Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Just An Idle Thought

A guest post from Apogee.

Just an idle thought, looking at the financial disparity between the richest and poorest in the EUSSR, I am wondering if the current bailouts are really an attack on smaller countries to deliberately break them, to destroy them, (not just financially) so that they can be picked off one by one and their very existence as an individual state erased, and then subsumed into  a totally new entity. The overall idea being a new dictatorship which owns everything, the people own nothing and are total slaves? As per the way it was done in the dark ages.

I think a group is using 1984 as an operating manual , not a warning, and maybe Mr Orwell had heard something we had not. Where he wrote the book at the time he wrote it, I heard rumours, along time ago now ,of some Nazi sympathisers living in the same area, who he could possibly have met and talked to.

He certainly had personal knowledge of the communist ways of doing things from his experience in the Spanish Civil war.  Probably Fascist (Nazi) as well.

And the need for large populations is past, forget global warming, that's just a scene setter, the climate is changing but colder rather than hotter, and surplus populations waste resources which could be used to keep elites alive, would be wasted on peons.

We would do well to remember that power, throughout history, has been taken, not given, and while us and our "rulers" have been watching other things, our power has been legally stolen, with aid from scum we thought we could trust.

Who controls the political parties, who decides the candidates for elections, who decides the policies, and what is your input to all of this as a person living in this land? Your only input is to mark a piece of paper every four years against a name you know nothing about, you only think you know!  Otherwise you can be ignored, even removed from the voters role by an officials "mistake" and don't forget Josef Stalin's comment, it's who counts the vote that matters.

America started as the land of the free, its taken a long time, but as the saying goes, scum always rises to the top and that is what is happening, in banking and in government, the constitution is being perverted to subdue the people, as is going on here.

Is there a takeover of the world happening not out of sight, but "hidden in plain view"? We are so used to seeing something that we don't see what it is doing!

It's all happened before, it's just the scale this time that is different.

As is happening in the middle east, so it will happen here. The explosion is inevitable. 

Maybe I think too much.

Just that I can almost see a pattern, can see the web, but where is the bloody spider. That's what's bugging me!



Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

Excellent post.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Apogee -keep thinking.

You are on the right path,but its a bloody tricky one to keep on.

Here's quote from Arthur Millar -"Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow makes sense. The thought that the State has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied."

Some facts both Labour and the present spivs have been quiet on.

they have a target to steal £85bn from the public purse through cuts (theft) of jobs and services. This matches the figure that is legally avoided in tax by piratical corporations. The Con/Lib crooks have added £40 bn to that.

On the same day Osborne declared war on those who 'cheat' the welfare system - he never mentioned the figure involved, its reckoned to be around £0.5 bn. Nor did he mention the £10.5 bn that is not claimed in benefit rights?

In all this Labour is their silent partner.

Oldrightie said...

Eureka, I'm not alone!

cynicalHighlander said...

No your not alone.

Sheila said...

Agenda 21 sets out what is planned in the name of sustainable development:


UNESCO perspective here:


And just to bring it all back home, here is a document on global citizenship from the Learning and Teaching Scotland website which illustrates rather well how the global agenda keeps on happening regardles of what colour of politicians are in "power":


Apogee said...

D of F, Good afternoon and thank you.

JRB said...

Ah Apogee – you ask where is the bloody spider.
Where indeed.
Perhaps for us in Scotland, it just might be the same wee spider that so inspired Bruce.

The sun rose brightly, and its gleam
Fell on that hapless bed,
And tinged with light each shapeless beam
Which roofed the lowly shed;
When, looking up with wistful eye,
The Bruce beheld a spider try
His filmy thread to fling
From beam to beam of that rude cot--
And well the insect's toilsome lot
Taught Scotland's future king.

Six times the gossamery thread
The wary spider threw;--
In vain the filmy line was sped,
For powerless or untrue
Each aim appeared, and back recoiled
The patient insect, six times foiled,
And yet unconquered still;
And soon the Bruce, with eager eye,
Saw him prepare once more to try
His courage, strength, and skill.

Bruce and the Spider – Bernard Barton (1784 -1849)

Derek said...

The fact that you are not alone Apogee, is perhaps their Nemesis.

Myron Coureval Fagan, 1887 - 1972.

I'd never heard of him before three days ago, but in 1967 he recorded on three LP's a total of two and a half hours of financial history. Listen well, and hear what has become ever more evident as timepasses:


Apogee said...

Hi CR, the path is not well marked,and there are many false tracks.The money I think is to create an effect, how much of it exists, smoke and mirrors. It only exists when you accept the debt !
Its a big web.

Apogee said...

Oldrightie, afternoon.You are not alone, there are many others, just separated , but the net is allowing communication.

Apogee said...

CH, Good afternoon. There is a lot of people have questions but the answers are bloody well hidden. Not alone, no!

Apogee said...

Hi Sheila. Have had a quick scan through the links and it appears that it is saying, " obey big brother".
Individuals must obey the one world directive. Says he , tongue in cheek.
Over the many years I have personally acquired a great distrust of the UN and its Organisations. With more time I will go back and look again ,but thanks for the links.

Apogee said...

