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Parallel Lines

The following transcript is of a speech, delivered by Dele Ogun, at the recent Campaign for an Independent Britain Rally and sent to me by Edward Spalton.  It's lengthy but merits being published in full.

I will let Edward introduce Dele:

"I first heard Dele speak eleven or more years ago on the similarities of
the EU to the top/down federalism imposed on Nigeria by well-meaning
British colonial civil servants - which has turned out so disastrously.
One of the audience asked whether he was advocating tribalism. He replied 
"My tribe's 70 million. How big is yours?" !

Parallel Lines:  Africa and the United States of Europe

I am here today because I want to be able to tell my grandchildren that I, a Nigerian in London, helped to win the second Battle of Britain.  You see we weren’t here at the time of that earlier battle which is why I think some of the people and institutions have been slow to welcome us. They forget, of course, that we Nigerians helped you to win that Battle through  the human and material resources that we contributed to the colonial war effort.

But seriously speaking I owe today to the people of Britain for a number of reasons. 

First from the day that I arrived in London, from Nigeria, as a young boy of 7, the local British boys offered me a hand of friendship as they quickly nabbed me for the local football team: Whistler Street Rovers we were called. Through those young guys I got to learn, very quickly, a lot about the British character. The chief lesson that I learnt was  that the British don’t like cheating and  they like being cheated even less.

In fact they tend to get pretty angry when you abuse their trust and confidence.

The second reason why I owe today to the British people has to do with the late Sir Peter Smithers. I learnt from his obituary that he was Ian Fleming’s best friend and colleague in MI5  and it is rumoured that he was the dashing agent on whom that ultimate Briton, James Bond, was based.

Smithers was many things. He was the former Secretary-General to the Council of Europe and also the principal architect of political union in Nigeria, in Sudan and in other parts of Africa. He, it was, who first alerted me to the parallels between the tragedy of political union in Africa and the project for ever-closer union in Europe. He knew the parallels well having been a lead architect in both fields.

Until I read the warning that he issued, in a letter to the Times, in 1998, I used to think that Africa’s troubles were unique and that God had, indeed, created the African from a different template. That of course is how the story has been sold to us - Africans and Europeans alike. And so we were led to believe that there was nothing we had in common and, therefore, nothing that we could learn from each other. And, guess what,  we swallowed it hook line and stinker.

But there was one Briton of recent blessed memory who understood that human beings across the world share values even when they may not share skin colour.

 As a fresh graduate of the University of Oxford in the 1950s, this man had a lot to look forward to in life. But he sacrificed all of it for the honour of the British people when, in the late 1950s, he was called upon by  the British Government  to join in implementing the secret plan to deceive the people of Nigeria, and by extension the people of this country and the world, by rigging Nigeria’s independence elections. They offered him gold, a knighthood and much, much more to buy his silence and cooperation but that proud Briton refused to sell his birthright. He stood firm in the belief that the British people would never have condoned their Government’s action if they knew how the politicians were betraying British values. 

That man, that Great Briton, Harold Sean Smith, sadly passed away on the 3rd of January this year. Harold Smith gave all that he had to give in an attempt to give the newly independent Nigeria a chance for a good start with democracy. He didn’t succeed in the end but he did the people of Britain proud  and so I have no hesitation in giving  a little of my time to help the British people remain free ironically on this day that my people in Nigeria are going to the polling booths to try and cast off  the demon of electoral rigging that Harold fought so hard to keep out.

The common theme in Harold Smith’s one-man battle for the honour of Britain back then and the battle to keep Britain free, for which we have all gathered here today, is  to be found in the words “the British people would never have approved of their government’s actions if they knew what was really going on.”  Did the British people know what was really going on when the Heath Government took them into Europe in 1973? Well we now know that they did not.

Here, in Britain, you can take comfort in the fact that the fear of the people is the beginning of wisdom for your politicians.

