Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dare Devils or Fools?

Greenpeace, on their website, have a picture of the Cairn exploration rig based off Greenland and 'shut down' written across it. Lots more propaganda about just how daring they were by evading the Danish navy and scaling the oil rig legs. 'Blimey this is exciting,' writes someone called Leila on board their ship.

It may be exciting to you Leila but your friends have committed a criminal act. There's nothing clever about hanging off the legs of an oil rig in your dry suits and safety gear, much of which will probably contain by-products of the very substance you detest- oil. I'm perfectly happy for you and your colleagues to put your lives on the line for your beliefs, indeed it's very noble of you, but as you bash out your propaganda on your laptop, in your expensive nylon kit and quite possibly cooking in Teflon coated pans, while cruising around in your fossil fueled luxury sailing craft, have you given one moment's thought to your hypocrisy?

Greenland's police spokesman, Morten Nielsen, said the activists are still on the rig and will be arrested. "When someone breaks the law - and it has happened here - the person or persons will be prosecuted," he stated from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. The Greenland Premier Kuupik Kliest called Greenpeace's stunt an "openly illegal act" and a "gross violation" of safety rules.

"It is really worrying that Greenpeace uses all means to break the safety rules made to protect human lives and the environment in its quest for media coverage," said Kliest.

Throw the book at them Mr Neilsen. Dare devils or fools? Hypocritical fools.


Jayce Kay said...

So not "green" and not "peace" then.

For all the various wrongs of still being dependent on squished dinosaur juice and the varying myriad of problems it brings, including war, oil spills, corruption at pretty much any and every level of human activity, I cant quite bring myself to sympathise with these peoples cause.

Not only have you used and arguably endorsed their system you've used force/violence to attempt to achieve your aim.

This go's beyond right or wrong, good and evil, if your prepared to use force to make people adopt your worldview, don't have the brass neck bleat about being "fair" and "nice" when you inevitably reap what you sow.

Causing turbulence within the world of the body corporates invites its own special rewards.

Specky said...

Wonder why they don't interfere with Iran, Russia, China, or North Korean environmental issues.
Just a thought.
Though part of me wishes they would .
Buda, buda, buda, buda,rat tat tat, KAPOW !

subrosa said...

For the life of me I cannot see where I've endorsed their system and used force/violence to achieve their aim Jayce, or do you mean Greenpeace?

They're fools, dangerous fools at times.

subrosa said...

Now now Specky, that would be quite dangerous don't you know. Can't have them doing anything which would endanger their lives now. They like the soft touch we offer. Many of these countries would shoot first then ask questions later.

Jayce Kay said...

Sorry Rosa, I meant Greenpeace.

subrosa said...

Phew Jayce, I thought so, but was a little concerned. All's fine now, I'll stop sipping the shock juice. ;)

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