Saturday, 21 August 2010

Will He or Won't He

Will he or won't he defect to labour? A Press Association article published in the Herald today states that Charlie Kennedy was considering defecting to labour.

Nick Clegg said the suggestion he was quitting in protest at the coalition deal was the "silliest of silly-season stories".

However, here in Scotland we're used to Labour issuing press releases which are not substantiated and at times, down right spurious, yet sections of the public believe every word.

Will Charlie defect? For Labour it would be the biggest coup they've had in years. For the libdems the worst as Charles Kennedy is widely regarded by the general public as a 'people person'. Sadly his marriage has broken up recently and rumour has it that his wife just couldn't cope with his drinking habits - very sad because I know what it's like to live with someone you love who has a serious alcohol dependency - yet surely Charlie doesn't want to kick start his life as a single man in the Labour party.

As many will know I'm no supporter of the libdems but Charlie Kennedy is, by far, the best weapon they have. If he didn't have an alcohol problem then he could have led then onto great things but that was not to be. Mind you, that doesn't mean to say he's one of the best politicians that the libdems have had in the past 30 years.

Can someone verify that a Press Release with a copyright logo has not been written by a journalist but just reproduced by a newspaper?


wisnaeme said...

I will be very surprised and very disappointed if Charlie defects to the comrades partei and so will many folk on his home turf. personally I think this is a bit of mischief making ... and defamation of character of a fella who puts loyalty to his own folk before Westmidden partei politicking wherein, as we all know, are practiced the finer points and ethics of alley cats. Charlie above all else puts the needs and concerns of his ain folk first. As a person who knows him and has worked with him on several issues, he has shown an independence of mind outwith partei correctness on several occasions and if he were to depart from the fibdems stiffling enclosure then he would become an independent. That independence of mind was one of the main factors when that Mingin fellow betrayed him and threw him to the wolves. Apart from that, Charlie has more in common with the "seperatists' than ever he had in common with the comrades partei. That little four eyed weasel, Brian Wilson would testify that; that was a fact so.

Undoubtably, Charlie is well pee'd off with the current Westmidden status quo and those folk who caused him mischief some time ago with their back stabbing but like most highlanders he will have the capacity to forgive but he'll no forget and some new labour Westmidden grandees, still around were just as willing as some of his fibdem comrades to put the boot in to suit their purpose. Bendy Mandy was very pally with Mingin about that time.

Nae gonna dae that, Charlie.Naw folk Skye way will be terribly disappointed in himself if he does.

Joe Public said...

He's now such a political nonentity, does anyone really care?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Bit of a pop problem, bust up with his wife, - the question is ... has he bought a motorbike?

subrosa said...

I've never met the man wisnaeme, but like yourself, people who have speak highly of him.

It's a bit of mischief making right enough. Labour are desperate to get in the headlines methinks.

subrosa said...

Auch Joe, surely he's young enough for a come back?

subrosa said...

Now Gordon I wouldn't know the answer to that one. ;)

BrianSJ said...

Iain Dale mentions Charlie Whelan's name in association with the origin of this rumour. plus ca change.

subrosa said...

That wouldn't surprise me Brian, don't suppose it does you either.

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