JRB. Afternoon, and thank you for the story of Bruce and the Spider.
Its a great story, but how would we view it if the spider was the size of Bruce, and Bruce was the size of the spider?
We are up against some thing that is taking over total control of our lives, if we allow this to continue, in thirty years we could all be slaves , probably wont bother me by then, but it will others!

Apogee said...

Afternoon Derek,And thank you for the link. I will have a listen this evening when hopefully I will get some peace and quiet.
It may be of interest that in America at the moment there is legislation being brought forward under the "Patriot Act" which will have the effect of allowing government to decide, in a totalitarian way who can and cannot use the internet and if the purpose is allowable. The voice of the people would be silenced.
Remember that "the right to bear arms" in their constitution was to keep the government under control,not to let a government to keep control indefinately.

Derek said...

Quite so Apogee. May I also recommend F. J. Irsigler's book 'Who Makes Our Money?' All about global finance, and how the bankers are pushing for one world government. Paperback written in 1979 and maps out the many historical events that have occurred from before the American War of Independence - all planned and backed by money.
ISBN 978-1-907861-21-5 Steven books in London WC1 have it.

Jo G said...

Off topic but along the same lines I decided lately to start finding out more about the history of the Middle East. I am struggling with the history because of what my country helped to impose on so Arab nations. No wonder we are hated almost as much as that friend of ours across the Atlantic.

Especially when I fastforward to my own time and realise that nothing about us has changed.

McGonagall said...

In the seventies, when I was doing a lot of traveling between North America and the UK, I was struck by the fact that in both Europe and North America governments, no matter their stated ideology, were implementing the self same policies. There seemed to be an agenda that went beyond party or nation.

This apparent anomaly was ignored in the MSM leaving folks unaware that Liberals in Canada, Democrats in the US, Conservatives in the UK, Socialists in France, and Christian Democrats in Germany were all reading from the same script. It was uncanny how closely coordinated their actions were.

Now of course we can find out immediately what's going on in other countries and it's obvious that national governments are implementing all kinds of policies that are not in their nations best interests. But they have an answer for this: "We are obliged by international agreement." In the UK it's EU directives that we MUST implement whether we like it or not. In Canada and the US it's NAFTA wot done it.

Is there a conspiracy? Well there was but those days are over - it's in your face blatant now that nation states, as far as our "leaders" are concerned, are a thing of the past (and have been in reality for some years). They are under the impression that the NWO has won and perhaps they're right.

Sheila said...

When it comes to the monitoring of its citizenship (an important aspect of where we are headed), Scotland is way ahead and the rest of the UK and possibly the world should heed the warning.

Kenneth Roy of the Scottish Review has recently exposed the Scottish surveillance scandal. I've been collating his excellent articles and other recent coverage (including posts kindly hosted by Subrosa) on this forum thread:


McGonagall said...

This is interesting:


Jo G said...

Its good, of course, that we are not along. But are there enough of us?

McGonagall said...

"How did we get to the stage where a Conservative/ Liberal Democrat coalition in England and a Scottish Nationalist Party administration in Scotland are gaily pushing Blairite New Labour eGovernment policies which in turn stem from Lisbon?"

How indeed.

McGonagall said...

Thanks for the link Sheila - fascinating reading.

Apogee said...

Derek, thanks for the link,have you ever read the history of the US Fed bank. Cant give you a link but Google it and you will find it, the history is not what you would expect,unless you watched a lot of Western's with the banker as the villain!

Apogee said...

Jo G, Hi there, an interesting project, lot of twists and turns to straighten out. An interesting point I found in the fifties and sixties was that throughout the world the English were thoroughly disliked but the Scots were accepted with no problems generally.

Apogee said...

Evening McGonagall. Yep, you hit the nail right on the head.They may talk differently but the result is always the same. That was one thing I picked up on a few years ago. With the internet we can find out about things going on quicker and cross check.And also its very difficult to take items off the net, not impossible but hard.
But under the guise of copyright protection, internet use is being made harder all the time. USA patriot law is a current example.

Apogee said...

Sheila, every one is being watched , cross referenced and probably filed somewhere. Their weakness is a general inability to do it properly.
Our job is to watch the watchers,and when they make mistakes,like telling us what they are doing, we must make sure to tell every one we can what is going on. Secrecy is their strength.
The MSM will do what their owners tell them to do.Push the official line when it matters.

Apogee said...

McGonagall, it has been said that the EU is the result of carrying on the 2nd world war by commercial means.

Apogee said...

Jo G,there are a lot of people who are becoming aware,many cannot believe it, but more are beginning to believe.Information spread is one way to beat this, thats why governments want to control the internet.
Remember also one way to distract peoples attention is to make money harder to get. Money given away in so-called aid is money taken out of the economy and our pockets.

Apogee said...

McGonagall, probably because for the last forty years we have been taking orders from the EU.

cynicalHighlander said...

THE HISTORY OF MONEY PART 1 there are 3 parts.

Apogee said...

CH Its morning again!! Thanks for the history of money link.I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand how this, in fact most countries have been screwed by the banks for the last 300 odd years.

subrosa said...

What great comments. I think you should take over the blog Apogee. :)

Apogee said...

Hi SR. Thanks for the compliment, but I think It would be a much better idea to leave it to the expert, yourself!

subrosa said...

Some expert I am Apogee, but I possibly get points for trying. :)

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