Saturday, 14 August 2010

Italy, A Beach and Sun Lotion

posed by model (I think)

I know you won't believe it but I've sunbathed topless. Not often though because I'm not a sun-worshipper and certainly not in the past 40 years or so. But in warm, sunny climates it makes sense if you don't want strap marks because you're intending to wear a strapless dress during the holiday. These days there's a good chance of a heart attack if the temperature rose or fell by 1 degree.

That useless piece of information aside, I see that the Italian police have 'opened a file' on a woman for provocatively applying sun lotion when sunbathing topless.

The 26-year-old woman, identified only as Luisa under Italian privacy laws, was questioned by officers and they have opened a file on committing an obscene act, after they were brought to the scene by a mother who objected to Luisa's ample breasts and her act of rubbing cream on her body. This had 'troubled her sons aged 14 and 12'.

Yesterday Luisa's Rome based lawyer said: "Something like this happening in 2010 is absurd. My client was approached and asked to cover up by the woman and she simply asked her what her problem was.

"From there the woman gathered up her children and went and complained to police bringing the officers to the scene where Luisa was still on the beach sunbathing.

"The fact a file has been opened is compulsory following the complaint but I can't imagine any judge convicting a woman for sunbathing topless."

He continued to give a description of his client then said it was not illegal to sunbathe topless on a public beach, unless there is a local bylaw.

Countess Barbara Ronchi della Rocca, the Italian etiquette expert, said: "You do see far fewer topless sunbathers these days than you used to but I think that's because the beach is no longer the place where you go to get a tan.

"Nowadays people arrive bronzed already having spent the winter in tanning salons and they spend their time at the beach bar semi-clothed and socialising instead."

It would seem the Righteous are everywhere but I'm sure the Italians won't support their attempt to change their culture. Italy would lose so much in tourism for a start...

Oh, in case you haven't read the whole article, the police spokesman in Anzio said," ... From what I heard she was very attractive." Glad to see the Righteous haven't quite conquered the polizia!


Joe Public said...

"This had 'troubled her sons aged 14 and 12'."

She obviously hadn't taught her lads that it's rude to stare.

Macheath said...

My son's opinion? The 12 and 14-year old were far more likely to be 'troubled' by being 'gathered up' and dragged off to be exhibited to the police as impressionable young children; he'd give that an embarrassment factor of at least 9.5.

(w/v outly - seems appropriate somehow)

JRB said...

I think that in my case, a topless 26 year old very attractive Italian young lady is more likely to induce a heart attack than any slight change in the weather.

Given a choice, I know which way I would prefer to go. Ché senso meraviglioso andare.

And I hate to tell our ‘righteous’ mother, that if her kids have access to the internet they have probably seen it all before.

Hamish said...

Posed by a model?
Plasticine model methinks.
If you follow the line down the back of the spine, there is a point at which, how shall I say, a bit of cleavage should appear.
To clarify the matter, I think you should publish the other side of the photo.
[I assume with your new high-tech gadget, you can rotate this image in four dimensions. So kindly supply the result by yesterday.]

subrosa said...

Joe you're a lot sharper than me today. :)

subrosa said...

I'd say the lads were possibly stifling giggles Macheath.

Aye the WV does indeed.

subrosa said...

John, you'd think the mother would have been grateful for the woman giving them free lessons in how to apply sun cream.

subrosa said...

It was in Yahoo photos Hamish for an article about Bondi Beach.

I've been trying for the past half hour to make the iPad produce it four dimensionally. Sorry, it doesn't want to know. :)

Joe Public said...

Followed your 'Heart attack' link to the Beeboids health report.

I'm puzzled. It states a study in the British Medical Journal found that each 1C temperature drop on a single day in the UK is linked to 200 extra heart attacks.

So by implication then, Global Warming must be good?

[Or until some other report concludes that a 1C temperature rise on a single day in the UK is linked to 201 extra heart attacks.]

subrosa said...

It confused me too Joe. It would appear that, if on 12 August last year there were 500 heart attacks and it was 20 degrees then, if it was 21 degrees this year there should have been 700. Nonsense isn't it.

It's all the usual scaremongering. These days I ignore it.

JuliaM said...

My god, Italy's changed out of all recognitiion, hasn't it?

subrosa said...

It has indeed Julia and not for the good. Obviously the Italians have their share of the Righteous too.

strapworld said...


You made a statement in paragraph one. I DEMAND photographic evidence of proof.


Macheath said...

Strapworld, surely you can see that Subrosa has already done so - she is simply hiding behind the excuse of a 'model' to preserve her blushes.

subrosa said...

Strapworld, I do try to please, but the technology is beyond you. Hopefully the cold shower you had helped. ;)

subrosa said...

Macheath, my hair was never that colour at her age. Mine was natural. Mieow. :)

Idle Pen Pusher said...

I find it hard to believe a 14yo boy was overly 'troubled' by the sight of an attractive woman rubbing suncream onto her topless self. The 12yo was probably amused, too.

subrosa said...

Well, dare I say IPP, you'll have far more insight than me, although I would never have behaved like that with my children. Where's the best way to understand about naked bodies? Near or in water.

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