Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Was The Union Deliberately Split?

To Enhance Friction?

Most of Oldrightie's lifetime remembrance was always for the United Kingdom's fallen. Soon we shall all be subsumed into a Federal States of Europe. Just look at the speed of momentum these unelected bureaucrats are stealing our wealth and our Islands. (weep) The guys in the trenches of the first world war, the aircraft over Germany in the second and on the beaches of Normandy, never queried their mates citizenry credentials and dump them in the mire if they were Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish. As a Union The British, rightly or wrongly, built an Empire, invented stuff and were great. Then somebody decided it should be fractured again and devolution was created. All the time the history, camaraderie and union of an Island's tribes and their history was re manufactured. Guess what, in the image of a federation. We are preached at to celebrate diversity and embrace cultures from all over the world except our own! I tell you what, I'd rather be governed by a Scot than a Belgian, any day. Even worse, a Kermit or a Kraut!
It saddens me the waste of time and energy we are spending through devolution whilst, with a knowing smirk, The EU gobbles up our neighbour across the Irish waters, in a blatant, daylight grab on their sovereignty. You know, one day Eire might long for the embrace of The UK, should it tighten its Union and repel the EU hordes. I can dream, can't I, that The UK might rise up as one against European Integration? Or is is that the Scots would prefer a Rompuy as their President than some English lover of his home Islands and The Union of its people?


Nomine said...

Sadly Rosa the English overlords have never had the best interests of their constituent nations in the union at the forefront of their policies. That a significant number of the people now see the chance to overthrow the English centric Parliament in favour of an ill defined and ill understood 'republic' of Europe is really not to be wondered at. The sadness for me is that they do not see that it is merely jumping from pan to fire.
Were the British public to be properly engaged in the political life of these our islands, they would demand a new compact with the ruling elite, they would force change to reflect the best interests of all. However in my opinion this will never occur, as the system that at present stands has for too long kept the public ignorant of the realities inherent in this system and now the treasonous sell out to Europe places the cap on it all.
Divided and conquered we have been, what rankles the most is we have been defeated by our own. No invader, but traitors acting in unison between the two major parties seeking their own benefit and not ours.
Democracy? was stillborn here and never drew breath, if it had we might yet have had a Union to be proud of, a Union which took care of its people!

Goodnight Vienna said...

That's something that's always puzzled me too, OR. It's the frying pan/fire syndrome but some seem to believe Scotland will have greater independence within the EU. It doesn't add up. If the Scots are set on this course then England should turn its attention to its own constitutional arrangements. Perhaps there is room enough for two more Norways or Switzerlands in the world.

Mcgraw said...

A wise old man told me years ago when I first set out in the world of my proffesion that the difference between British workplaces and continental workplaces was simply that we have managers and they have feuhrers.
Something I fear we are all about to find out.
Unless the Euro collapses which may well happen in the not too distant future.

Oldrightie said...

I see nought but common sense and intelligence in these responses.

JRB said...

Throughout history there have been factions whose only vision was a single unified European state. In the past they attempted to achieve this under force of arms.
Great Britain has to her credit resisted such actions.

Realising that force does not work, these same factions have now switched to using commerce, finance and bureaucracy to achieve their ends.
Great Britain should continue to resist.

To reduce this to the personal level. There are those with whom I wish to trade, either I wish to purchase their goods and services or I wish to offer them my goods and services. It is no more than that, simple trade. I do not wish to enter the bosom of their family and live by their family rules. So it should be in our relationship with Europe.

I wish the Irish, Greeks, Spanish and Portuguese no ill, but I do hope their economies collapse and with that collapse might come the demise of a monstrous and evil unified(?) European mega-state.

subrosa said...

I was going to put my tuppence worth in OR but it's already been said.

John, you touch on a point which grieves me and that the fact that Britain did resist armed force, yet we trusted a peaceful resolution. Is it any wonder trust has been destroyed? No.

hector said...

unions have their faults.some outgrow their use (uk?).the e.u. is a fairly new union and has its faults.however prior the formation of the e.u.this part of the world suffered two of the most destructive wars known to humankind with deaths counted in millions.as i have said before,better to send politicians to brussels than young men to flanders.

McGonagall said...

The SNP argument in favour of EU membership is that this is the reality we find ourselves in. Isolation from Europe is not an option and as the UK has decided to press ahead with integration we need to find a way to have our voice heard. Presently we have no voice in the EU at all - The UK (England) does the speaking and then we are informed re: what has been agreed. As an independent nation Scotland would finally get to represent itself at the big boys table.

The UK is now a region of the EU with power becoming increasingly centralized in Brussels. Westminster is being downgraded to a provincial assembly whose job it is to implement directives decided at a European level. At least England has a voice there - time for Scotland to have one as well.

Billy said...

The wars that were fought before were all to do with who wanted the biggest empire with Britain being one of the worst.

That is the only reason that Britain became Great, by invading other peoples countries and robbing them of their resources. Rubbish to even claim that Britain fought for freedom and democracy when all they were interested in was their position as top empire.

