighlander said...

They haven't gone as far as getting an UN resolution yet but there is still time, good fun eh.

Strathturret said...

Its instructive to check the price at the bookies? Paddypower was quoting 5-4 on Yes vote and 4-5 or so Against. So effectively evens. Any any vote is 3 years away.

I think Alex has the Unionist running dogs exactly were he wants them. Confused and howling and yapping at each other.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the Queen will keep her nose out of it, as of course she should.

I have read that she and Alex Salmond get on well, and she is seen to relax in his company, more so than with any of her many other First or Prime or Premier Ministers. Alex has made it clear that he has no plans to call for a republic, so as you say, she's nothing to worry about here.

Charles is much more likely to poke his nose into constitutional affairs in the background, but is surely still plugged in enough to know that he must not make his feelings known publicly. He is also a friend of Alex Salmonds, from what I've heard.

The unionists don't actually have a cogent argument for why we should not be independent, and we must play on the fact that if Denmark and Luxembourg, Malta and Norway have sufficient intelligent people to run a country, why would Scotland not have.

They should tell us if they think we are too thick, or too dependent on hand outs, or what it is they have against a country, totally different from its neighbour, being ruled from and by that neighbour.

The newspapers will continue to print complete rubbish, not news, but what they want us to think on the basis that if we hear it often enough, we will believe it. The Telegraph has already started with utter nonsense on its Scottish Edition front page every day. Fortunately almost no one reads it.

I suspect the bookies are a better bet for knowing which way the wind is blowing.

subrosa said...

It is good fun CH. I'm looking forward to hearing their feeble reasons as I'm sure you are too.

subrosa said...

Evens Strathturret? It was only 6 months ago it was so far against that I thought I'd put a tenner on it. Then I shied off because I've never been in a bookies and didn't know what to do.

Aye and I hope he keeps them there.

subrosa said...

Tris, don't tell me you read the Telegraph these days? Maybe you just glance at the front page on the way to work.

Queenie shouldn't be worried. We'll have Anne and south of the border can have Charles.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I'm for none of them having any part to play in an independent Scotland. Nor for Scotland to be encumbered by EU rule and regulation.

Mainly because neither follow or practice a true democratic system.

Nor do I think Cameron's running about searching for a solution - it's the Whitehall establishment who will be beavering hard to come up with one that has the right balance between rotten carrot and mythological lash.

Meanwhile the MSM will do what they do best - much a do about nothing, provided its negative.

But good news from Germany re: Nuclear Power. Adds another cat amongst the fray of Whitehall pigeons.

petem130 said...

Surely there's a need for the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government to demonstrate their ability to produce policies which they actually deliver and which demonstrate their abilities as a real force of good and fairness?

A necessary initial step, surely, is to gain more powers so the policies can be more serious and deal with major topics which affect everyones daily lives.

I'd be prepared to bet that independence is a certainty although maybe not as quickly as we'd like. I'd also be prepared to bet that nuclear power will be a more important part of the energy mix than present and renewables etc. will be small potato.

I'd also suggest that the North Sea and probably other areas of Scotland will soon be producing more oil and gas then ever. Which brings me back to the most interesting question of all.

Why, if it is true, are the English so keen to hang onto to Scotland if we cost them so much money?

Finally, I'd suggest that maybe our best ally in this independence aim will be the people of England. Their growing clamour to be more English and have their own parliament might prove to make things happen much more quickly.

I'm still living in a red bit. Oh the shame of it.

subrosa said...

I too am anti the current SNP EU policy Crinkly as you know and for the same reasons you state.

Love your analogy.

Yes and Germany seldom makes poor decisions. One to watch.

subrosa said...

They can do that now petem so the next 12 months will be interesting. My only concern is that legislation will be made per crisis mode rather than considered, calm common sense.

There was an MSM article I read earlier which mentioned the destruction Osborne's North Sea tax is doing to the oil and gas industry. Think it was in the Herald.

Many of my English friends think we should go for it and we'll never have a better chance. They are quite jealous of the fact that our politicians here seem to listen to the people whereas they're ignored there. I've said it's time they fought for what they wanted and not what politicians want.

My bit changed from blue to greenie-yellow quite a few years ago now.

Apogee said...

"...the majority of Scots don't want independence."
Once again the big lie,and they will keep repeating it. If they keep repeating it, a lot of Scots who haven't really thought about it WILL start thinking about it, and a lot of them will decide it IS what they want.Which is why Westminster et al are wanting a referendum now.

William said...

"repeat the majority of Scots don't want independence"

Support for independence in Scotland has generally hovered around the 30% mark in the last 40 years. Even a recent poll in the SNP's most fanatical backer, ahem, The Sun (no laughing please) had a figure of around 28%.

You could say it's complete coincidence that the SNP's vote has increased in Labour heartlands just as disenchantment with Labour has increased in Labour heartlands. You could say that it's a complete coincidence. You could say that the increase is down entirely to Scots being won over by the SNP's quite brilliant and utterly persuasive policy of independence for our wee nation. There has been a national conversion! An Enlightment if you will!

But, nah, I don't believe in coincidences. Neither does Alex Salmond, I think.

The reality is that if Salmond thought the majority of Scots wanted independence he would call one tomorrow. Even the thickest Nationalist must understand that, surely.

cynicalHighlander said...


repeat the majority of Scots don't want unionism

Its a three way split for, against and don't know/care.

It's all to play for. How's the unionist list coming on?

subrosa said...

They will keep repeating it Apogee. It's all they have.

subrosa said...

William, could you give me the links to the evidence about the 30% mark.

Knocking the Sun won't do your cause any good. What paper should Scots read?

subrosa said...

I don't think there is a list CH.

William said...

I said, 'generally', SR. Some examples -

“One fifth of the population in Scotland want complete independence while 30% want a directly elected Scottish assembly with power to raise taxes and control public expenditure, according to an opinion poll carried out by Marplan for special editions tonight of the Panorama and Tonight television programmes on BBC1.” - The Times, November 17, 1975

“The demand is still heard for parliamentary devolution. In the MORI poll, 45% wanted a Scottish assembly with 22% seeking complete independence.” - The Times, September 7, 1982

“46% of voters back devolution and the establishment of a Scottish parliament within the United Kingdom, 30% want independence, and only 21% support the status quo.” - The Times, August 27, 1995

“ Today's opinion polls, which ask how people will vote for the Scottish parliament, put the SNP ahead of Labour. But the polls also tell of support for independence at only 25%.” - Jim Sillars, The Sun, September 26, 2000

“According to a Populus opinion poll for The Times published two weeks ago, 52% of Scots favour the Parliament in Edinburgh having more powers, while only 27% favour outright independence and 6% support the status quo.” - The Times, April 13, 2007

There will have been spikes - and troughs - but over 30 years the figure remains pretty static.

Come, come, SR. Has News International become a convert to the cause of Scottish nationalism? Does Rupert Murdoch - an Australian who sold his own nationality for profit - really interested in the concept of an independent Scotland? Let's try and be serious for a minute. So The Sun's 'support' for the cause should be viewed with extreme scepticism.

Personally, I only read Private Eye. I wouldn't try and bully other Scots to do what I do. I'll leave that to Alex Salmond.

subrosa said...

William, I seriously think that in 3 years time over 50% of Scots will want independence. As far as I'm concerned, if people don't vote then they don't deserve to be counted.

As for Murdoch. Best I say don't be serious really.

I read the Scotsman before I go to bed. It's great for putting me in a happy mood the way they deride this country.

Good taste Private Eye.

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