Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Wee Bit of History Before We Become It

A guest post from Apogee.

There is one God looking down on us all,
We are all the children of one God
The sun, the darkness, the winds,
are all listening
to what we have to say.
- Geronimo

A Wee Bit of History Before We Become It

Since the 1500s America has been colonised (invaded) by the white man, and all the colours of the rainbow, since. The original owners of the country at first were relatively friendly until the incomers started throwing their weight about. The mistake the Amerindians made was that by the time they realised what was happening, they were a minority in their own land, militarily inferior, their religion and beliefs and way of life ridiculed and trashed by the incomers who knew and would allow no way but their own. And as there were more incomers, there were more and more children, so the Amerindian was suddenly a minority and no longer able to fight for what was stolen from him.

The Australian Aborigine had very similar treatment. Again, no chance of winning against heavy fire power, he, like the Amerindian at the start, didn't have any and by the time he did, all of a sudden he is perceived to be a threat and given no mercy. His way of life, religion and beliefs were also stolen from him.

So now we see a similar thing happening in Britain and it seems to be well on the way in the U.S.A.

Here it appears to be an invasion of people from Islamic countries. Parts of England are turning into Islamic no-go areas and these people bring in customs that are anathema to the natives. The numbers of them who seem not to understand the concept of rule of law is astounding, how many now coming here do so because the countries they are leaving would have given them swift severe punishment if they had stayed. And when they transgress out laws we cannot send them back because, basically, they might be punished, some of them deservedly so, for crimes/actions taken before they hastily departed.

We cannot send them back because of a diktat from a foreign administration.

We already no longer control our own country.

Our elected leaders gave control of our country to an Unelected Self Appointed Administration.

An administration that makes laws that allow extradition of native born Britons to other countries in the EU, for minor crimes or things which are not crimes in Britain and without any evidence of crime presented. How long before other administrations will be coming here to arrest citizens directly? It is suggested less than ten years.

But we cannot send back criminals and illegal immigrants to their own countries because they could be ill treated.

Does the indigenous natives of these Island have no human rights?

Notice how many of these immigrants are in the governing of this country as a ratio of their numbers here. It seems quite high?

Notice how much the Main Stream Media promotes so-called minorities against the indigenous peoples.

Notice how many councils give help to incomers to this country before they help the native Britons and note how often it is abused.

We can take back our country but it will require a complete change of attitude by this government, or a complete change of government. It will also require the people to waken up to what is happening around them, and very quickly, otherwise we will be in the situation of the Amerindians and it will be too late. Curry will be the national dish, not roast beef.

If we do not learn from history we will be doomed to relive it.



Joe Public said...

So very true Apogee, apart from the quote "There is one God..."

There is no proof that there is one; statistically, if there is, it may not be the one the Christians think exists.

The intolerant incomers certainly believe 'theirs' is the one.

It is ironic that Geronimo, the subject of this Blog, abandoned his tribal Bedonkohe religion and converted to that of the incomers (Christianity).

McGonagall said...

Sadly, I don't see any future for the UK other than as an Islamic republic. I'm in Canada and it is creeping up on us here as well. I have the BBC News channel on satellite but no longer watch it as 90% of the newsreaders are Asian and 90% of the news is about Asia. England is a province of Pakistan it seems.

Very depressing.

Witterings From Witney said...

I trust you don't mind, nor does Apogee, but I have cross-posted, with acks!

Forgiven for not getting prior permission?

Witterings From Witney said...

Forgot to mention: Apogee - a class post!

Woodsy42 said...

Do you think they will let us have some native reservations where we will be allowed to carry on our culture, indulge in morris dancing or read shakespeare etc?

JRB said...

I am sorry to be so critical of an individual and their article, but whatever valid arguments Apogee may have had, they are lost in a morass of racist/fascist tosh.

Who are these native born Britons, these indigenous natives?
Is there a specific date in history when those living in these isles were ethnically pure?
Is there a specific date in history when emigrants to these isles began to undermine our very fabric?
When was this golden age when indigenous natives ruled these isles?

As a Highlander I might consider anyone south of Perth a foreigner.
As a Highlander I certainly might have cause to consider the English as unwelcome foreigners who invaded, raped and pillaged there way across the Highlands committing what can only be described as genocide.

