Monday, 20 September 2010

The Fibbing Five

It's the last week of the most gripping/tedious political event to have taken place in the past months since the general election.

Not being a Labour party member thankfully I don't have to vote but thousands do - and many, like Mr and Mrs Harman, will vote early and vote often.

Hasn't it all been rather courteous so far?  False courtesy of course but fibs are the common factor in Labour elections.  Just this weekend Miliband Jnr was saying he was anti the war in Iraq.  He wasn't even an MP then but a wee fib to the faithful doesn't hurt.  After all, all politicians do it - some are just better at it than others.

Neil Kinnock's in on the act now.  You just can't keep a champagne socialist down.  The Labour supporting Scottish Sunday Mail refers to Kinnock as a 'Labour statesman' who is accusing Miliband Snr of smearing his brother Ed and being "deeply resentful" that his younger brother is standing against him.  He has also claimed David's team have spread "bloody bile" about Ed being too left-wing and in the pocket of his union backers.  David is Darling's choice.  "There is a good field but David has a very clear sense of direction and what the government can do to help people get on and help themselves and their families."  To me Miliband Snr has a little touch of the Mr Bean about him.

If you have a minute to spare vote in the Poll in the right hand column. It's only fun and no labour supporters should take the results seriously. Then again...


Keith Ruffles said...

In all honesty the leadership contest has been a little tedious for us who are party members too, so it's not surprising it's not exactly gripping the rest of the nation either. But at least we do have elections and the party chooses its leader democratically.

Personally I'm looking forward to having a leader in place so a more coherent opposition to the Con-Dem coalition can be formed.

subrosa said...

Keith, is one person having 5 votes democracy? One person one vote is my idea of that.

However, I'm pleased to hear you haven't become overexcited about it all. Not a lot to be excited about though.

English Pensioner said...

Surely if the voters don't want to be considered to be sexist and racist, they should vote for Diane Abbott. And if she comes bottom of the poll, well, just try to imagine what Labour would be saying is it were a poll for the Conservative leadership!

JRB said...

Whilst not a labour supporter, I am saddened that this lot is the best that this once great political party can come up with.

Our political system demands that we should have a strong and challenging opposition, especially against the current ConDems axis.

Sadly none of our group of ‘Five’ would appear to be made of the right stuff to lead an opposition. Even Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ had more backbone.

Just one question – I wonder who equates to Timmy the dog?

Hamish said...

I don't have a vote either, but I have predicted from the outset (on Labourlist) that the candidate who raises the most funds will win.
That is David Miliband by a mile.
I would be pleasantly surprised if I am wrong.
I'm not saying it is direct one-way cause and effect.
But it amazes me that it is thought proper for candidates in an internal election like this to raise *any* funds for their campaigns.
They are all in a well paid job, and I'm sure the CLPs will be happy to pay reasonable travelling and accommodation expenses to allow them to address members.

RMcGeddon said...

All five are liars and hypocrites who seem to have absolved themselves of any responsibility for their 13 years of catastrophic government. They started two wars, killed millions and gave us a debt of £1.4 trillion and rising. They introduced the most draconian set of laws to curb our freedoms in our history. ID cards, DNA databases, cctv, political police force, detention without trial etc etc..
Harriet Harperson's attempt to introduce new laws to stop us finding out MPs' expenses despite a High Court ruling to the contrary summed up new Labour for me. They want to know everything about us but don't think we're entitled to know what they're up to.
I'd like Abbot to win as she's the most incompetent and hypocritical so will keep Liebour out of power for the longest.
Her interview with 'brillo pad' Andrew Neil should be put in the national archives. A classic.

Clarinda said...

It would be interesting to know what each, as potential winner, would do with the four losers - keep their 'friends' or perhaps 'enemies' closer?
I think David M will win but I hope Diane Abbot wins for the same reasoning as RMcGeddon.

wv - cronic

Demetrius said...

Ramsay Macdonald, where are you when we need you?

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

The only leadership vote that I am interested in is the UKIP leadership election that is currently taking place.

It matters not a jot who gets the Labour leadership as they will just obey orders from the EU anyway, but it is far more important for KIP to get it right as it is the only political party that is willing to take us out of the EU and save the nation.

Keith Ruffles said...

"Keith, is one person having 5 votes democracy? One person one vote is my idea of that."

To be fair that's something of an oversimplification, and those few that can vote several times will have virtually no effect on the overall outcome. As a party member, for example, my vote is equal to about 10 affiliates:

And some parties don't consult their grassroots at all when it come to selecting a leader.

Anyway I've always been a supporter of proportional representation so it's nice to know we agree on something!

Allan said...

I think that Ed will win. However you would have though that Labour would have learned their lessons with Wendy and Brown, that policy wonk's just are not leadershi material.

Sorry, but apart from Diane Abbott, they all have the charisma of a manequin dummy.

subrosa said...

What I don't understand is why 'different bodies' Keith. The 'body' is the labour party surely. But as long as you're happy with the system that's what counts. You're the member, I am not.

subrosa said...

Evening John. It's a fairly miserable roundup isn't it.

Timmy the dog? I can't think of any with enough bark far less bite.

subrosa said...

What about the second vote Hamish? There's lots of talk about his brother overtaking him then. Is that wishful thinking from the Ed camp?

subrosa said...

Excellent link thanks RM. I've put it in my bookmarks under 'entertainment'.

subrosa said...

I think they will all be offered a place in the shadow government Clarinda. Labour tend to like to keep their competition within the tent.

subrosa said...

Demetrius, he's deid. He died from hatred - the hatred of his fellow labour party around 1937 I think.

subrosa said...

That's certainly another angle EP and an interesting one too.

subrosa said...

Derek, I didn't realise there were elections for UKIP in progress. Must go and do some research.

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