 In Africa the governments have no fear of their people and so they can be very open about their agenda for this kind of grand planning. They will tell you straight, that the agenda is political union in Africa in the form of the United States of Africa; they give you a date by which they want to achieve the objective – the year 2020 - and they will even reduce to writing the propaganda techniques to sell the project:  how they will work on the minds of the youth by using celebrities to dope them.

 Do you recall the film “Africa United” that was released during last year’s World Cup tournament in South Africa?. Well that’s an example of the less than subtle propaganda to soak the idea in people’s minds.

Here in Britain, however, because your leaders fear you, they can’t do it that way. What do they do instead is to simply deceive you.

Here they are still saying it is only economic integration that is being proposed  and that its about defending and creating jobs - they dare not call the beast by its name -  the United States of Europe - even though the lies of more jobs and more growth they promised has been uncovered so starkly by recent events. 

So while we in Africa are more oppressed by our governments you, here in Britain, are more deceived by your leaders and, to tell you the truth,  I really do not know which is better – to be cowered as we are or to be made a fool of as you are.

Political Union and War & Peace

One of the grand claims which the champions of political union make is that political union has secured peace in Europe. They conveniently overlook the fact that the real cause of that peace was the threat of mutually assured destruction in the Cold War and the Bi-Polar world that resulted from  it.

But let’s even suppose that there claim is true, they lose sight of the fact that the cause of all conflicts in Africa, over the same period, has been political unions and specifically attempts to break out of them as in Rwanda/Sudan/Niger Delta/Congo/Biafra. 

The reason is that while political union can be achieved without war – e.g. by stealth, deception and financial doping, once you are in, the only option they leave you to get out is to fight your way out. And even if, as in Southern Sudan, you manage to get and win a referendum for separation after 21 years of fighting a so called “civil war”, they will make sure that you don’t leave the union as you entered it. They will fix the terms of your exit to ensure your ruin as a warning to others who might seek to follow your example.  They know that if they don’t do this a queue will quickly form at the door.

The power game in unions

How do they get away with so much power you may wonder? The answer is largely down to two things scale and distance.

First, let me deal with distance. Just ask yourselves this question:  “If they are not listening to you in Westminster when there are 60 million odd of you speaking one language, how on earth do you expect them to hear you in Brussels when there will be hundreds of millions of you speaking a multitude of  languages?

Then there is the problem of scale. The thing about scale is that it dis-empowers each member of the unit as the numbers grow larger. Think of the influence and control that one member in a 10 member club has, and compare it with the influence and control that one member in a 500 member club has. 

You see, as the size of the unit grows you depend more and more on the professional managers and it is the managers that become powerful with the owners becoming less significant. Thus with each country that the managers can add to the grand scheme by way of political union, the more powerful they know they will become. As it is for the United States of Africa so it is for the United States of Europe.  

Now you heard Angela Merkel of Germany say that Multiculturalism has failed and you heard David Cameron join the chorus. 

You see, I could have told them that it never had a cat-in-Hell’s chance of working but would the dreamers and one-world idealists listen?

But the same dreamers are still pressing full speed ahead with political union. Please tell me what they will end up with if they have their way and achieve the United States of Europe if not a multi-cultural state?

You see, I think that they think that multi-coloured is the problem and not multi-culture. That thought is based on the false logic that Europeans are all of one culture. Well from what I observed on a recent visit to Athens they are far from the same. Even dogs in Europe are different in character: I saw gangs of stray dogs in Athens and they were  all so sleepy and non-threatening – they are certainly not like the stray dogs that you come across here in Britain.

So who really wants political union

So if these differences are so obvious, who are the people sustaining and driving the pretext that we are all the same? 

It is those whose lingua franca and highest value is money – the Bankers and the corporatists, the power vampires whose singular obsession is to drain the lifeblood of power out of their fellow men to make themselves ever more powerful.

 In their grand planning they know that the more of us of different tongues they can herd into a single political cage, the more disconnected we will be from each other and so the greater will be the scope for their money to control the political process: Elections in mega-states require mega-bucks and those who control the mega-bucks enjoy mega-influence.