But for better or worse we are all now as one.

Whenever, and whatever was that golden age for the Highlands, for England or for Britain is long since confined to history. Let us all live in the present, and embrace those who now make up our community.

I now have an Englishman as a neighbour, and we get along just fine, who would have ever thought it possible.

Finally, FYI, roast beef has never been the national dish of Scotland!

Observer said...

I shudder that rational people can believe this kind of nonsense.

Thank goodness that the political parties who support this kind of cultural isolationism based on alarmist lies enjoy very little support in Scotland & indeed the wider UK.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I've blatantly nicked this post to here:


Sir Henry Morgan said...


You might think a little differently if you lived in Blackburn, Bradford etc.

It's said that a little knowledge is dangerous - you've just made it clear that a lot of ignorance is more so.

Observer said...

''The mistake the Amerindians made was that by the time they realised what was happening, they were a minority in their own land, militarily inferior, their religion and beliefs and way of life ridiculed and trashed by the incomers who knew and would allow no way but their own. And as there were more incomers, there were more and more children, so the Amerindian was suddenly a minority and no longer able to fight for what was stolen from him.''

That is just completely hysterical nonsense in the context of immigration into the UK.

The entire post is based on a sense of British nationalism, of a right wing form, based on ethnicity, which is complete anathema to the SNP amongst other parties.

I just thought I would mention that in passing.

McGonagall said...

Just knew the left wing fascist racist bigots would be along to set the rest straight.

Apogee said...

Hi Joe.There is no proof that there one God. Many people would have us believe that they know, but they can not all be right.

Apogee said...

Hi McGonagall. I try not to accept that as a finality,you may well be right but maybe, just maybe, our Politicians and our Country can find a backbone.As for the MSM, they are for sale to the highest bidder, the BBC is a socialist disgrace.

Apogee said...

WfW,Hi there, don't mind at all, you are welcome, And thank you.

Apogee said...


Hi there, one would hope so but looking at them, I don't see tolerance as their long suite.

Apogee said...

Hi JRB. Well, I have been called many things in my time,quite a long time, but that is a first for"fascist".Seems to be the done thing nowadays, care to define it?
I never claimed racial purity for those living in this country, but a considerable number of people were born in this country, and reasonably consider it their own.They reasonably do not wish to become a minority in their own country.
Golden ages,which you talk about belong in history books, a golden age could be considered one where you are at peace with your neighbor, which "Age" are you thinking of?
Your description of the English in 1745 I,and many other Scots would say is fair comment on what they were and what they did.
I am happy that you get on well with your neighbor,so do many others, regardless of their origins.As for being one people, that is a different issue,as many in Scotland would tell you.
Finally, my reference to roast beef was in the context of the UK, not Scotland alone, which many people will tell you is only 1/8 of the population and therefore of no account.But looking around,North of the Border, Curry already is the national dish. Quite like a curry myself. But you make your own choice.

Apogee said...

Hi, Observer.What you say is your opinion, but there are a very large number of people in England who will not agree with you. They have their reasons, they see them every day.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Apogee, good post, but you have to take it further. The main problem is not the Muslims but the left wing Zionist NWO/Illumanati/Rothschild banking cartel who are promoting multi-culturism to enable them to have more control of the native peoples. Until the people of the world wake up to the fact that our's and the American Government, in particular, are disproportionately controlled and staffed by Jews, then the situation will not change. I urge any bloggers reading this to do their own research. It's all out there for us. To the commenter above who wants to ask who the 'native' people are in Britain. It's quite simple. People who can trace their ancestory back to the Celtic peoples/Viking invaders/Normans. It's certainly not Muslims or other Asian races who refuse to integrate into the British culture whether that is for cultural or religious reasons. Multi-racialism is OK but the immigrants should embrace the host culture. If they can't do that, it's quite simple, don't come. I don't notice a big influx of white Europeans wanting to settle in any Asian countries.

Apogee said...

