Thursday, 19 August 2010

Charity Begins At Home

It's reported Gordon is touting round for a highly-paid speaking tour to talk about the financial crisis and how to avoid another one. Stop laughing or you'll spill your coffee.

It's understood he's in talks about engagements based on his new book The Financial Crisis and is keen to hit the lecture circuit in the Middle East and Asia for a fee of $100,000 (£60,000) for each speech.

His fee is well under the £180,000 plus his Labour predecessor Blair is said to command but it would considerably boost his post-Downing Street income. Mind you, it does fly in the face of his declaration that he intended to devote the next stage of his career to charitable and worthy causes but then again, we must remember charity begins at home.

One report claims he is demanding to travel in style with conditions including five star hotel accommodation, one first class seat and three business class seats on flights. That would indicate Sarah would be consigned to business class if she does with him which, if speculation proves correct, she may well do. She's said to be on offer for $20,000 (£13,000) as an 'optional extra' to present a prize at award ceremonies where he speaks.

A labour 'insider' said:

“It seems that after following in his footsteps as PM, seeking to do charity work and writing books, Gordon is now determined to still follow in Tony’s shadow by going on the speaking tour. That’s another comparison in which he is bound to come second.”

Ouch! What else can I say without making the man look more ridiculous?


cynicalHighlander said...

How to bankrupt a country and creat slaves of it citizens by a vacuous unelected exPM.

subrosa said...

Exactly CH.

JRB said...

Erm ... I’m I missing something here?

Is Mr Brown not supposed to be working as a full-time MP, for which he receives a very adequate salary.

If, as his fellow MPs would claim, an MP’s lot is an exceedingly busy one, what with parliamentary work, committee work, constituency work and family life how will Mr Brown possibly find the time to make all these speeches.

.. or am I just missing something?

subrosa said...

No John, you're not missing a thing. Tell me the last politician who told the truth?

He's attempting to convince the eastern world he was their saviour by all accounts.

If it wasn't so seriously ridiculous I would laugh.

Alex Porter said...

I'm sure there's a caption competition in there somewhere Rosie. HIs speeches should come across like 'Confessions of a Justified Sinner'. It just goes to show the absolute arrogance of the man and his disconnect with reality.

This will be profitable because like Tony profiteering from the wars the bankers will be sponsoring his speech tours. To reference another work of Scottish literature this is Alice in Wonderland territory! I would mention another Jeckyll and Hyde but there's no good doctor in this story.

And on the day that Scots to be proud of died, Edward Morgan, or went to their grave this clown degrades his home nation with his rightious bletherings.

If you want to avoid a financial crisis people jail warmongering thieves like Gordon Brown!

And to think the Church of Scotland drooled over this megalomaniacal, turgid fool.

How utterly shameful!

The man should be a case study for criminologists for heaven's sakes.

Joe Public said...

We have to ask:

Will his income reside in the UK so that at least our citizens can reap some benefit from the UK Taxes it'll incur?

Or, will he despicably keep it offshore to avoid the very taxes he complained Michael Ashcroft avoided?

Dioclese said...

What was that old Cole Porter (was it?) song - "Unbelievable, That's what you are.."

Snout planted firmly in trough - but will anybody want him?

Dramfineday said...

And while he's off blathering at £60k a pop, what happens to the guid folk of representation?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Without wanting to add a note of boorishness into the discussion, why does he not send Sarah out to 'hawk her mutton' around the streets of Fife. This is the traditional Scottish way when a man loses his job in an economic downturn. She's not a bad looker in a certain light as long as she doesn't open her gub.

Gedguy said...

I suspect that Brown's brown envelope tour will net him a small fortune. After all, he was the man who literally gave the financial institutions, in the UK, billions of our money and allowed the bankers to still pay themselves massive bonuses. I'm confident that those institutions will want to compensate Brown for all his troubles. I wonder if Brown is going to donate his brown envelopes to charity?

subrosa said...

DL, I've heard Fifers have a saying 'fed up not hard up'. Just thought I'd let you know.

subrosa said...

Alex I'm sure there is too but can't think of one which isn't too erm... let's say negative.

Of course the bankers will finance it all and possibly organise it for him too. After all, he was the man who made them billions.

It is shameful although I think he'd be a far better case study for a psychologist.

subrosa said...

Joe, didn't he want off shore banking to be made illegal? I'm not quite up to date with that yet.

subrosa said...

You're possibly too near the mark for comfort Gedguy and the only charity that would see his brown envelopes would be his own. Brown and Brown Oration Tours.

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