Monday, 20 September 2010

You Can Tell There's No Election For A Few years. FROM OLDRIGHTIE

This Despicable Parliament Of Cretins.

As this shower of Parliamentarians relax and enjoy our funded, luxury weekend, in their various country houses or illicit hideaway love nests and rent boy haunts, two more soldiers are killed in Afghanistan. How important is this to those MPs we elected just a short few weeks ago? The answer is shown in the picture above.
Why in the name of God and all decency do we have to continue to suffer the pathetic and weak morality of these grotesque and charlatan representatives. They are shameless opportunists and belong to a ruling elite made up off weaklings, traitors and to a man and woman, an undeserving cabal of weak and politically correct crap. Every single one lies, cheats, plots and scams a gullible party faithful until the moment they enter that place. That Devil's depository of shame and womb of sin that gives birth to a terrible offspring of arrogant nonentities blinded by their own self importance and deluded to a degree unbelievable to us mere morons. Nothing but nothing has changed. Just that the target has learnt a new camouflage technique.

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Stewart Cowan said...

As Alex Jones would say, the ConDems are the new birdcage liner.

You know about the NWO. These traitors in Parliament take their orders from everyone but the people, i.e. the EU, UN, lying climate change "scientists", quangos, specially selected focus groups, astroturfing fakecharities, Big Pharma, the US President, the arms trade, etc.

I want trials for treason. Lots of them. Soon.

Dramfineday said...

and another thing, anyone wanting to be a politician should be banned for life. The community should pick who they want based on what work the potential candidates had done for the community and for how long - no straight out of Uni and into the party either.

John said...

So, Oldrighty, if I understand you, you don't think much of the Parliament that we now support?

Hamish said...

Subrosa, I'm sorry you feel the need to cross-post this spleen from OldRightie.
I'm sure his/her heart is in the right place and I might well agree with her/him if I could get past the garrulous rhetoric and sneering sarcasm.
What John said.
Plus OldRightie, what would you do instead?

Oldrightie said...

John and Hamish, anything but anything is better than the Labour destruction of the last 13 years. I support the need for a clean up but feel let down by how much is still as before. "Time for change" has a very hollow ring to it. Not least the leftie agenda and posturing from The Liberal thumb of this coalition. Thumb rather than arm. I remember well their holier than thou public persona which always hid a very nasty and malicious campaigning underbelly. Putrid, even.
I have frequently suggested alternatives. One such idea is the removal of career politicians in favour of a proven meritocracy from "ordinary" and successful professionals, from all walks of life. Volunteers aided by SACKABLE mandarins.

wisnaeme said...

Uh Huh, I guess Old rightie has a point when he is somewhat disenchanted with Westmidden. Not that I would have much else in common with his views; But when it comes to a so called reformed Westmidden, same old, same old shite applies.

Just started to watch Dispatches on Channel four. Too many chiefs and not enough indians apparently.
Personally there's too many of both in the Westmidden establishment.

subrosa said...

Hamish I've not been too well the past couple of days and Old Rightie is a co-author who kindly stepped into the breach.

Yes he has different views from me but it doesn't do any harm to read them. He's my generation too. We're seldom heard.

He's angry and every right to be. Part of his anger is because the Tories, which he has supported for years, he feels are letting him down.

Try and see where he's coming from Hamish. It won't do any harm to you I promise.

Stewart Cowan said...

Justified venting of spleen. I thought it was a great post.

When are the namby-pambies in this country going to switch on their brains, I wonder?

If you ran a business you wouldn't suffer these people to work for you, yet we're paying their wages to ruin us.

We've been LibLabConned - again!!

Hope you're feeling a bit better, SR.

subrosa said...

Aye, on the mend Stewart. Must be because I think I'll trip along to the bridge club later in the week. Thanks for asking.

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