Sir Henry Morgan,good morning sir, and you are welcome.
In 1982 I was in Leicester picking up some car parts in a rather run down part of the city. while I was getting said parts I left a passenger in the car. Came out thirty minutes later and no sign of passenger. Found him hiding in the footwell, as far under the dash as he could get. When I could stop laughing enough to ask WTF? his reply was the first ten minutes wern't too bad but the passers by were looking wilder and wilder and he thought he was safer out of sight. Right enough, they wern't at the filed teeth stage but some of the hair-do's were something else. No, they were not whites.No one bothered him but a few frightened him.
Remember this was almost thirty years ago and things have got worse.Remember also that the people complaining about this "invasion" are living in it.
Today up here in Scotland there is nothing like the density of non whites today as there was 30 years ago down there.

Apogee said...

Observer,hello again.I think history shows the Amerindians would not/ did not agree with your view of the situation. Check out the history and even todays thoughts of the people concerned.
Scottish Nationalism,not British,and it is based on the history recorded.
As history is usually written by the victors, make your own conclusions, and by the way, not all supporters of political parties support all their stated aims.

Apogee said...

McGonegall, greetings again. twas ever thus!

Apogee said...

Dark Lochnagar, good morning to yourself and thank you.
I have done some research into the shower you mention, any one doing the same will soon have their eyes opened wide.More people should look at this lot.
I have a suspicion that the two problems are inter-related, the immigrants being the shock troops.
Look at world history and you can see these people play a very long game.

Gedguy said...

I think that you are already too late. We, the indigenous people of these isles, have already had our way of life transformed by immigrants. First there was the Romans, closely followed by Germanic tribes, then the Scandinavians took over and now, since the end of the second world war, the American culture. What's the problem if it is the Muslims next?

McGonagall said...

Yeah Gedguy - what's one more invasion more or less?

Furor Teutonicus said...

There is only ONE solution.

THIS time I hope we get it right and do not leave any to cause more trouble later.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Gedguy..."already had our way of life transformed by immigrants".

Maybe, but it's always that little bit nicer to be transformed by immigrants that have a little bit in common with oneself?

Taexalia said...


Can you clarify a few things?

Are you speaking from the point of view of an English person, a Scottish person or a British person? I ask because it's quite unclear from your post and the follow on comments which it is.

Do you really believe that Scottish people are "of no account" because they are a minority population within the UK?

More importantly, you suggest that the Aboriginals could not match the firepower of the English incomers, and when they did get arms it was too late. Since your entire post seems to be comparing your situation, or perception of your situation, to the natives of Australia and America (modern names used for clarity) - are you advocating that the natives here (England? Scotland? Britain?) take up arms against anyone who wasn't born here?

I just want to be clear about what I think I am reading.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Gedguy said...

I think that you are already too late. We, the indigenous people of these isles, have already had our way of life transformed by immigrants. First there was the Romans, closely followed by Germanic tribes, then the Scandinavians took over and now,

GET your history correct before making a total idiot of yourself next time....AGAIN.

A BASIC lesson;

Romans, who, by the last 100 or so years of their occupation, were virtually totally made up of Sachsisch, and Rheinish mercenaries, also GERMANNIC tribes, except for the odd bit of primitive central heating, were hardly any different to the native population at all.

Germanic tribes. IF your Granny, or cousin came to stay, would that be a foreign invasion of your house?

Because that is EXACTLY what the Sachsens, invited by the Britons to fight the remnnants of the Roman army were. Both of the Britons AND the Roman mercenaries.

The Scandinavians ARE Germanic. Sop what you mean by seperating them is totaly beyond me.

Basically, Britain has NEVER been invaded by;

1) a force so totally different as to be unreccognisable in cultuzre and religion to the origional population

2) BRITAIN has never been invaded by a forign force in it's entire history. For Britain did not EXIST until well after even the Norman conquest. (WHO, again, were cousins. Being Scandinavian, also GERMANIC, in culture and roots.

Even those having being polluted by French habits you are on a looser.

Franks and Belgae are also Germanic tribes. (They formed part of the Sachsisch/Rheinisch army with the Romans, and Hengest and Horsas army). Even though later, we could call them second cousins, rather than first. (See Oxford history of England "Roman Britain" (A missnomer in the title, but...)by Peter Salway, Oxford history of England "The English settelments by J.N.L Myres, and Oxford history of England "Anglo Saxon England" by Sir Frank Stenton.

