Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's All in our Genes

Being a native Scot, along with the northern and southern Irish, I'm reportedly more than twice as likely to die an alcohol-related death than English or Welsh folk living in Scotland.

New research could suggest a link between ethnicity and dangerous levels of drinking.  Indians are far more at risk than Pakistanis who are more likely to be Muslim non-drinkers.

Researchers at Edinburgh and Oxford univerisities worked with the NHS Information Services Division to analyse causes of death relating directly to alcohol from 2000-2006.  They found that men born in England and Wales were 64% less likely to die as a result of alcohol than native Scottish males.

This latest study reports it is the poorest socioeconomic groups which suffer from more alcohol problems, although the last report I read said the problem covered all groups and all ages.

Raj Bhopal, Professor of Public Health at Edinburgh University says alcohol is estimated to account for around two thirds of liver disease deaths.  He is now looking to better understand which ethnic groups have greater susceptibility to booze and to target them with 'prevention' strategies.  It wouldn't surprise me if big pharma is in the process of manufacturing alcohol patches, chewing gum and lozenges.

28% of alcohol-related deaths in Scotland are among Pakistani-born males compared with Scottish-born males.  I can foresee breathalyser testing being introduced in mosques.

That's the Scots and Pakistanis dealt with - I wonder how well India will fare trying to wean a fair percentage of their population off alcohol.



English Pensioner said...

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I had a Muslim colleague, before I retired, who was quite happy to go to the pub. He said that the Koran prevented him from drinking any drink made from the fruit of the vine. He stuck strictly to beer or whisky!

cynicalHighlander said...

According to Labour in Scotland this is the problem.

No more coffee mornings SB must keep on the straight and narrow, mulled wine in the mornings with the corn flakes to set you up.

subrosa said...

Now he sounds the kind of person I'd enjoy having a dram with EP.

subrosa said...

Dearie me CH, it's a bit late in the day for me to stop my morning coffee.

Let me tell you what a friend puts on her cornflakes every morning and it's delicious. Remember both of them are retired and don't have to rush out to work.

They make their own mincemeat (not just for Christmas pies) and add the dregs from their daily tipple into the mix every day, be it wine, spirits or liqueurs. Mix it up daily and once the container is around 25% full, they start another of mincemeat. Wonderful stuff. Makes your eyes sparkle like diamonds - and that's before your shower. :)

William said...

It's cultural, not genetic, Shirley.

We're a greedy nation (cf. food, gambling) and not enough of us know when to stop. I also think the weather (*looks out of window to scenes akin to The Omen*) helps make some of us drunkards.

subrosa said...

Hi Dave, Shirley here. We are greedy. Was supermarket shopping yesterday and it suddenly occurred to me that so much food is packed in family sizes. At least the local butcher will give you 2 slices of ham/bacon/whatever.

The weather in winter occasionally has me reaching for a whisky mac Dave. :)

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

I have a serious drink problem - I can't afford it!

RMcGeddon said...

" At least the local butcher will give you 2 slices of ham/bacon/whatever."

My local butcher is halal so it won't. It was bought by muslims about 5 years ago.
Have to drive to Asda now. More choice I suppose but not the quality. Especially the old butchers steak mince and superb pork chops which we all miss.
I go into the halal butcher sometimes and once asked about halal meat. He said that muslims still pray before cooking their food in case the halal saughterhouse forgot to pray for the meat. He also said that halal covered fruit and veg aswell and muslims should pray before eating an apple or whatever. FWIW.

subrosa said...

When I left England some years ago RM I noticed many butchers were closing. People didn't want the aggro of having to go into town just to the butcher. Such a shame because they lost quality as you say.

I've no objection to anyone saying prayers over their food RM but I want the freedom to decide about my own food. Come to think of it, I prayed over a pot of soup last night that it wasn't too salty. ;)

subrosa said...

Derek, touche although I manage to squeeze in the occasional bottle of Tio Pepe when shopping.

Demetrius said...

Its quite simple really. If you down enough quantities of Buckfast Abbey Tonic Wine you get to heaven a lot quicker.

subrosa said...

There is that Demetrius then you're not a drain on the NHS or any other services.

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