Selling it to Africa

Having perfected the design of the cage and the propaganda techniques for herding the flock into it, they were ready to export the model to Africa but, because that continent is still bearing the open wounds from the last carve up exercise in Berlin in 1884 by powers in Europe, they were desperate to hide their fingerprints on the design. They needed someone from the continent to sell it.

The candidate specifications for the sales representatives were drawn up in Brussels. The ideal rep for the promotion of this new brand of Made-in-Europe democracy had to be a man of the people; a person with unblemished democratic credentials; a role model for humanity. 
The selection panel, after careful reflection under the chairmanship of Tony Blair, decided that the man for the job was none other than Libya’s Colonel Ghadafi. They were particularly impressed by the fact that, since the mishap of the downing of the passenger airliner over Lockerbie, he had demonstrably become born again:  he had, after all, they proclaimed, given up his weapons of mass destruction which the British intelligence services said he had - never mind the small matter that it was the same services that said Saddam had the same terrible weapons which after deadly search were later found to have existed only in their imaginations.

And so the European Union sent it’s most persuasive emissary, the smooth talking Mr Tony Blair, to find the Mad Dog in his desert lair and to beg him to accept the crown of King of Kings of Africa by becoming the champion of the new European design for the continent in the form of the United States of Africa. They presented to him all the templates for the institutions of the European Union in order to fast-track the implementation of the grand design.

All you need to do, they told him, is to cross out the word “European” and substitute the word “African” wherever it appears in the templates. And so, with the aid of his son Saif, with his PhD in plagiarism from the LSE, and a bottle of Tippex, Ghadafi went to work. In no time at all the “European Union” became the “African Union”; the “European Central Bank” became the “African Central Bank”, the “European Union Commission” became the “African Union Commission” and the “European Court of Justice” became the “African Court of Justice”. Having blown the Tippex dry, the young Ghadafi sat back to admire his brainwork before presenting the masterpiece to his father. All was ready.

Ghadafi pushed the boat out and like his son, proceeded to take credit for the work done by others and set about recruiting some intellectual pom-pom waivers to make supporting noises. 

One such joker Dr Ozodi Thomas Osuji, President, African Institute, Seattle,  on 1st July 2007 submitted a memorandum to the African Union meeting In Accra Ghana on the need for one African Government in the following terms: 

“Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Libya, lately, has been calling for one continental government for Africa.  One does not quite understand the details of how Gaddafi intends to go about accomplishing this task. However, in general terms, one agrees with him that all of Africa needs one government.  In several writings, one has made the argument for an Africa Federation, along the line of the United States of America. One believes that Africa has no hope of making significant contributions to world politics and economics unless she combines the current colonial products called African countries into one country, one country with one government.”

Well on 4th March this year I sent him an email asking him “In the  light of the events in Libya where Ghadafi - the first President of the United States of Africa that you were making the case for - is bombing his own Libyan people, I would be interested in knowing where you now stand on Ghadafi's vision”.
Needless to say I have yet to hear back from him.   

The People’s Pledge

I cannot end my presentation today without mentioning the People’s Pledge campaign to pressure Westminster to give you, the people of Britain, a referendum on whether this country should leave the European Union. The campaign was launched on 15th March 2011 and I have accepted to serve as a member of the Advisory Council for the campaign.

Now you would be forgiven for wondering whether the people of Britain should have to campaign all over again for the right to a referendum when, after all, the last Labour Government had promised one. But then they reneged on the promise when they realised that the result would go against them.

 Even Omar al-Bashir the President of Sudan, who is on the run from the International Criminal Court on a charge of genocide, showed more integrity by promising the people of South Sudan, who he is accused of slaughtering, a referendum and then delivering on the promise. But as you know Tony Blair was never a man to be taken at his word.

And when, eventually, they do agree to give the people of this country a referendum, what do you think will happen when the people say no to political union?  Remember what they did when the Irish voted No to the Lisbon Treaty?  Yes, the new democrats of the European Union told them to vote again and to keep voting until they said Yes.