NOW, go away and study the "Gallghaedhill" as well.

WE, They, YOU are ALL the same people!!!

ONLY, since the Chinese, Ugandan Asians, Vietnamese, and the Pakis arrived, has Britain been invaded by something that threatens EVERY moral and cultural fibre.

Furor Teutonicus said...

are you advocating that the natives here (England? Scotland? Britain?) take up arms against anyone who wasn't born here?

I know that was not addressed to me but, take North West European born and, YES!

The FINAL solution is the ONLY solution, as I alluded to in my first post.

If the Westminster dicatorship, or any of the rest of our "Governments" are not prepared to act, then who KNOW what it may come to?

Silly Kuffar said...

Well said Apogee.

Just for the FASCISTS and Anti-British brigade -




Now tell me I'm nothing but a mongrel.

You should read BRITISH HISTORY and not become some sort of FASCIST REVISIONIST.

McGonagall said...

Good links Kuffar.

Apogee said...

Hi Gedguy. The difference is they play by different rules and rougher, and it's your back yard they will be playing in.( Unless you emigrate!)
Or as the sitting tenants, we take action.

Apogee said...

Furor Teutonicus, If we do not get the correct solution for us, we will no longer be players, there will be no replay.There will be no us.

Apogee said...

Leigh, Hi there, might I say that it is a heck of a lot nicer not to be transformed at all.
And we would prefer to progress,not regress a thousand years.

Furor Teutonicus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Apogee said...

Taexalia, good afternoon.I am speaking as a person who sees his homeland being invaded, in fact overloaded by people who do not have the same ways of life as us, and I see this being actively aided and abetted by Our Rulers.
I don't, but I , and many others think that is the attitude of our rulers and a lot down south.
Your last question, If you will not learn from history you will be doomed to repeat it.I cannot foretell the future, all I can do is point to events in the past as an indicator of a probable future.

Taexalia said...


You haven't really addressed my questions, but that's OK.

Anonymous said...

There are three possible futures for the UK and indigenous people's of the west.

1. The NWO fails in creating WW3 against Islam resulting in inevitable Islamisation by mere demographic growth.

2. The NWO succeeds in creating WW3, a one world government and banking system leading to the destruction of all races, creating one race, one culture, one language and religion.

3. There is civil war, the rise of white supremacist groups who take draconian measures to stop their people becoming extinct within their own lands.

It's a 50/50 toss up for either 1 or 2. Point 3 is a non starter as like the article discusses, the Indians and Aboriginies didn't realise until it was too late.

We are seeing the colonisation and genocide of the UK and the West which breaks every rule of UN charter. For example:

"The 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II states:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

Point C&D are clearly in play today within the west and no one bats an eyelid. Were this however happening outside the west, the left would be having kittens.
I'm being realistic, our future is either NWO control or Islamic control. Either way we're f*cked.

Anonymous said...

Good post by Furor Teutonicus to Gedguy.

The continuing media manipulation of the west continually tells us that we are all mongrels WRONG, WRONG and WRONG.

A mongrel, by definition is a cross between two different breeds. Taking dogs a mongrel would be a cross between terrier and bulldog. It would not be a pure breed. The pure breed within humans would be Caucasian and Caucasian.

Now considering that the invasions of the Celts, Romans, the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Normans/Vikings etc they were all Caucasian peoples. They were people's of Europe and if we look back we will see that the Celtic people dominated much of Europe and shared it with the Germanic peoples, who some moved northwards to become the Scandinavians (Norsemen). Therefore you do not get mongrel breeding within breeds of the same creed.

Britain for thousands of years has been a pure breed land along with Europe. It is only after the carefully constructed WW1 & 2 (there to decimate our peoples and thus allow immigration) that our society has begun to change. Sure there were black people in the UK and Asians, but we're talking in their hundreds not millions. These people integrated into our way of life. They had no choice as it should be, to practice their own cultures and beliefs. After all why leave your own land?

The 50's saw the small influx of British culture educated West Indians. The 70's saw the influx of Ugandan Asians (sadly bringing in the likes of Yasmin Alibhai"I hate white people" Brown) and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis to work in the mills. They continued to multiply/emigrate until the number they are today, not the 1.8 million we are told but closer to 5/6+ million.

