Tuesday, 17 August 2010

One Stands Out

Is This Obamadindong's American Dream?

Of the stories I only glimpsed whilst I was in the beautiful, affluent but overcrowded in places, South East, one stood and still does stand out. Our good old USA honest to goodness Chief Muslim. I was appalled when I heard of his comments and very keen to back up what I knew would be my blog list pals reaction. Who says this is the silly season? Whilst the media and the chatterati might consider August the month to bugger of, some of us manage to keep a decent torch alight. I was not disappointed. Gotty and barking led an excellent collection of posts and comments. Splendid but I still felt a desire to add my twopence worth. The belief that vast movements of people across the globe is somehow the way to go for the human race is madness. It is the way to create tensions, jealousies and animosity and implant them into a society on a grander scale than when "home" was where the tribe were, once upon a time.
Obummer's comments were of a very inflammatory nature and I suspect he was well aware of that fact. Since his inauguration he appears to have rushed forward an agenda, planned many years earlier, to marginalise the right and the white in much the same way as is happening in Europe and the UK. It can only and will end in tears. I suspect more than his rejection will be the end result. It will not be pretty.


Smoking Hot said...

The proposed mosque in New York has to be ne of the most inflammatory and divisive decisions ever made by US politicians. Pat puts it over well....


and then there's the American view of it :)


Well worth watching :)

Keith Ruffles said...

"The belief that vast movements of people across the globe is somehow the way to go for the human race is madness"

Just remind me, how did that 'marginalised' white population get to the United States again?

john.boettcher said...

Read Christopher Hitchens' balanced article - and he's not a fan of Islam or any ideology - the title of which is "The dispute over the "Ground Zero mosque" is an object lesson in how not to resist intolerance."

Do read it.


subrosa said...

Thanks both for your interesting links. This post was written by my co-author so I'm sure he'll be interested too.

William said...

Obama's comments are bad enough but you have to wonder about the tact and sensitivity of the local Muslims. What possessed them to think this was a good idea? They can't possibly have not considered the outrage this would cause. Or do they just not care? It would be like the Germans opening up a German cultural museum next to Belsen on the grounds that 'it's as good a place as any'. There are plenty of locations for mosques and, of course, people should have freedom to build them within certain social agreements. For Obama and the Muslim population to consider this location appropriate simply beggars belief.

subrosa said...

Seems like a large majority of Americans agree with you William.

Oldrightie said...

Just remind me, how did that 'marginalised' white population get to the United States again?

You make my point, dear fellow. I never enjoyed the "ethnic" cleansing that created the modern USA and have always been uncomfortable about that migration and enforcement. History may one day support my view that colonisation at the expense of an indigenous people was wrong and led eventually to greater destruction.

K said...

The Obama "mosque at Ground Zero" story is over-hyped mid-term nonsense.

1. The construction has nothing to do with Obama. The person responsible for giving the project the go-ahead is Michael Bloomberg.

2. It's not a mosque.

3. It's not at Ground Zero.

I don't know how many of you have been to Ground Zero but believe me you can't see the Burlington Coat Factory shop from Ground Zero - and you can't see Ground Zero from the Burlington Coat Factory shop. You have to go two blocks round a corner to get from Park Place where the building is to the site of the WTC.

Yes, when the new WTC is constructed you'll be able to see it from Park Place - and people will be able to see Park Place from the WTC but they'll be able to see much further than that!

The whole furore over Obama's comments are as contrived as the BP-Megrahi story. Another chance to say Obama sounds a lot like Osama doesn't it - has anyone seen his birth certificate etc.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

It's American domestic business - why should we be interested?

Dark Lochnagar said...

You have to remember that a Jewish coterie rules in America and also here. The media is also owned by people of the Jewish faith. There is no way they are going to let a Mosque be built. Not only do they hate the Muslims but they also hate Christians. Don't take my word for it. Do the research, that's what the net's for.

Indy said...

Dark Lochnagar you are clearly bonkers.

Mayor Bloomberg is backing the project to the hilt.

The Mayor is also founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News.

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