Monday, 30 August 2010

Today's Non-Story

Here's a happy wee story. Are you a Star Trek fan? If so this will interest you. If not then you too may think it's a non-story.

Alex Salmond has been given an intergalactic boost in his bid to 'Klingon' to power according to the Scotland on Sunday. The SNP leader is to be made a Starfleet Officer and awarded 'Membership of Distinction' to reward his dedication to promoting the long-running sci-fi series and its values. It's no secret the First Minister has a life-long love of Star Trek.

The 4,000-member fan organisation, based in North Carolina, has never previously recognised any politicians or leaders, restricting honorary membership to US astronauts and cast members. Rear Admiral Jonathan Lee, the group's chief of communication, wrote to Alex Salmond inviting him to accept the title.

"We have never previously awarded a complimentary membership to a government leader.

"However, based on your declared appreciation for Star Trek, combined with the fact that you lead the future birthplace of one of it's most beloved characters (Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott) we felt it would be appropriate to make this gesture in the hope that you will appreciate the sentiment in which it is offered.

"We believe in the dream of Star Trek: a planet united in peace, joining other worlds in the quest for knowledge and exploration. Starfleet is trying to set that example today and reaching out to you as First Minister of Scotland is just one of our many efforts to bring the people of this world just a little closer together."

As with all quality honorary memberships, the First Minister also receives an official Starfleet card and certificate as well as issues of the organisation's bi-monthly newsletter. He can also take online courses at the Starfleet Academy.

You can bet your last Rollo the unionists will be scrutinising every step he takes when on visits to America. Can't have him attending a Trekkie convention can we?


Witterings From Witney said...

Not a non-story by any manner of means, SR.

Like the vast majority of politicians who live in a dream world, one far distanced from reality, it is only right and proper that Alex Salmond should have the opportunity to spend what free time he has inhabiting that same world.

Quiet_Man said...

He's always struck me as being a bit of an alien, but I just put it down to the fact he's a politician ;-)

Fit-like? said...

It's quite telling that Salmond is so enamoured of Star Trek - it is of course the ultimate socialist fantasy. In the Star Trek world (and Salmond's head), there is no money. Replicator Credits are assigned as necessary (to each according to his need, from each according to his abilities?), religion is derided as superstition (the opiate of the masses) and there is an episode where we discover the Enterprise has files on every human who has ever lived since the 20th century - very Orwellian.

Consider this quote from Picard - 'A lot has changed in the last 300 years. People are no longer obsessed with the acquisition of 'things'. We have eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions. We've grown out of our infancy.'

Star Trek is the socialist La-La Land that Salmond and his cabal would love to drag Scotland into. No doubt he sees the Tories as the Ferengi.

Will someone save us from this deluded fantasist?

Barking Spider said...

If only they could beam him up and re-materialise him somewhere in deep space, SR. ;-)

subrosa said...

Well WFW, better he's there than off swanning round the Med is some Bilderburger's yacht.

subrosa said...

I like that QM. :)

subrosa said...

Aren't you being rather harsh Fit-like? Obviously you're a bit of a Trekkie yourself or you take a cynical interest in it.

Name one politician who is not a deluded fantasist. Go one... just one. Please?

subrosa said...

The way things are going in the UK BS they can beam me up anytime too. :)

Conan the Librarian™ said...


Hab SoSlI' Quch!

Gedguy said...

Let's hope that he will 'Live long and prosper'.

cynicalHighlander said...

"Let's hope that he will 'Live long and prosper'." in an independent Scotland.

Dramfineday said...

Ah well, that's me out of the running - I'm a Babylon5 fan myself! Oi, Fit Like! How about an analysis of that story line - you made a grand job of Startreck?

Barking Spider said...

Kap'La, Conan. ;-)

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