To show you the amount of brainwashing one only need to read a definition of racism which before was prejudice to another race. It now means prejudice to another nationality, culture and soon to be religion. This is programming in order for people to accept more false propaganda that because Caucasians of a different nationality came to the UK in the past we are mongrels (when above description proves totally otherwise). False propaganda. Making people believe lies and nothing more.

Apogee said...

Silly Kuffar,Hi there and thanks for the comments and the links,I have looked at the first and it confirms what I have thought for a long time,through the years there have been hints but this is a lot closer to proof.Will have a look at the others later this evening when I get piece and quiet.

Anonymous said...


We are seeing the careful manipulation and reprogramming of society via the media. It's a truly despicable act and willful promotion of genocide of the peoples, through the false programming that we are all mongrels. We never have been. You can't have a mongrel within breeding between pure breeds.

Again as Furor Teutonicus states, the arrival to these lands of Africans and Asians has greatly changed our culture. The rise of their population will eventually mean a demand that they live by their culture. Already the damage to British culture is irreparable. Go to London and listen to Jafaican, a truly disgusting and abhorrent dialect if ever there was. Look at the gang cultures, that lack of respect for life, the murders of blacks on blacks/whites. It's tribal culture all the way from Africa, as apparent in Rwanda, South Africa or anywhere, where tribal conflict arises.

Many Africans who come to the UK are now Muslim. It was never really a problem with the Christians, part of the old colonies in the UK, but now we are seeing peoples of different races migrating to the UK with polar opposite belief systems, that will act like a cat amongst the pigeons to our cultures and traditions.

And worse of all, the silent destructor, the orchestrator of this whole sordid mess, is none other than the Zionist, who for centuries has been moving our society to the edge of the cliff, where it is today.

Taexalia said...


Do please tell me when a Muslim actively tried to stop you from procreating.

From what I can see, white people are breeding like rabbits just like everyone else.

Apogee said...

Harbinger, hello again. According to point 3 it seems that the New labour government, the last administration are at least technically guilty by their own admission of attempted genocide. Wonder why no one has picked it up and ran with it?
Your comments re false programming by lies, agreed. By the by ,have you noticed how often a politician turns out to be immigrant, 1st or 2nd generation? For instance, three of the five contenders for leader of the labour party,if I am correct, and I think I am.

Apogee said...

Furor Teutonicus. You commented"It will be interesting to watch the Westminster/Bruxelles dicatorships find out just why a "Government" should NOT leave a disaffected army with nothing but the dole to look foreward to."
If they had the nous to read the history books, the real ones, not socialist rewrites, they would see plenty of examples of why not.
But have you ever wondered that in Europe, British Armed forces seem to be doing most of the fighting?

Anonymous said...


I never said that Muslim's are actively stopping white's procreating. White people ARE NOT breeding like rabbits. The average birth rate of whites within the UK is something like 1.7 and as low as 1.3 in Spain. A society need a minimum of 2.0 to continue population growth.

Point d from which I assume you are referring to is a simple one to deduce. The measure implemented to prevent births within a group are the following:

1. Higher and more taxation.
2. More and more women into the workplace in order to receive more taxes. This means less stay at home mums.
3. The rise of feminism.

The above are just some of the reasons to the deliberate destruction of population growth within the West. Sure there are the chavs who will procreate being on benefits, but most people do not. The typical family unit within the UK has been deliberately broken, hence why the rise of Islam is happening due to them continuing the traditional family unit. You will also find that a very high number of Muslims are unemployed/on low paid jobs and the women do not work as following Islamic religion to stay at home and look after the children.

I am not blaming Muslims for procreating. I'm blaming whites for not procreating. But then if the whites are procreating less it's cultural suicide to allow continuous migration into the west by peoples who do. Mass immigration into the UK and the West is what point c is all about.

Anonymous said...


As I've said in previous postings that you've read, the destruction of the UK and the West has been a deliberate action, planned a long time ago.

It's not just the last administration but going back to 'after the war' administration which started to allow larger migration into the UK without the people's consent. Then there's Heath's administration which wrought the most damage on the UK and then of course Blair's.

