Saturday, 30 April 2011

Scots Wha Hae


Scots Wha Hae
Scots wha hae wi Wallace bled,
Gray the coward simply fled,
Saw his face sae filled with dread,
Why'd he want tae flee?

Couldnae face the fearsome horde,
Holding up their sandwich board,
Lost his heid was cleanly floored,
Left in misery.

Now's the day and now's the hour,
see the milksop's drooping flower, [red rose]
See escape sad Iain's power,
Such a daft wee man,

Wha will be a traitor knave,
Wha will fill a coward's grave,
Wha sae base as be a slave,
Iain says "that's me!"

Into Subway tae the back,
Try avoiding all that flak,
We know it isn't 'all right Jack',
This might mean the end.

Say goodbye to FM's chair,
Voter's simply stand and stare,
The crosses plainly aren't there,
Labour's had its day.

Lyrics by Tom Pullings
Performance by Hazel Whyte


GoodnightVienna said...

That's a really clever re-working, SR, and what a beautiful voice HW has. I've watched a few i/views with Gray and he's obviously on the back foot. Salmond has seemed much stronger when i/viewed on Newsnight or QT, so, if that's what you want, I hope you get it. Minority governments are always difficult so a clear victory for the SNP would be much better. I have my doubts about a referendum on full independence though and it's really got to be one thing or the other. (I also think that the other three nations which comprise the UK should be allowed to vote).

McGonagall said...

I enjoyed RLV's VIDEO collage of Hazel's song - very witty - everyone should take a bow. GV - for goodness sake, we can't have foreigner's voting on Scottish independence:o)

lonegroover said...

Dear "Subrosa",
I have enjoyed your blog posts for the best part of a year now and for the most part you call it correctly as far as I am concerned.
However, speaking as an ex-SNP supporter (until 1980) I cannot understand how anyone with obvious intelligence as yourself can support a party that advocates continued membership of the EU. What's the point of getting rid of Westminster if all we do is subsequently cede power to Brussells? This year I will be voting UKIP. Not ideal but at least a step in the right direction. Please keep sharing your valueable thoughts and opinions with us. Slainthe, John.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the poster above. I have literally talked to hundreds of people about the coming election and pointed out the positive things the SNP government has done.
The largest amount of comments to me focused on "why has there been no vote on independence, they are all the same really and so we vote to become independent then follow europes rules no thanks.

Now some may try and say this is a minority view, or don't rock the boat, but this is what people really want, transparency.

Lastly I was speaking to a Justice of the Peace yesterday and his and the rest of the JP's and Policepersons views are that Scottish Law is a joke.

Why, they say they want to do away with short sentances, well that means no more sentance of 6 months or less. Before if you got a sentance of 6 months it was quite a thing, but more importantly it gave respite to the person who in some circumstances has been the victim.

Next jail, it is a joke, they get a menu, they get drugs ( the prison officers let it happen gives them an easier time) they get fresh fruit and veg 5 portions.

My local primary school has stopped the once piece of fruit given at lunch due to budget cuts.

We keep hearing Scotland is fair, well they better start listening, Scotland is soft on crime, they need to get straight and to me that means getting rid of the Glasgow mafia that consists of the Glasgow Law firm that many of the top jobs in Scotland have gone to along with other disgusting hushed up stories.

So the best I can offer floating voters is vote SNP they are not perfect but a means to an end if they give the promised referendum and if we gain independence then there will be no more need of Labour in Scotland, Scottish Tories Scottish Libdems, we need real representation without favour, not the folly we have now.

cynicalHighlander said...

The EU argument was started by unionists as another weapon like the banks etc which are all bogus cringes. The EU will be debatable as will any other contentious issue as Scottish sovereignty is with the people not an unelected rich family.

The tide is turning vote
twice on Thursday for your children and their children.

Thanks for putting the lyrics up SB as it helps some of us.

lonegroover said...

@cynicalhighlander: Well, after re-reading the 2011 manifesto I must say it's quite clever at avoiding the "elephant in the room" (ie the EU). Most mention of europe is related to Scotland "leading in green technologies" (ie a euphemism for destroying the economy).
Only on page 31 (if you look hard) does it mention Scotland taking an "increasing role in Europe" (What does that mean exactly?).
So, less of a unionist conspiracy, more of a nationalist one methinks?
Simple question for you: Do the SNP advocate staying or leaving the EU?
Slainthe, John.

cynicalHighlander said...

