Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sex in the City

You've got to hand it to Glasgow City Council, it has everything. Fraudsters, drug takers and now a sex pest. Liz Cameron, a former lord provost of Glasgow, is to be interviewed by police after claiming a colleague at the centre of indecent assault allegations used inappropriate behaviour towards her. Labour councillor Gilbert Davidson (pictured) is already being investigated after being accused at the weekend of groping counterpart Ruth Black.

On Saturday Black, who was effectively sacked by Labour earlier this month over financial irregularities surrounding the council-funded gay and lesbian centre she runs, claimed that in July 2008 Davidson came up behind her in the City Chambers and groped her. She alleged he also made suggestive remarks such as, "You're gay because you've not had a real man". Black denied she had only raised the matter now as revenge against Labour following her suspension and claimed Purcell supported her complaint. That won't do Mr Purcell's new consultancy too many favours.

Now officers will also question ex-provost Liz Cameron after she said Davidson sent suggestive voice mails and text messages to her ahead of a trip away on council business, asking her to share a double hotel room with him. Ms Cameron has refused to comment either on the alleged incident or her impending police interview, with close colleagues claiming she was still too distressed to publicly discuss it.

Poor Dundee. It's sex in the city antics pale in significance.


Allan said...

I think that kind of behaviour is endemic in a certain type of Old Labour polititian, particularaly in a certain type of West of Scotland man. I remember the incerdulity among New Labour supporters when the story about John Reid and Dawn Primorolo emerged.

subrosa said...

Labour women seem to get themselves embroiled too Allan. It doesn't happen in council chambers over this side. Maybe the women aren't as good looking here. :)

Joe Public said...

"...Black, ...........claimed that in July 2008 Davidson.....groped her."

Two years ago!

Is she amnesiac, or, does she just bear a grudge for an inordinate length of time?

That (alleged) complaint ought to be thrown out if for no other reason than time expired.

What's the betting Davidson now vividly recalls being propositioned by Black, and her accusation is simply revenge for the rebuff.

Dramfineday said...

Arrrgh at the thought! and Arrgh again. More drams required to get my head round this.

subrosa said...

Joe, don't forget she's miffed because her nice wee income for her club has been stopped. Money can improve memory.

subrosa said...

I doubt if even a bottle would help Dram!

Demetrius said...

Actually it is all part of the Human Resources Management Training about which there is some confusion. It is the Grope Therapy.

subrosa said...

As opposed to Scottish labours Gripe Policy Demetrius?

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