Thursday, 19 August 2010

Still No Decision about a Full Inquest

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General, said he hoped to settle any concerns about Dr David Kelly's death to 'give the public reassurance'.

His remarks raise the prospect that a full inquest, which could see Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and other senior Labour figures questioned in public, could finally be held.

But the Attorney General said that before he applied for such a hearing he would need convincing evidence that the weapons expert had not committed suicide (my emphasis). Mr Grieve said he was unable to take any action until Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, decided whether to release a number of key documents from an archive used by Lord Hutton for his report. Mr Grieve said he could not apply on a "hunch" and had to take account of the feelings of Dr Kelly's close family, who have not called for a fresh investigation.

Surely the purpose of a full inquest would be that convincing evidence could be produced. The fact that the Hutton inquiry archive includes Dr Kelly's post mortem examination report, which Lord Hutton ordered sealed "in view of the distress that could be caused to Dr Kelly's wife and daughters" is enough evidence that his death may be suspicious, especially in view of recent reports that there was little or no blood at the scene. Dr Kelly's wife has never questioned the decision of the Hutton inquiry or commented upon the letter which a group of doctors signed and which stated that the official explanation was "extremely unlikely".


Billy Blofeld said...

I couldn't agree more. A 70 year embargo is evidence enough............

Joe Public said...

Ironic that Dominic Grieve needs "convincing evidence" before making a decision about whether to even just allow an inquest.

His predecessor didn't need that level of confirmation before advising Blair to go to war.

If Goldsmith had, perhaps Dr Kelly might still be alive today.

brownlie said...


Some doubt has also been cast over Robin Cook's demise. The first paramedics on the scene thought that he had suffered a broken neck but the official verdict was a heart attack. No mention of it was made at the time but his wife later said that he had fallen about eight feet. The police, at the time, in the same way as David Kelly, stated that the case was closed as it was "a medical matter".

Dioclese said...

We need to keep this one in the public eye.

See :


JJ said...

Finding excuses?

I'm perplexed at this. Dominic Grieve says: 'would need convincing evidence' what is more convincing that a full inquest needs to be held - when a full inquest was never held in the first place. So many questions remain unanswered.

I hope he won't backslide on this...I would want to know how Dr Kelly died if there was even the slightest suspicion surrounding his death.

cynicalHighlander said...

Just like this one.

When are we going to get a grown up democracy rather than the puppet dictatorship we subscribe to every time we vote.

Anonymous said...

I should imagine the 70 year 'embargo' on the evidence is there to protect the youngest members of the conspiracy into the murder of Dr Kelly.
You'd have to be a serious jellyhead to not believe his suicide was faked.

Nothing will come of this enquiry, firstly because too many heads will roll should the truth come out, seriously damaging the political fraternity and secret services and more importantly because no doubt those behind the investigation are in fact all involved somehow with the cover up.

It's laughable how corrupt society is, but then who cares? They've got football and celebrity and that's all that really matters, until that is the time when they do wake up from the facade they've been part of called life and realise how terrible f*cked up reality is and their livelihood is in danger. Only problem then will be they're will be nothing they'll be able to do to stop it from happening! Lol. Rude awakening.

subrosa said...

You're right Harbinger. It was sealed for that length of time 'to protect his daughters' if I remember.

What slightly bothers me is that his wife doesn't want the inquiry. Now I'd appreciate any further investigation into the death of a person I loved, no matter how little evidence there was.

Anonymous said...


His wife may not want an inquiry purely for emotional reasons in that she doesn't want the case being dragged back up again and merely wants her husband to rest in peace. However one would think how her husband could ever rest in peace knowing that the official story of his death was nothing more than a lie.

There is the possibility that she no doubt believes that her husband was murdered but is still finding it hard to come to terms with, that the government, there to protect her husband, actually murdered him.

And let us also not forget that the evil people who murdered Dr Kelly may simply have told Mrs Kelly to "keep your nose out of things which don't concern you or else more of your family will get hurt." They have children and grandchildren. When the authorities have all the power in the world to destroy you, who on earth do you go to for protection and justice when they're all part and parcel of the same organisation?

The amount of money to be made from Iraq is astronomical. The amount of money the Federal Reserve and Bank of England made is colossal. The amount of money the Oil barons and weapon dealers made was massive. The amount of money corporations made for the rebuilding of Iraq was huge... Did you for one minute believe they'd let one man stand in their way of profit?

We live in a horrific world Subrosa, a world where honest men are belittled and 'removed' from society in order that the new God, money is continuously worshiped.

To finish, when I lived in London I worked on bar and nightclub security. I evicted a rather large fellow for dealing drugs and he looked at me and said "I need to go back in. You're stopping me from doing my business. Don't get in my way..." Now no matter how illegal this was, this was his life and he would do anything in order to continue it. Of course you can imagine what happened. I compare the governments, oil barons, corporation, bankers, weapon dealers et all to the drug dealer who will stop at nothing to achieving their goals and death of innocents means nothing to them.

This is reality. And what's even more ironic is they've brought this inquiry back to light in order to smear it with lies that it was in fact an Iraqi hit squad that killed him (in order to let the real murderers - HMS government off the hook) even though Dr David Kelly's evidence was trying to prevent war. More lies. More dishonesty and deceit. And yet people continue to vote politicians into power, all part of the same system who don't care one hoot for their lives and their struggles to exist. We have ourselves to blame Subrosa, well I don't as I don't vote.

subrosa said...

Harbinger, thanks for your comment. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if you're very near the mark. It just strikes me as odd none of his family have anything to say but you've given very good reason for that.

We're to blame right enough but how do we break a system which has gone on for centuries?

Anonymous said...

You don't break the system Subrosa. It's not possible. All you can do is leave it and if everyone does it will eventually collapse. The system is kept alive by the population.

subrosa said...

Agree with you Harbinger. Was a bad choice of word 'break'.

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