Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Another Tory Sex Scandal

The leader of Slough's Conservative party has been charged with bigamy.

Cllr Pervez Choudhry (pictured) of Tuns Lane, who represents the Central Ward, was arrested and charged on Monday. The 52-year-old will appear at Maidenhead Magistrates Court next Monday to face one count of bigamy. He has been released on police bail.

Who wanted revenge? A colleague or one of his wives?

All credit to the tories though- they do sex scandals so much better than labour and the libdems!


Joe Public said...

At least it involved another woman

Dick Puddlecote said...

Pah! Lightweight.

Only the Italians know how to do it right.


Witterings From Witney said...

"All credit to the tories though- they do sex scandals so much better than labour and the libdems!"

SR, it is all down to class, don't you know?

One does have to question the female mind when considering that this individual is involved in bigamy??!! But then, all things considered, this is Slough - or Sluff as it is affectionately known down South!

Just noticed - he must believe in 'Tuns' of wives/sex.

banned said...

There is a blog tht specialises in this kind of thing but I lost the link when my hard drive died last month, 'liars buggars and thieves' if I recall correctly.
Pretty well evenly spread among the parties but the Choudhrys seem to specialise in vote fraud.

Harry said...

They will do nothing, because he is an enricher. Polygamy is to become the norm in Great Britain, and the liberalism and libertarianism end of the political spectrum will do nothing. Until, four wives and sixteen children per generation, they have the force of numbers to introduce Sharia Law.

But lets make jokes about the degeneracy of Tories instead, shall we?

subrosa said...

Ah Dick, do I sense a wee bit envy about Mr Berlusconi? ;)

subrosa said...

Aye there is that Joe. Unusual these days.

subrosa said...

Some women will do anything for a free meal WFW. Ah, you're too sharp for me tonight!

subrosa said...

Banned, don't tell me you didn't have a backup system? Poor soul. It's a common name Choudhry I think, particularly in that neck of the woods.

subrosa said...

I've already written about polygamy Harry. Either early this year or last year.

The title was light-hearted. Apologies if it offended.

banned said...

SR, I had everything except 'favorites' on external drives so no real problems; I have in the past saved my favorites in an e-mail to myself but failed to update it recently.

subrosa said...

Jings banned, glad to hear it. My external backup drive backs up everything.

A year ago when my hard drive went, it was quite amazing to get the whole thing back to the minute before it died.

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