Friday, 9 July 2010

Labour Memoirs and Mini-Memoirs

We're told Gordon Brown is writing his memoirs in his rather lovely home overlooking the Firth of Forth. We're also told Peter Mandelson is hoping to publish his memoirs ahead of Gordon's and it will be called The Third Man (no grinning at the back please).

Today the Independent publish the mini-memoirs of Phil Woolas. He allegedly kept a diary of his final months in office.

Yes I've read it. Believe me I did try to squeeze out a modicum of sympathy. Then I tried a modicum of empathy. Then I laughed until I cried. Phil Woolas was a major player in the last government. Is it any wonder we're in the mess we are?


JRB said...


Got as far as reading about half-way through Phil Woolas’s diary before I had to give up.

He really is a 'Wooly Ass'.

Anonymous said...

Yes... I've always wondered about writing my memoirs Subrosa, but I wondered how I would manage to fit it in whilst working, or how I would manage to live without working while I was writing.

I see clever old Gordon has managed to find a solution. You get a job with a generous salary and you turn up for the induction and then once more for 6 minutes.

Then you sit at home (a home which has been hugely funded by someone else), and you write and say bollox to going into work.

Mind you he's such a boring old git no one will want to read his stuff.

As for Mr Woolbutt, the dubious wearer of women’s clothes and door mat for the gorgeous Joanna Lumley, as a regular reader of my blog, you will know just how much I detest this specimen of crapness.

Thanks for the heads up about his memoirs. I'll try to get through them without vomiting.

subrosa said...

Morning John. You did rather well. Naw he's just an ass. :)

subrosa said...

Go for it Tris - get bashing the keyboard. I'm quite sure yours will be far more entertaining than Pete's or Gord's.

Anonymous said...

.....If only I could get a job that paid £65,000+ for sitting at home writing....

Well SR, you'd get a few mentions... you and the sitooterie....

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

No reason, just gut reaction;but cannot stand the man. And all his actions seem to confirm the accuracy of that view.

Off topic,but can anyone give the inside info on Question Time. Is it selective as to its audience. Selective on the issues it airs and does, or can it edit the responses?

On the last three programmes transmitted from Scotland (none during the election campaign?) the skeleton of independence seems locked in its cupboard?

Even Nicola seemed to be sucking the hind tit last night.

Is the issue of Scotland's independence subject to the whims and convenience of Westminster. Has the SNP been derailed by the enormity of Westminster's incompetence.

Or by their thunderous silence on the strategies and methods they would use for Scotland's recovery were it not controlled by a basket case economy that inflicted Hari-Kari on itself and the unfortunates it governs.

There will never be a 'convenient' time for independence but there will be advantageous times. That time is now, when the Scottish economy,already low in real terms relative to ability, is about to be downgraded further to suit the completely irrelevant Westminster economic model.

Independence will not be won by political chicanery but it could be lost by it. Commitment is needed to market the benefits and create the necessary democratic enthusiasm and aspirational vision.

It is the people of Scotland you have to convince and minor victories on administrative credentials within Holyrood or Westminster will not by themselves create the enthusiasm or underline the SNP's commitment.

For the moment I suspect the Scottish people are like confused spectators. At a pitch, but not knowing the game that's about to be played, who's playing in it, what the rules are and whether they will have a role to play in it.

Sorry to impose Rosa.

subrosa said...

Ah Tris, the sitooterie has now been renamed the IPad Lounge. :)

subrosa said...

RA, you're not imposing - anything but. I've yet to watch it as I missed it last night but of course I saw the previous broadcasts.

'Independence will not be won by political chicanery but it could be lost by it.'

How right you are and we've had quite a few opportunities in the past couple of years. The SNP let them drift past like clouds.

Joe Public said...

"We're also told Peter Mandelson is hoping to publish his memoirs .....and it will be called The Third Man"

Someone mis-heard.

It's said to be "The Turd Man"

Anonymous said...


Is there no end to this progress thingy?

No more sitooterie...

iPad lounge just doesn't have the same ring.

subrosa said...

I agree Tris, but we must keep up with the times. You know what they say - modernise to capitalise. :)

subrosa said...

Good one Joe. :)

Dramfineday said...

Yes I can see the start now, Once upon a time there were three Bs - Blair, Broon and Bush and of the three the biggest was me, Prudence Broon 'cause I saved the world!

This and more fairy tails coming to a bookshop near you soon..........Ppprrrrr!

Would it be possible do you think that we could put a 50 year rule on these chumps so that we don't hear from them unless we ask them something? For example do you have proper legal representatiion for your trial MrB?

subrosa said...

Oh Dram if only. Few should be permitted to work in the public sector ever again.

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