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DFID - Diversity and Equality?

I've reposted this because on the original post this morning the ability to comment was missing.  No idea why so hopefully those who wish to comment can do so now.

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Is it right for a government department to promote one particular organisation and then say they are committed to equality? (The logo underneath the Stonewall icon, 'Positive about Disabled People', was generated by government and is awarded by Job Centre Plus to employers in England, Scotland and Wales who have made commitments to employ, keep and develop the abilities of disabled staff.)

Not only do DFID 'advertise' Stonewall on their website they also have the following framed accolade from Stonewall in their public area. It was taken by a recent visitor to the department.

Stonewall is not funded by government. It raises its own finances through donations and other sources, therefore it is a private organisation - although high in profile.

If DFID does believe in equality as well as diversity why don't they promote the likes of the VSO - which contributes much to overseas projects - on the DFID website and have a few framed posters from organisations which provide help to thousands of the world's poor. I'm sure plenty would be delighted to have information about their efforts available, in the hallowed halls of the Department For International Development, for visitors to peruse.

I agree with diversity and equality but I certainly don't agree with what appears to be favouritism from a government department.


Stewart Cowan said...

Ah, good, Subrosa, you got the comments section working. Thanks for the tweet.

“Gay Rights” is a total fraud. It is merely a tool to re-engineer society; to redefine “the family” and weaken society for greater control by the state. Why should any *behaviour* entitle someone to special recognition? Smokers are persecuted for their behaviour, but homosexuals are almost deified by the government.

And the police fly “Gay Pride” flags. I cannot think of any other special interest group they promote in this way.

The UK Government also sees it as its duty to spread acceptance of homosexuality around the world. Same with the “Scottish Government”.

"Gay Rights" has spread like a disease among the general population.

P.S. I think Stonewall gets some funding from public bodies. Haven't been able to connect to the website.

subrosa said...

Morning Stewart, goodness you're up and about early.

As you know I don't care about anyone's sexuality but I find it unacceptable that DFID should so prominently promote Stonewall ahead of disabled organisations for example.

Individual government departments should be completely impartial to organisations which promote division.

I'm sure it said on their website that they don't have government funding Stewart, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

K said...

Not sure I understand this post. The "Top 100 employers" is an award which is given by Stonewall - in this case to the Dept International Development.

I guess you could argue that they are promoting Stonewall by displaying the award. But I would say most employers if they are given an award would want to acknowledge it.

IBM certainly do - they came out top in the 2010 Stonewall awards for the second time running. I don't really see what's wrong with it unless you are saying that public sector organisations should not be eligible for such awards?

subrosa said...

Sorry if I'm not clear K. Employers, including government departments get awards by the dozen from various organisations. Why are DFID only acknowledging the Stonewall one?

Another point is why is it on their website as well as a poster in their public entrance area? No others were in evidence just last week.

That's the point of the post. They speak about equality well they're not treating the other organisations, who have given them awards, fairly.

subrosa said...

By the way K, IBM may have won the award, but I've given their website a look and the logo is nowhere to be found. It's not even mentioned under 'awards'.

Why such high profile from government?

Stewart Cowan said...

Hi Rosie,

Fakecharities still down, but I'm sure there must be more where this came from...

Scots taxpayers funding Stonewall accreditation

Scotland’s prosecution service has had its impartiality called into question following the revelation that it has signed up to Stonewall’s “diversity champion” register.

The Crown Office, which is funded by taxpayers, pays almost £1,800 a year to Stonewall Scotland to call itself a “diversity champion”, and use the group’s logo on stationery.

subrosa said...

Hi Stewart, that's interesting. DFID say on their site they; are a member of the Employers Forum on Age, Employers Forum on Disability and Stonewall. Therefore they must be paying money to these organisations yet Stonewall say they don't receive government (taxpayers) money.

Stewart Cowan said...


Here are Stonewall's 2009 accounts. Funds include from:

Dept of Health - £4,995
Edinburgh Comm. Safety P'ship - £4,000
Equality and Human Rights Commission - £96,905
Greater London Authority - £12,000
Lothian & Borders Police - £6,000
Scottish Government (Voluntary Action Fund) - £190,921
Welsh Assembly Government - £109,996

They also seem to get tens of thousands a year via their Diversity/Education Champions membership fees.

They receive large sums of Lottery money and corporate money.

It seems like they don't need to do much can-rattling outside the shops.

Astroturfing fakecharity.

Joe Public said...

If Stonewall is "The Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Charity" (their description) and receives such generous 'donations' from government departments, I wonder how much those same departments (particularly the Equality ..... Commission) give to "Straight" charities?

subrosa said...

So they're not telling the truth Stewart. No surprises there. Thanks for taking the trouble to detail the accounts.

subrosa said...

Erm Joe, are there any? Hetrosexuals aren't the flavour of the year but it would be interesting to know how much money government does spend on this type of thing which is completely unproductive. Pity they don't think about the battered children and the hypothermic elderly isn't it.

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