The UK of GB was a false union based on one member England conquering Wales and Ireland and when they failed the same with Scotland they bribed the Scottish government with cash for a union against the wishes of the people.

English people are all for a union like the UK when it is they that are the majority in charge but they become hipocritial when it comes to the EU. It is either good for everyone to be in a union together or it is not.

Personally I want Scotland to be independent of England and the EU because it will be better for the people of this country for the decisions to be made here relating to jobs, health, education etc instead of from some other country with different priorities.

There are already too many politicians, parliaments etc doing nothing for the people except get rich at our expense. Time for each country to have their own parliament for the benefit of their own people and get rid of the rest of these spongers.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not a snowball's chance in HELL.

Back to the bosom of Mother England?

I think the Oirish would rather eat broken bottles and emigrate en masse to the USA than do thta.

Anonymous said...

GV, England as another Norway?

England has no oil?

England as another Switzerland?

That would take a total role reversal in politics with the effective disappearance of Wastemonster and all the strutting preening Empire Loyalist aspirants to 10 Downing Street, and punching above its weight etc. No chance!

Anonymous said...

Sweden, Finland and Denmark are forming a Nordic voting union in the EU and will incorporate Norway, wher Norway has an input on matters of common interest. This bloc could well incorporate Estonia, Latvia and Estonia which have historic associations with the above Nordic Group.

Poland is pressing ahead with a similar grouping incorporating Hungary and the two parts of the old Czechoslovakia having rebuffed Italy's overtures.

The EU is splitting into common interest groups to counterbalance France and Germany.

Scotland will find common ground within other groups, we always did before the Union.

We may occasionally vote with England, if they are by then not already absorbed by the USA.

Anonymous said...

GV, sorry I missed this out as I was laughing so much at your tongue in cheek proposal regarding another Switzerland.

In Switzerland democracy flows from the bottom up and there is no way that the political classes will give up the jobs for life and public funded pension plans.

Democracy, Heaven forfend!

Oldrightie said...

"England has no oil?"
Not true, Bugger, not true at all.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot OR, maybe some in Dorset but no a great deal.

Delphius1 said...

I alluded to this same idea back in September: http://delphiusdebate.blogspot.com/2010/09/self-absorbed.html

Devolution has been a massive, costly smokescreen to divert attention from the increasing control the EU has over our lives. Westminster is really a punch and judy sideshow, with no real power.

If devolution was really the object in both Wales and Scotland, then they would be clearly and totally autonomous and both have the same powers, rather than the current mishmash.

We now have a situation where different regions of the UK have different standards of welfare (will we have health tourists from England migrating to Scotland in the future?).

It could be construed as a cynical conspiracy to cause friction and empahsise regional differences. Or it could have just been another Labour half-cocked idea that was badly managed. I really can't tell the difference.

Other than to say there were so many badly managed Labour projects that I wonder if they weren't planned to be the way they are.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Nomines' comment hits the nail on the head.

As for the EU; that is an unaccountable, unelected cabal of minions in the control and at the behest of covert plutocrats.

The EU should be no more but perhaps less than the Federation of European Nation States with responsibilities for defence, trade and perhaps, aid.

Any Nation who aspires to join the EU under its present make up denies any right it has to be regarded as a democracy.

The only purpose served by the present hierarchy of the EU is the one that national politicians will relinquish any responsibility provided they still have the power to keep those the supposedly serve under their conniving so called democratic thumb.

Finally; yes devolution was a devious compromise, but not for the reasons stated on the blog. And it may well prove to be a compromise that neither Scotland or England profit by.

Derek said...

Bit late catching this one.

Wars are planned, financial collapses engineered. The tolls are known by the planners and engineers and accepted, as those who take up arms or lose their homes are but fodder to fuel the power mongers who seek total control globally. You can speak of unions and devolution, the ultimate phrase is 'divide and conquer'.

The perpetrators of these plans would like nothing more than to draw the people out onto the streets and into the arms, gas cannisters, and rubber/real bullets of a 'homeland army', or Euro Army. Manned by foreign Nationals, they will have no allegiance to these lands, and our own troops will be far afield, and it will aid the long term eugenics program. Religion will also play its role in setting communities against each other - that's been going on as long as we have had religion - control tool.

The EU is the test bed for global union. But it's creaking. The continued exposure of fraudulent activities and reporting of 'scares' - are being seen through. The revolution is already taking place through the distribution and availability of such knowledge, the knowledge that leads to truth, lawful rebellion and simple non-compliance.

There is no safety in numbers when the predator is within. Their fangs are in finance. Withdraw it, and they cower. Easier said than done, and great changes will need to be made by all individuals, but it's the only weapon that they will understand.

Combined as individuals, there is no more powerful force. Combined as a unit within walls and boundaries, and downfall is certain.

Where are the Taliban? Where is Al Quaida? They are the people. Armies fight them, but who wins?

subrosa said...

Nobody wins Derek. Least of all the West when it interferes with these cultures, which include religion.

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