Tuesday, 10 August 2010

No and Yes

Richard has beaten me to it with his response. Mine are no and yes (there are two questions after all!)

What am I talking about? It's this. Slipped through when the unelected think we're all off paddling at the seaside or taking a last minute look round one of our stately homes which could well be in line to be the HQ of some global conglomerate in the not too distant future.

Lord Sassoon, the Commercial Secretary, said the Treasury would block any plans. “The Government is opposed to direct taxes financing the EU budget,” he said. “The UK believes that taxation is a matter for Member States to determine at a national level and would have a veto over any plans for such taxes.”

Pathetic. I too have little faith in the coalition doing anything other than saying, "Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir". Cameron has to keep favour with Nick, the leader of our EU fan club.

Is there nobody in power who can halt this slide to a federal Europe?


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

No its too late the political elite(of all the electable parties) are pro-Europe.

THERE WILL BE DIRECT E.U TAXES.......And Cameron knows it

sm753 said...

"Is there nobody in power who can halt this slide to a federal Europe?"

Oooh, I dunno.

You're the one who supports the party with the policy of "independence in Europe".


subrosa said...

You're perhaps not wrong Niko.

subrosa said...

SM753, you should know by now I do not support the SNP's EU policy and some of their other policies.

I support them because they're the only part who know that Scotland should be - and will be one day - independent.

fraser said...

Subrosa,Scotland will never be independent whilst in the EU.

I would be happy to see Scotland as an independent nation,but you have to understand the EU is a dictating monster, that should be the fight.

sm753 said...

"SM753, you should know by now I do not support the SNP's EU policy and some of their other policies."

You illustrate the fundamental incoherence of the SNP position.

Continued EU membership is one of their primary manifesto claims; how can you vote for them if you don't believe in it?

It is clear from your blog that you are a supporter of a strong (conventional) defence policy.

Have you worked out that this would actually cost more than Scotland's share of the current UK defence budget, including Trident and its replacement?

Do you know what the point would be of an "independent" Scotland maintaining a £6bn, but still piss-ant, Norway-style defence establishment?

Other than a glorified rural job-support scheme?

Are you sure that your fellow Nats don't actually intend to do an Ireland, scrap the lot and free-ride their defence on the UK and NATO?

subrosa said...

Entirely agree Fraser. Of course the love of Europe from most of our political parties is money. Follow the money as they say.

subrosa said...

sm753, I know many Tories who vote SNP because they support independence for Scotland. Are they also incoherent?

So, let me get it right. You agree with every policy of the party you vote for. I think you're in a very small minority.

I can't see where you think I support a conventional defence policy. You're far wrong there. Our defence policy needs to come into the 21st century as it's still stuck just post the cold war (which I also think has not bitten the dust).

Yes I've read much of what's been written and yes I realise an independent Scotland would suffer for some years, but then again, it would be such a delight when it begins to prosper.

I do wish you wouldn't use the term Nat to describe me. I am not a member of the SNP as you well know. I support independence for the country of my birth.

As for defence policy, do you know what the Unionist parties is yet? Neither do I.

All Seeing Eye said...

Unsure where I stand on this. On the sovereignty level I'm completely against. However being strongly anti-EU I despair of it not being a "real" and in-your-face cost which becomes obvious in peoples' everyday lives.

If every till receipt and every invoice had (for example) 17.5% EUtax at the bottom people could make their minds up more clearly whether they wanted to pay it or not.

If people realised how much money this monster drains then the debate on exit would get more interesting.

subrosa said...

Great idea ASE. I can't remember which country I was in recently which detailed all the taxes on receipts, but it certainly made for interesting reading.

There's a suggest for Nick.

Apogee said...

So Germany is happy with this as long as the cost to Germany is neutral.As I get the impression this is a German idea I am not surprised.
But then the take rises by 1%,a couple of years later by another 1%, always extra to the current tax handout to EUSSR.
Meanwhile, Turkey joins, possibly other countries,having ,by now no real option but to join, and the tax take keeps going up.Is there any rationale behind this mismatched mess that seems to be happening like a train wreck?
Who or what is really behind the EU. Or is it as others have said before, the start of the Fourth Reich. Where the Hell are we going, apart from into slavery.

subrosa said...

I've no answer to your questions Apogee, although the scenario you paint may not be too far from the truth.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

sm753 is right about the SNP.

I am completely in favour of Scottish independence, but nobody is proposing it, certainly not Wee Eck's gang.

Back back to the topic.

Lord Sassoon's comment is Stage 2 of the usual sequence of UK rollovers when faced with an EU power-grab:

Stage 1: "There is no such plan"
Stage 2: "There is such a plan, but we will veto it"
Stage 3: "We can't veto it, but we have arranged an opt-out"
Stage 4: "We have surrendered our opt-out in exchange for a promise by the French to reform the CAP"
Stage 5: The power-grab occurs, as originally planned. The CAP remains unchanged. It turns out the powers were in the Lisbon Treaty all along, so this doesn't count as a further transfer of power, and no referendum is needed.

Stage 3 will probably be reached next month.

subrosa said...

Weekend Yachtsman, I don't think the SNP's policies are any more incoherent than any of the main parties.

Excellent scenario of an EU power-grab. So true.

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