Saturday, 12 February 2011

Take Your Pick

Nadine Dorries:  Go Compare

What is odious?

A Corporate Coup D'Etat

Yeminis Protest - But They Stop At Noon

The State of Civil Liberties in Modern Britain

Who Owns the Bank of England?

Shattered lives and broken promises

Global Panic as Green Sector Collapses and Investors Face Ruin


March Like An Egyptian?

Census 2011 - snooping on your place of work


Joe Public said...

That Census Snooping is just so frightening.

1. Hundreds of different government depts / agencies etc already hold most of the data. [E.g. some questions replicate data already held by HMRC.]

2. Apparently we have 400,000 Jedi; if you don't want the Government to know you're C of E, RC, Muslim etc, join them to become the fastest-growing religion.

3. It's scandalous that it's an American company, Lockheed Martin, whose subsidiary Lockheed Martin UK will be processing (some of) the data.

The census insists that personal data such as job title, employer, employer's full post code is supplied.

All those in our security & intelligence services must provide that data.

Once that data has been collected, will any UK citizen believe it is safe from the Americans who can use their Patriot Act to force one of their own companies (L-M) to divulge whatever info they possess?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the link, Rosie. You buying the book?

subrosa said...

I put that link up because it concerned me too Joe. It's for England and Wales and I didn't research if it's the same here but I'll check that out.

subrosa said...

I may Dick, but I've put to my chin in reading at the moment.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the link Rosie!


subrosa said...

Well deserved Ranty.

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