"Simple question for you: Do the SNP advocate staying or leaving the EU?"

That's a question for the people not me alone and as to green technologies this link might help in what the future holds.

ps. SB why are direct html links being blocked?

GoodnightVienna said...

The SNP advocate staying within the EU and re-negotiating terms - they see Scotland as another Norway, just as England sees itself as another Norway. The Coalition govt also talks of 'leading in green technologies' and of being in Europe but not run by Europe. The fact is that we were stronger as a Union - all devolution has done is deliver us, sliced and diced, into the EU's maw.

@ McG :-)

RMcGeddon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
subrosa said...

It's good isn't it GV? I like to help people who make determined efforts.

I agree. I think if the other three nations voted on Scottish independence it would be a shoo-in. :)

subrosa said...

Ah though scunnered, they'd all vote YES.

subrosa said...

Dear lonegroover, I don't advocate continued membership of the EU though and that's one of the faults of the SNP. I also don't agree with their 'new' education policy, but the SNP are the best bet for independence and that's why I vote for them.

They'll have to waken up to the people's views of the EU. They still loose quite a few votes on that subject in this area.

I'd like them to have a strong debate. Last year Calum Cashley said he would send me their EU policy but he never did - he's a busy lad though. Things have changed since that was compiled and they have to reopen the subject.

subrosa said...

Romeplebian, see above. Voting UKIP here would be a wasted vote though.

subrosa said...

I put up the lyrics for McGonagall CH just in case he's lost his understanding being so long ower the watter.

subrosa said...

CH I've no idea why direct html links are blocked. What are they anyway? Yes I'm stupid about anything like that.

They want to renegotiate I understand but we need a public debate as the EU has changed radically in the past few years.

subrosa said...

The reason I vote SNP is because I see them as the path to independence RMcGeddon. Once we have that then our political scene will change as not all members of the SNP are socialist.

RMcGeddon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


I did end with the caveat
"So the best I can offer floating voters is vote SNP they are not perfect but a means to an end if they give the promised referendum"

as a card carrying member I despite their weakness never vote for Labour again or the Tories or the Lib Dums

McGonagall said...

"I put up the lyrics for McGonagall CH just in case he's lost his understanding being so long ower the watter."

Listen hen, Ah might be ower the watter but Ah've still goat a guid Scots tongue in ma heid.

McGonagall said...

As for the issue of the EU I think that the SNP's pro EU stance was to reassure the fearties that we'd still be part of something bigger and wouldn't be going it completely alone in the big bad world. My view is after the overwhelming yes vote on the independence referendum we have another with two questions:

a: Republic or Constitutional Monarchy
b: EU, EFTA, or Non-aligned

Apogee said...

Love the song. wonder if it will get any air play?

subrosa said...

RM they promised the referendum and decided they couldn't get the go ahead for it. I think that's a fair reason.

subrosa said...

You did romeplebian and I'm sorry if my response didn't reflect your caveat.

subrosa said...

Afternoon McGonagall. It wis a bit o' wit it wis but ye ken that. :)

subrosa said...

Now that would be the right way to handle it McGonagall and if they're serious they would address these two issues.

BTW I'd put the EU issue first.

Anon said...

Which party is going to tell us the truth about Lockerbie?

None, I fear.

Which party is currently telling us about Scotland's huge oil wealth?

None, I fear.

Which party opposes the Nazi-NATO bombing of Libya?

Only the Greens.

But the Greens support the European Community.

And the Green's Daniel Cohn-Bendit is alleged to be an agent of Mossad.

- Aangirfan

RMcGeddon said...

SR. Yeah I guess you're right. I gave them another chance today ;)

subrosa said...

So it wis you who's caused this landslide RM? ;)

RMcGeddon said...

Aye it was me :)
Been brilliant listening to the BBC trying to slag us off all day and failing miserably. They're heartbroken and talk about 'the SNP' as some sort of third party with nothing to do with real people voting for them. Totally ignoring the millions of voters. I conked out of your live blog at about 3am. Woke up with the computer still logged in - oops.
Didn't get around to e mailing you about that other thing.

subrosa said...

I'm still recovering RM. Taking far longer than it did just a few years ago. All nighters maybe aren't for pensioners unless they have incontinence problems. :)

Email me whenever you like.

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