Now even our friend al-Bashir of Sudan was not that bad. Because when  the results came out and 99% of the people in (African) South Sudan voted to separate from (Arab) North Sudan, al- Bashir respected the result which makes me to think that it is some of those people in Brussels that should be appearing before the International Criminal Court for what they did to democracy in Ireland.

I started this talk on the theme of the Battle of Britain in jest, but let me speak to you now in all seriousness. You had better believe that they are really gearing up for a Battle for the soul of Britain for the simple reason that totalitarian states can never be comfortable with exceptions in their back-yard:  they depend for their grip on their subject peoples on lurid images of the nightmare alternatives. Just as the Soviet Union crumbled because of  the sight of a successful West Germany over the top of that  Berlin Wall, you can rest assured that the totalitarians in Brussels will not accept the sight of a successful independent Britain across the Channel. 

The upcoming Battle to save Britain’s soul will be hard and it will be dirty – bear in mind that they already have a head start on you because they have been campaigning by stealth and so they will want to rush the people into the booths before you have had a chance to mobilise them properly and they will have slush funds from all those greedy banks. You can’t afford to let them get away with such tricks – this is what Harold Smith was fighting against in Nigeria. 

From what I learnt from my mates in Whistler Street all those years ago, I know that provided the playing field is level, the British are hard to beat.

I am confident that if the people of South Sudan, Britain’s former colony, could find the courage, almost to every man and woman, to put their freedom before their stomachs, the people of Britain are sure to do no less.

 Dele Ogun  2/4/2011 
Published with Mr Ogun's permission


banned said...

Bravo that man, he's certainly got the plot.

"So if these differences are so obvious, who are the people sustaining and driving the pretext that we are all the same?
is a question that has always puzzled me, I can think of no other event in history when the rulers of the ruled have voluntarilly surrendered their 'power' to outsiders even when the ruled did not want them to do so.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Appeals to all my sense's.

And while no 'sense' is ever absolute its good to know there are many out in the wilderness armed with hammers against the nails of deceit.

GoodnightVienna said...

A wonderful & inspirational speech; thanks for posting it, it's brightened my day.

subrosa said...

Yes, it certainly exposes the brainwashing which is expressed by politicians banned.

subrosa said...

There are many fighting hard Crinkly. I may manage to publish some quotes from other speeches made on that day.

subrosa said...

GV, delighted to bring a little optimism to your day.

J. R. Tomlin said...

Well, speaking of battles (and I'm dashing in for self-promotion so don't read if that bothers you) some of you know I've been known to write about the battles between Scotland and England. I happen to think they're still relevant, but that's me and I'm not a Scot.

Anyway, on my writing from a Scot, where reviews have been hard to come by:

Sorry, Rosie. Great article. A bit dauntingly long but well worth the read.

Apogee said...

Hi SR, Dele Ogun's Has said what a great great many of the people of this country are thinking and muttering about.
This should be spread far and wide so the people know how and know why they are being deceived.
Thanks for publishing the article.

Edward Spalton said...

The target which we have all missed for so many years is is this. It is not "Europe" or the people there.

It is the fact that the political classes of all the EU nations, including those of the British Isles, have conspired against their own countrymen to make a world comfortable for themselves and those like them - at the expense of the peoples they supposedly serve and represent.

"Europe" is not the enemy but our own Vichyite political class - of whatever party, all agreed on the EU project - they are the enemies of all the European nations and democracies.

Some years ago I heard Dele speak and remembered what he said. Two years ago when someone was asking for suggestions for speakers for another meeting , I remembered what he had said and sought him out. I was surprised to find that his earlier speech was nearly ten years before but I could remember it clearly.

subrosa said...

Excellent review Jeanne. You'll be delighted.

subrosa said...

Thanks Apogee.

subrosa said...

Yes Edward and that's the message which has to be delivered strongly.

Derek said...

Thanks for posting that Subrosa. It's a tip of an iceberg intended to sink 90% of global population.

I had never heard of Mr Ogun before, but he is high in my estimation from this moment.

subrosa said...

Derek, Mr Ogun isn't a politician, he's a lawyer but with an interest in UK politics. He's a blogger too if you check out the link. :)

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