Thursday, 18 November 2010

Update of previous post

This is an update of this morning's post.

Tragically another soldier from the 1st Battalion Irish Guards was killed in Afghanistan yesterday.  He was working alongside an Afghan National Army patrol when he was struck by small arms fire.

The deaths go on while our politicians - who have no strategy for this war - continue to argue about funding our military.

The families and friends of now 345 of our armed forces have had their lives changed forever.  We should withdraw with the little dignity we have left, although help restructure the country if asked.  Only once arms have been laid down will Afghanistan begin to recover.  That's the choice of the Afghanis.


Apogee said...

Hi SR. We should withdraw from Afghanistan with whatever dignity we can. We are wasting time and wasting lives trying to democratise a country whose accepted religion,which is extremely militant, does not recognise or accept even the concept of democracy. As an Iranian Mullah was recently reported as saying, in effect, you can nuke us, it doesn't
matter, there are millions of our brothers to carry on the fight.
It is time we realised that it is a Radicalised, politicised, religion we are trying to fight, not a single country.Body count does not mean the same to them .
Eight hundred years ago, Christianity used to think in that way, until we grew up.More or less.
Islam is not the same as Christianity,we must not make that mistake, remember that Islam says that it is recommended to lie to the enemy (us)!
Until we rethink our strategy we should disengage totally. Just watch what they do. But remember that if they get nuclear capability, especially in the wrong hands, they will attempt to use it,and think where that will lead.

Joe Public said...

"We should withdraw with the little dignity we have left......."

I have a better solution to extricate the UK from the quagmire that is Afghanistan:

Send all MPs who voted for that occupation, over there. To work from offices / tents set up in rural Helmund.

Give them a generator & satellite broadband; a laptop for communictions & a video link so the can been seen.

subrosa said...

We should allow the Afghanis to choose Apogee and not inflict our form of democracy upon them.

subrosa said...

Joe, when any of them visit they're shielded by a ring of military and certainly don't like being there. None would stay.

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