Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Independence Debate

One of my regular reads is Calum Cashley's blog. I don't always agree with him but his research and the standard of articulate argument makes it a must read for me and my only complaint is he doesn't post more frequently.

Calum wishes to start a debate on independence for Scotland and for Scots and non-Scots who have an interest in the future of this country, may I suggest this will be the place for honest and informative discussion, if this post is anything to go by.

Have a read yourself and see what you think.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Why is it the overwhelming sense you get from the Nationalist community is one of impending defeat.

Its a bit like talking to a football supporter who turns up to watch their team play but who nevertheless.

when you talk to them they quietly admit this time they are outgunned and are going to loose.

Billy said...

Mr Nitpix

I am a nationalist with nothing to do with the SNP who doesn't have any sense of impending defeat.

SNP just needs to harden themselves up a bit and start to tell the people how it really is. How the Labour, Lib-Dems and Tories are just English-funded and run parties who just lie and con them all the time with the support of their fellow non-Scottish owned newspaper and media pals.

They also need to tell the Scottish people that these unionist parties are quite happy to waste millions on Scottish MPs at Westminster doing nothing but get rich at their expense. Not forgetting the millions being wasted on Scottish Lords and the redundant Scottish Office.

They also should follow my example and show just what a despicable type of party Labour is as I have done here: www.paisleyexpressions.blogspot.com

Sophia Pangloss said...

Mr Mikanpix, ye sound awfy like thae wummen ye used tae meet in the steamie, wummen that were right needlers, that wid nivver hae a guid word tae say aboot onybody, wummen that were jist plain soor-faced, wummen that had tae fold their sheets thersels cos naebody else wid gie them the time o day.

Wummen that talk keich aw the time...

subrosa said...

Niko, I don't feel any sense of defeat from the Scottish government. Isn't that a bit of wishful thinking from you?

subrosa said...

Thanks Billy. Good post btw.

subrosa said...

Auch Sophia, Niko just can't help needling. He's nothing to say about his heroes, the Labour party, so he goes for those who believe in independence.

Strathturret said...

Billy if your a nationalist you should join the SNP.

Its the only organisation which will deliver independence.

Billy said...

Sorry Strathturret - Was in the SNP here in Paisley but got thrown out for calling the leader here, Derek MacKay, scum for what he was up to here in Renfrewshire.

SNP in Renfrewshire is just as corrupt, if not more, than Labour. That is why they have hardly any members left and why they will struggle to gain more.

I have commented on some of this at Paisley Expressions with some more to come, especially with regard to the crooks they have selected for the Scottish parliament elections next year.

Strathturret said...

Pity you had not stuck to parliamentary language.

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