Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Time David Cameron Took Action

The troubles continue to escalate in Northern Ireland yet no statement has been made by the Prim Minister. Yesterday military and security officials met in Belfast to discuss increasing the number of bomb disposal officers in the region because of the increasing threat.

One of the most senior counter-explosives officers in the Army is now in Norther Ireland to help plan the strategy to combat the rising tide of violence from dissident republicans. Last year there were 22 bombings and in the first eight months of this year there have been 49. On Monday a primary school in Antrim sent 400 pupils home after an eight-year-old carried a pipe bomb into class.

But it's the extent of the sophistication being seen as the militants' campaign gathers momentum which is causing the most concern. According to security and military sources the expertise has been brought over by former Provisional IRA bombmakers who have joined the ranks of the dissidents.

"What is noticeable is the number of car bombs and booby traps which are being brought into play and how they are being armed. We are also seeing a degree of callousness in the use of 'proxy bombs' which we certainly did not see from PIRA for many years."

It's time David Cameron took a high-profile interest in the goings-on in Northern Ireland before they affect the lives of more law abiding citizens. He can't continue to ignore the rising violence. As a Northern Irish friend said to me recently: "Peace process? There's never been real peace although there could be if there was the political will."


Demetrius said...

According to one source this morning DC is in France because his father has had a stroke.

Indyanhat said...

OH Lawks amursie, quick Dave quick take away all our rights and freedoms, introduce the Army onto the streets to guard the airports and strategic targets, cctv biometric passports and loads of other good ideas like that...
What ? not needed...its only the Irish and they're pretty friendly? its the religious fanatical Al Queda that are the threat...pull the other one Dave , its always been 'whats politically expedient to do' that our governments have done...Peace? don't make me laugh, none of you politicians wants peace, for as soon as we have it there would be no jobs for you troughing gits would there!

subrosa said...

Yes, I heard that on the lunchtime news Demetrius. He's close to his parents I think. Do hope the situation isn't too bad.

subrosa said...

It's time Mr Cameron knocked some political heads together Indyan. Instead they just give them extra money.

Joe Public said...

It seems there's more of a need for Bomb Disposal Experts than Nuclear Deterrent Submarines.

subrosa said...

It's a worrying situation there Joe but little is said over here.

strapworld said...

I find the whole situation sad, yes, but also a little case of poetic justice.

The Labour government gave in to the IRA/Sinn Fein and the excellent Special Branch was disbanded. The Royal Ulster Police Force became the Police Service of Northern Ireland and is now controlled by, yes, the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The IRA/Sinn Fein ensured that ALL their murderers and bomb makers in prison were released and are now free! Wonderful really.What a pity and a disgrace we did not have the death penalty at the time of their convictions.

So do not expect the English and the Scots to allow their soldiers back on those streets of hate.

It is time that Ulster be given lock stock and barrel to Ireland!

subrosa said...

You're so right strapworld. N Ireland asked and received - anything to ensure the 'peace process' held.

There is a military presence in N Ireland as I'm sure you know. They keep a very low profile.

William said...

"It is time that Ulster be given lock stock and barrel to Ireland!"

Even though the majority want to remain part of the UK. Even Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness now acknowledge this. It says something when one is less committed to the democratic process than two members of the IRA Army Council.

Unlike the impotent whining of Alex Salmond and his Nationalist slaves, the good people of Northern Ireland have every right to feel abandoned by the UK. Certainly, what is allowed to happen in NI in the name of 'keeping the peace' would not be tolerated in any part of the United Kingdom.

subrosa said...

The people of N Ireland don't feel abandoned William - where did you hear that? They're delighted Westminster just keeps giving them more and more money t keep them silenced.

My concern is that the violence is rising and Westminster has said nothing as yet.

Strapworld was good enough to explain some of the reasons.

William said...

Are you serious, SR? Do you think the people of, for example, Cluan Place feel that law and order has been restored to Northern Ireland and are content with the situation?

It's unimaginable that people would be forced from their homes by thugs and nothing would be reported or done about it in any other part of the UK. Pipe bombs in primary schools? If that happened in London or Edinburgh, it would be front page news.

The people of Northern Ireland are continually being asked to accept a lower standard of law than the rest of the UK. As long as bombs aren't going off on the mainland then no-one cares. So, yes, they do feel abandoned and a ministerial Land Rover for Martin McGuinness doesn't change that.

subrosa said...

Yes I'm serious William. I have many N Irish friends and they're aware what's going on but say it's up to politicians to sort it out. They're all unionists btw but I don't think that particularly matters.

They certainly don't feel abandoned as you say because they realise the answer is in their own hands. 'As long as it's not in my back yard'. Sadly that's what years of fighting have done. Mind you none are against having troops on the streets again either. I don't want that. We've lost enough lives. Let the Irish sort their own troubles out now.

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