Wednesday, 22 September 2010

RGU Doesn't Do Sensible

Caricature by Bob Smith

Kenneth Roy is enraged by the actions of Robert Gordon University to bestow an honorary degree in business administration (DBA) on Donald Trump at what is being described as a 'special ceremony' on 8 October.  I must agree with Mr Roy's opinion.

The official statement from RGU claims that it is 'in recognition of his business acumen and entrepreneurial vision and the long-term future his company is planning for the north-east'.

In recent years I've thought the quality of honorary degrees have deteriorated to 'celeb' level, thus negating the few well deserved degrees, but to give such an accolade, at this time, to Donald Trump reduces those issued by RGU to laughing-stock level.  Trump hasn't produced anything yet unless you count his ability to insult those who disagree with him.  Presently there are a few bulldozers on the land he purchased but no fairways are in sight.

Wouldn't it have been far more sensible for RGU to withhold this honour until Trump completes his project?  I forgot, universities don't do sensible, they're too intelligent for that.


Apogee said...

And what is an Honorary degree worth?

Jim Baxter said...

That's not nearly as good a laff as Aberdeen University renaming their ancient and once magnificent King's College Library, 'Maxwell Court' after accepting money from a certain well-known, er, 'philanthropist'.

Clue: it aint called that now. No sirree Bob.

Must be something in the air in the North East.

Joe Public said...


Wasn't that a Typo? I suspect it should have been "Maxwell Caught"

Jim Baxter said...


Thank you. He was indeed caught but they needed a helluva landing net to get him back on board.

subrosa said...

Priceless - to the likes of him Apogee.

subrosa said...

Jings Jim, I'd forgotten about that. Aye must be the air up there, air of stupidity.

subrosa said...

OK Joe, that's not bad. :)

Zaphod Camden said...

A fake degree from a fake university (and I should know, I used to go was the Robert Gordon Institute until 1992, and frankly "institute" was quite an apt term for it)

subrosa said...

And here's me thinking it had a world-wide reputation in ceramics Zaphod and that's why it decided upon university status. :)

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