Never allow peoples, other than indigenous Britons into positions of power IN WHICH THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE INHERENT CULTURAL TRAITS. If you do then you will change your society forever. Fuck equal opportunities. If you, for example, allow most Scottish local councils become Islamic, you'll the see the doing away of much of our traditional culture in favour of an Islamic one, such as removal of non Halal and imposition of Halal meats. Removal of alcohol based washing products which could seriously affect hygiene and germ control in hospitals and then of course we could see the removal of meat products and alcohol altogether. There is also the situation of removal of traditional festivals that are not for Muslims.
I speak of Muslims in the UK because they are the largest minority within the UK as well as holding control of many councils in England.

If you want your country to remain your country and its traditions intact then it needs to be continually promoted in schools and the media. This is no longer the case within the UK, for the simple reason we no longer control our media, education or governmental establishments.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Apogee, if you want to understand what's happening to the UK, read the Protocols of Zion. People will gasp in horror that I've mentioned them, but regardless, they've never been proven fake and read like a blueprint of society.

I also suggest you investigate the ten planks of Communism not forgetting the School of Frankfurt and Freud. All have acted to destroy the west completely. And ironically all are Zionists. LMAO!

Taexalia said...

Oh I see. It isn't the Muslims fault, it's the women's fault for not being slaves to men. How amusing - you don't want people to be slaves to the New World Order, or the Matrix or whatever, but you are happy to dictate to women what their rights are.

This blog has gone into my RSS reader toilet. lol

Witterings From Witney said...

Never mind SR, you can't please everyone! Just you carry on as you are!

Gedguy said...

Furor Teutonicus,
Maybe you should re-read my posting before you dive in with both feet. You talk about the last 100 years of Roman occupation. However, you fail to take into account the time before this when the ROMANS were here in force. It was the ROMANS who called the indigenous tribes the 'Britons'. Get your facts right and read up on history instead. As to the Scandinavians and the Germans being the same peoples; you are correct but their language eventually differed and ended up being separate peoples. If you want to go back further in history then there is evidence that the Scandinavians became genetically different (blond hair and blue eyes) while they were (probably) part of the Iranian peoples. Their genes seems to have been expressed when those peoples were resident just north of the Black Sea area. They moved westward when put under pressure by the wandering Asian tribesmen.
As to the Normans (which is a bastardisation of the word Norseman) their culture was completely different from the Romano-British who inhabited the lands south of Hadrian's wall. Later, England was taken over by the Plantagenets when England became part of the Anjevin Empire under Henry II & Eleanor. Later still, England was subjected to Welsh rule when the Tudors took the crown. Then the Scots took over England when the Stewarts (who were descended from the Norman Flaads). Eventually the Hanovarians reigned over the UK until new genes entered the Royal family under the Duke of Edinburgh who can trace his history back to the Danes.
Suffice to say I know my history as European history has been a hobby of mine for many years. Don't mistake irony for ignorance because all you are doing is highlighting your own ignorance. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


"it's the women's fault for not being slaves to men."

Who said anything about slaves to men?

"but you are happy to dictate to women what their rights are."

Not dictating anything whatsoever. However if you do have a read about feminism you'll find that Emily Pankhurst's roots are in Fabian Socialism and modern day feminism comes directly from Marxism, not forgetting the American leaders in the women's movement were Zionist Communists. LOL

And why on earth put Subrosa's blog into the bin, just because you disagree with a comment that doesn't fit to your beliefs, even though you put words into my mouth?

Understand the bigger picture Taexalia. Feminism has nothing to do with women's rights but all to do with destroying the family unit and enslaving women as drones of the state. Men can't give birth, but if I could, I'd spend everyday looking after and bringing up my child while my partner brought home the bacon. Being a mother is a full time job. It's feminism that has brainwashed women into believing they're being oppressed by men. It's an occupation. If you don't want to be a mother then get a job and emulate men in society. Sure, just think of all the freedom you'll have? No children to look after, money to spend on whatever, nice clothes, holidays, cars, property....just no one to look after you when you get old. I no what I'd do if given the choice.

