Friday, 9 July 2010

Yet Another Fatality

Another day, another death of one of our armed forces.

Yesterday a Royal Marine from 40 Commando Royal Marines, serving as part of Combined Force Sangin, was killed in Afghanistan while on foot patrol in the Sangin district of Helmand province. He was part of a joint foot patrol, along with his fellow Marines and Afghan National Army partners, when he was struck by an explosion.

To date 314 of our military have been killed in this hellish war. When will our politicians realise how futile it all is? It's well recorded that the Taliban are growing stronger week by week and that as soon as forces leave an area they will take back control immediately.

I don't see any change to the present policy - it's certainly not a strategy - with Liam Fox as Defence Secretary. He's shown himself, in the short time he's held the position, to be just as in thrall to US chat-up lines as his predecessors.

In the meantime 40 Commando lose another of their team and another family suffers the grief of needlessly losing their loved one.


Furor Teutonicus said...

The problem the armed forces have in Afghanistan, is being expected to be "Dixon of Dock Green", when what they need is to be able to act in the spirit of the Totenkopf SS division.

Either give them the weapons, and the "free reign to kill any bastard that moves", OR get out of the place.

John said...

Quite right Furor Teutonicus. We worry about hearts and minds. TB do not give a toss about such things and it does not seem to do them any harm in either short or long term. What was end result of Viet idea 'Kill 'em all - Let God sort it out'?

subrosa said...

I agree Furor. I also agree with John.

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