Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Retirement Plan

Even though this is a spoof it would be more amusing if it wasn't so accurate. Have the Americans copied our system of vice versa?


Oldrightie said...


subrosa said...

Thought you'd like it OR. I've reached the age of male retirement today, hence looking for something relevant to retirement.

Apogee said...

Hi SR,Happy Birthday and many happy returns.
Yes, it's a Ponzi scheme here, like a lot of other things !

Jacobite said...

Happy birthday SR looks like we were born in the same week and year its mine on saturday. Being of the generation that saving for a retirement pension was the right thing to do, well I can tell you I saved in various pension schemes which initially proved to be a good decision the funds seemed to generate a reasonable return nothing spectacular but at least they stayed ahead of inflation with a little bit on top, somehow in about the last 20years something changed with the gyrations of the stock market when the market went down by a percentage the funds would lose like snow falling of a dyke however when the market regained by the same percentage the funds never seemed to go back to where they were this caused me sleepless nights until it dawned on me that the funds were being plundered by the very people I had entrusted with my money I took them to court eventually and won my case and was compensated, the moral of this story is never give control of your money to anyone in the financial sector they are not to be trusted.

subrosa said...

Many thanks Apogee. I'm beginning to look my age and that's distressing. It is a Ponzi scheme indeed.

subrosa said...

Why Jacobite then you'll understand my bletherings. :)

I too saved because my Dad encouraged me to do so. Truthfully I'm now worse off than many who didn't because I've put in more than I'm ever going to get by return.

Unfortunately I didn't have the knouse to take them to court (my Dad was the man who knew finance inside out and I'd always relied upon him) so I've lost thousands.

What a delightful retirement it is and especially since that madman Gordon Brown grabbed the little I had left.

Happy Birthday for Saturday. Do hope you have as pleasant a day as I had today.

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