Friday, 20 August 2010

Eco 'Invasion'

Activists have gathered in Edinburgh ahead of a four-day protest against the Royal Bank of Scotland and climate change.

The Camp for Climate Action said it is targeting RBS because of its 'commitment to financing the fossil fuel industry', including loans to coal, oil and gas companies. The planned swoop on the RBS headquarters in Gogarburn began yesterday.

Extra security has been set up on the entrance, exits and access roads to the RBS HQ following yesterday morning's protests.

Ruth Brown, a community worker from London said: "Destructive projects like open coal mines in the UK are only made possibly through finance from banks like RBS. The government bailed them out and now they use their profits to destroy communities and are causing catastrophic climate change."

On the television last night the police were helping the protestors settle in and were good enough to bring water supplies and other essentials. Wonderful isn't it that our police have all the time in the world to pander to a tiny bunch of folk who are an unfortunate by-product of the climate change hysteria which has been forced upon us by those with vested financial interests.


Joe Public said...
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Joe Public said...

So how did the EcoLoons get to Edinburgh?

I hoped they walked or cycled, because all other means of transport would have wasted energy.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I actually helped a nice young couple to get there today.
Having finished work and after a refreshing pint, I walked to my usual bus stop and noticed them wrestling with an OS map.
As an auld longhaired festival goer masel, I naturally asked if I could help(She looked like Candice Night; an incentive)
My commute bus passes Gogarburn, so as it arrived, I said "hop on" and had an entertaining conversation for half an hour or so.
I may not agree with them, but then I remember the toe curling things I did in those far off days...when I was young.

subrosa said...

I read somewhere planes, trains and automobiles were involved. Conan says buses too Joe.

subrosa said...

Auch yer a kindly old sowl Conan, so ye are.

joe90 kane said...

I hoped they walked or cycled, because all other means of transport would have wasted energy.
- It's not a matter of opting out of society but of wanting to change it for the better.

People can hardly avoid living in their own community and many are quite happy to do so. Living in a democracy, however, also gives people the opportunity to persuade others that when they think something needs to change for the better then they can do so.

I've no idea how opting out and living in some alternate universe, whilst everything else remains unchanged and problems left unsolved and left to accumulate until they can't be cured, can be considered a rational course of action.

The only world we have is this one. Wanting to take care of it and husband its resources with forethought isn't a crime. Indeed, you can argue it's only really obvious self-interest that motivates people to want to do such things. Why would anyone want to pollute and destroy their own home and use up as quickly as possible irreplacable assets and resources. It doesn't make sense.

It's quite a sobering thought that all the work and effort that goes into global economic activity ends up in the bank accounts of a miniscule amount of people -
- 1% of the world's populations owns 85% of its resources.
- 50% of the world's populations owns only %1 of its wealth
World's richest 1% own 40% of all wealth, UN report discovers
06 Dec 2006

all the best

Apogee said...

Hi SR. It puzzles me greatly that so many want to stop global warming, and at the same time complain that people use fossil fuel for power generation and heating the house.
If the world gets warmer there will be less need to use fossil fuels.So I am all for global warming,could save me a fortune in fuel bills.
But consider the world getting colder,and it will eventually,
you,or more likely your decendants, will not like it one little bit,because it is a perpetual fight for life.
And for those who think they can affect the world temperature, good luck.
But remember a wee volcano in Iceland? all we could do was run.
Think about it. And live with it.
Conan is right, we do daft things when we are young, then most of us grow up !

subrosa said...

Joe I have no problem with anyone protesting about their beliefs in this way. One of the reasons for the post was the way the police were helping them settle in with delivering food and water.Some liaison officer on TV the other night said they helped do that to keep the protest under control. Seems like it has been as the numbers are minimal.

Thanks for your link. Just goes to show our efforts are in vain doesn't it.

subrosa said...

Hi Apogee, like you I'm confused by the contradicting messages.

At times I think it's a shame we do grow up but then there are enough Peter Pans in this world to show that not everyone does. :)

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