Thursday, 18 November 2010

'The West Can't Defeat al-Qaeda and Militant Islam'

I haven't forgotten to pay tribute to Ranger Aaron McCormick, 22, from Macosquin, Co Londonderry and of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment, who was killed on Sunday in the Nad-e Ali area of Helmand province, Afghanistan.  The lives of his parents, two sisters and his brother will never be the same again.

In June this year David Cameron said:
'We can't be there for another five years, having been there for nine years already.'

Of course Mr Cameron doesn't want our military in Afghanistan in five years' time. War affects votes. The public are becoming very aware that the reasons given for our presence there are flimsy at best, while the new head of our armed forces, Gen Sir David Richards, warned that the West can't defeat al-Qaeda and militant Islam.  He argues that it could be 'contained' to allow Britons to lead secure lives while, in the same interview, he says the threat posed by 'al-Qaeda and its affiliates' meant Britain's national security would be at risk for at least 30 years. Furthermore he said:
 the British military and the Government had been "guilty of not fully understanding what was at stake" in Afghanistan and admitted that the Afghan people were beginning to "tire" of Nato's inability to deliver on its promises.
Then continued:

"In conventional war, defeat and victory is very clear cut and is symbolised by troops marching into another nation's capital. First of all you have to ask: do we need to defeat it [Islamist militancy] in the sense of a clear cut victory? I would argue that it is unnecessary and would never be achieved.
"But can we contain it to the point that our lives and our children's lives are led securely? I think we can."
I suspect we're being told that the Afghan war is unwinnable and there will be no victors.  Are the politicians and military top brass at last beginning to recognise what many of us have known for some years or have they known this is a futile war but refused to acknowledge it because of our politicians' obsession with America?  Or did the General know this MoD document was about to be leaked and spoke out because he believes the armed forces are demoralised?

No amount of political talk will bring comfort to the friends and family of Aaron McCormick, whose death brings the total number of those killed in this war to 344.  We must not forget the hundreds of injured who are so seldom mentioned.



Oldrightie said...

We should never have gone in. The points raised today were obvious then. Madness on a day we learn of another terrible loss.

Apogee said...

Hi SR. The General, IMHO is wrong.

The enemy is already camped on our lawn and engaging in trashing the neighbourhood, and calling all its pals, "come on over,we can do what we like, and the locals are all told not to try and stop us or the police will lift them"." All the politically correct 'useful idiots' are on our side, they have got everyone to scared to say 'Boo' in case we are offended.And they give us money for free unand in two generations there will be more of us than them,we've won already !"
Aint that the way of it?

subrosa said...

Morning OR. The more said the more obvious none has any plan whatsoever.

subrosa said...

Morning Apogee. I often wonder how much of our money is spent by various security departments trying to survey what is going on here on this island. It must run into billions because we don't have records of all those who are here.

Apogee said...

Hi SR. Yes, good question, I wonder if the powers that be would want us to know the real numbers of immigrants and illegals, it might frighten them and it would certainly frighten us, and when we knew the cost of it all to us the indigenous tax payers in cash and living standards, at the next election it could be a real frightening wake up call to them and us.

subrosa said...

Apogee, I wonder if there are any other countries who don't have a rough idea of who enters and leaves. I've no objection whatsoever to anyone coming here because of any form of persecution or because they have a skill we can use.

A couple of years ago the then government said they would be noting all our journeys both in and out of the country. We haven't heard if that policy was enacted.

Apogee said...

Hi SR. What I object to is when they come here and by their actions,persecute us !
As for the Government knowing who is entering or leaving the country, 'yer havin' a larf!

They can't even count them, never mind label them !

Apogee said...

I think quite a few countries do have a problem but at least politically they try to do something about it.
Dont think Iran or North Korea have a problem, but they use aversion therapy. Seems to work well.

subrosa said...

No Apogee, it wasn't so long ago we were told that every trip we took out of the country would be recorded. The US seems to have a better idea but then that's a comment from the sidelines as I've no experience of it.

Apogee said...

Hi SR, Yes, I remember we were told that was to happen but I dont think it ever was put into action. Could be wrong, but.

subrosa said...

Have done only a quick Google Apogee and nothing came up. Will have a more thorough look over the weekend.

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