Monday, 30 August 2010

Where Does £2 Million an Hour Go?

UK Contributions to EU Institutions: £ bn






Cum. 05 – 09

Gross Contribution







Receipts from “Brussels”







Net Contribution







Graph from Dan Hannan

My posts regarding the EU and the missing promised referendum have attracted some comment. This one is from Edward Spalding and combines the Constitutional changes with EU scepticism:

The legislative incontinence and constitutional vandalism of the Blair
years provoked a great deal of debate in eurosceptic and libertarian

The introduction of "family friendly" hours in the Commons was about the
only discernible effect of "Blair's babes" and was a godsend for the
government. Hours of parliamentary debate were curtailed. Timetable and
guillotine motions were ruthlessly imposed, depriving the opposition of
its power to keep government ministers out of bed at night and so to
force second thoughts on a dictatorial government, openly contemptuous
of any parliamentary convention standing in the way of its will.

The debate on the Lisbon treaty Bill, a very far-reaching Enabling Act
for the EU Commission transferring huge powers away from Parliament,
was an appalling example of this. Much other badly drafted legislation
was churned out in the same way. The Lords do their best as a revising
chamber to mitigate some of the worst effects.

Josh of the Campaign for a Referendum has asked me to bring his site to your attention and I'm happy to comply. I first read about it yesterday at Dick's place but what Josh wishes to emphasise is that this is a serious attempt to collect the required number of signatures. In the Election 2010 Coalition Government manifesto, under Political Reform, it was announced that any petition that secures 100,000 signatures will be eligible for formal debate in Parliament and that the petition with the most signatures will enable members of the public to take a bill eligible to be voted on in Parliament. The Campaign consider this to be a unique opportunity to embarrass and hold the government to account.

What we must ensure is that any referendum is not merely a case of yes/no but that alternative options are offered.

If you need help calculating the cost of the EU, then you have to look no further than Dan Hannan's latest post. Our contributions to the EU have risen to £2 million an hour.


13th Spitfire said...

Yes Josh's website appears to be doing the rounds now, on most places which is good. Though I expect we wont be seeing it anytime soon at ConservativeHome nor at Iain Dale's.

subrosa said...

I'm a bit late with my post about it 13th but I'm sure he won't mind.

Joe Public said...


The headline is "Where Does £2 Million a Day Go?"

The final sentence is "Our contributions to the EU have risen to £2 million an hour."

That's some rate of inflation.

Oldrightie said...

The article by Dan Hannan shows our gross, just as well might be net,contribution is £48 million quid a DAY! Was 17.4 billion last year. As often posed, for what? Madness.

Demetrius said...

Out, out, out.

subrosa said...

Damn Joe, my fault. Will amend it right now. Thanks.

subrosa said...

OR I erred there with the title but Joe's been good enough to point it out. You're right, it's £48m a DAY we spend.

subrosa said...

Demetrius, I'll be doing another post this week about the EU as I've had some interesting opinions on how to handle the 'out' situations.

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