Really, what a childish reply and a childish action to say you're putting the blog into the bin because of a comment you disliked. I suppose with you it's a bit like Bush eh? If you're not with us you're against us.

Taexalia said...

I disagree with more than just your comment. From what I can see, Subrosa is hosting a blog advocating taking up arms and shooting anyone who was not born here.

True, Apogee (curiously an anonymous poster), did not actually own this but chose to give a vague response to my questions - but then went onto tell the other poster who did think taking up arms and shooting the immigrants was the only solution that he agreed with his points.

Feminism, in my life, is about choosing not to be a oppressed by a man. I've seen up close and personal what men do when they think women should be at home raising babies and nothing else. Perhaps it is you who might look at the bigger picture.

I may be childish, in your opinion, for binning a blog with some seriously dodgy ideals, but at least I'm not wandering around advocating genocide and suggesting forcing women to bear children in the manner of KC reg puppies.

Can you handle the difference of opinion yourself???

Furor Teutonicus said...

Gedguy said...
Suffice to say I know my history as European history has been a hobby of mine for many years.

Oh a HOBBY hay?

Come back when you can match my three degrees in the subject.

First one being history/ethnology of the Germanic peoples.

subrosa said...

Thank you WFW, at our age is there any other way?

joe90 kane said...

I can't wait until the likes of Apogee finally become history.

I thought we'd got rid of you all in World War II.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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McGonagall said...

I fail understand why feminists are also apologists for Islam?

subrosa said...

Taexalia, now I'm going to have my say.

Many of my readers will know Apogee has been commenting here for some considerable time. Strange you call him anonymous yet you're anonymous yourself.

Where do I advocate taking up and and shooting those not born here? That's just nonsense. What I do advocate is freedom of speech and a platform for those I know to have their say if they wish.

I think I'm quite a bit older than you. Whilst I agree with you about women having been oppressed in the history of this country, I think the feminist movement have held back the development of women in recent years.

You're stuck back in the 60s when men did think we should be tied to the kitchen sink.

Today women have more freedom than they've ever had and for you to regurgitate that 50s and 60s myth doesn't do much for women.

By all means bin the blog but remember, I'm not afraid of discussion. I'm not even afraid of admitting sometimes discussion does change my point of view. Also I'm pleased to say I've never gone down the feminist route (mainly because I didn't take to those who did), so I decided the equality route was a much less provocative course for women. Having worked mainly in a man's world most of my life, I'm sure most will remember me for my work and not my gender. Respect works both ways.

K said...

"There is only ONE solution.

THIS time I hope we get it right and do not leave any to cause more trouble later."

I cannot believe that you allow this comment to be published.

It is utterly disgraceful.

I really never thought I would see the day when these kinds of comments become acceptable.

Shame om you.

subrosa said...

Are you talking to me K? I have not been following this debate as is obvious I'm sure and I'm not going through everything to find what was said if you don't mind.

My only contribution was about feminism which is really nothing to do with the subject of the post but something in which I have more than a slight interest.

subrosa said...

Ah I've found it K. I will remove it immediately because, as you say, it is disgraceful. Furor take heed. I don't accept such talk on here, whether it be on a guest post or one of my own.

K, comments are published automatically and not moderated beforehand. That is why this one was published and as I said in my previous answer, I don't always read guest post comments.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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subrosa said...

Harbinger, this is my blog and I will remove you immediately as you request.

I have removed your comment because it breaks the rules of this blog. Swearing (unless in a specific context) and sexist remarks will not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
subrosa said...

Harbinger, if you have any more complaints I'd be pleased to discuss them by email. That's the usual way blog owners and their readers resolve issues.

Anonymous said...
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McGonagall said...

It's not necessary to posit an ancient secret society plotting to undermine national identity, integrity, and solidarity to uphold these as of value. That demographics are rapidly changing the face and culture of the UK is self evident. That this phenomena is engineered is obvious. That it is deleterious to the indigenous population is beyond argument. That it profits transnational corporations to eradicate the sovereignty of the indigenous peoples is plain as day. That the political elite are whores to transnational corporate aspirations goes without saying. There is no debate here - only the baaing of the sheep in response to the howling of the wolves.

subrosa said...

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