Thursday, 29 July 2010

Where Is Our Ron Paul?

Ron Paul. We're missing politicians who are prepared to stand up and speak for the people. Will we ever have a Ron Paul? I may not agree with some of his policies but I do agree with his common sense which has been replaced by non-sense in this country.

Why don't our politicians make more use of video/audio to reach their electorate? I still receive paper newsletters, via the Royal Mail, from my MP and MSP. Surely it would be much cheaper to do a 3 minute chat.


Alex Porter said...

Hi Rosie,
Love all the vids, Russia Today, Ron Paul stuff! So refreshing as many blogs are obsessed with political small talk.

By the way, have you been following the wikileaks story on the Afghan diaries. Documents about how some soldiers are growing opium so I hear. Apparently a huge number of controversial files that if picked up by the MSM will cause explosions..,_2004-2010

Idle Pen Pusher said...


Dramfineday said...

The Ron Paul stuff is predicated on the freedom of speech written into the American constitution. Over here (in Scotland) "freedom of speech" is only acceptable if it is pro union and/or non independence based. Hence the awful, creepy crawly MSM we have here in Scotland. Now if you were to try the Ron Paul approach, hellfire would be let loose. Just look at the state the MSM got themselves in with a simple thing like putting planning applications on line and cutting them out of the loop. What? Party broadcasts on line - not in this country!!!.

Consequently since this is likely to upset the establishment and shake their complacency - I think this is a great idea, so let's get on with it.

PS I see another two great sons of socialism, Broon (with a E) and Reid have got the ermine coat at to comment?

banned said...

RP "There is nothing to win in Afghanistan..." Quite so. But Rons Isolationism (@2:07) is a bit worrying though.

subrosa said...

Hi Alex. Auch we need a bigger picture to be able to see the frame Alex don't we.

I've started reading them but not all. Many thanks for the link. Don't think I'm that far yet but I'll read it before I go to bed (if it's not too long).

subrosa said...

Now IPP, we of the same mind, because I did think of him. But he's been very quiet recently and I think he's been oppressed a bit by Dave and his cronies. What say ye?

subrosa said...

I really think if the SNP made a conscious effort to do regular videos online Dram, it would heighten their profile no end. They're stuck in the old-fashioned style and think just supplying their politicians with Blackberrys is enough. I'm all for it too.

What can I say about Browne and Reid going into the cheapest old folks home in the UK? They're even paid to go. Socialists? Never.

subrosa said...

Yes banned, that bit concerned me too, but the concept is what caught my attention.

Let's face it, I don't think any of us agree with everything any politician says.

Alex Porter said...

Aye Rosie,
One of the reasons I started blogging was to look at Scotland and International stuff. Wanted to clear out the cobwebs and get people thinking nationally and internationally and extricate the middle-man.. That's why you'll see more international blogs on my list than Scottish or British.. I've been posting a lot of alternative media stuff since I started in the hopes that readers would be encouraged to open up the debate from the stale diet we're fed.. Unfortunately some of that also comes from the SNP who should be explaining Scotland's relationship to the real world as a matter of principle..

subrosa said...

That's why I like your blog Alex because you look at the big picture. But it is hard for some to look beyond Westminster, which to my mind doesn't really matter much these days. If only folk would be more aware of the EU for starters.

The SNP won't do any explaining because they can't explain their determination to be glued to the EU. If they can't do that then it's impossible for them to provide an international scenario for Scotland.

Alex Porter said...

Aye Rosie, don't think there's much in the way of big thinking in the SNP these days. I wonder if Sillars is still pro-EU.

I became far more pro-EU after the invasion of Afghanistan. I wanted a rival superpower to marginalise the US. It looked for a while that the EU would achieve that but it's becoming clearer that without political union there can be no monetary union. I think the Euro may well disappear.

The argument has shifted and the SNP needs a serious rethink. The problem is that there are no geo-political thinkers inside the party. The other problem is that there is no mechanism for serious debate inside the party either. All I see is apparatchiks who protect the leadership from the outside world.

Salmond has tried to make friends and not rock the boat too much and that is laudible but politicians need to have vision and position their movement accordingly. Salmond doesn't.

There's no conflict in leaving EU membership to a post-independence referendum. It makes sense that way so in reality there's no need for a post-independence position at all.

The leadership is clueless in respect of the economic crisis unfolding around them. I think they go with the idea that everything is going to be back the way it was before 2008 and that is foolish. If only they woke up and began positioning the party for the world which is starting to shape itself.

What a shame that such a key point in history is completely bamboozling them. It seems that devolution was indeed a big distraction..

subrosa said...

Thanks for your opinion Alex and one with which I would agree. Perhaps Salmond is weary and getting past his sell-by date but knows there is no one to replace him. So often I hear it said that there are many young capable folk in the party but I haven't seen one surface as yet.

You're possibly correct when you say the mechanism for debate is lost, It has been for some years. Even 20 years ago dissent was stonewalled.

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