Monday, 26 July 2010

"He's the kind who just won't stay dead"

Steven Purcell, the ex-leader of Clasgow City Council, is ambitious. He resigned under a cloud less than a year ago but, as I wrote the other week, he has landed himself a job with a charity - an unpaid position.

All of us need to earn to fund our lifestyles and Mr Purcell is no different. So, he's now set himself up as a consultant. What type of consultant is not known but his new Business, Twenty Ten Consultancy, is named after the most dramatic year of his life.

So far Mr Purcell is the sole director in the limited company he set up last month. A website has also been registered, although it has yet to be activated. Both the company and website are based at a Glasgow office building, although Purcell is registered as a director at his home in Yoker.

According to the Sunday Herald, Purcell's new-found energy will also fuel the paranoia within Glasgow labour that he has his eye on a political revival. Many city councillors believe Purcell played a key behind-the-scenes role in the contest to choose his successor as council leader. Many also suspect he is trying to paint himself as a reformed sinner in order to enter parliament one day, either as MP for Glasgow North West or MSP for Glasgow Anniesland. Purcell, who remains a Labour party member, is already rumoured to be building support in his north west Glasgow powerbase, where there has been a flurry of new members.

"He's fiercely ambitious," said one senior Glasgow labour source. "He's the kind who just won't stay dead."

Purcell did not expand on what he hoped to achieve with his consultancy. I've a few ideas but perhaps it's best I keep them to myself.


Web Promotion Team said...

He sounds a bit like Peter Benjamin Mandelson,who's been around the blog more times than a lady of the night!

subrosa said...

I think he's Mandy's successor WPT.

Now I'm off to back up my blog. Hopefully it still works for Mac. :)

Clarinda said...

Well it is the start of the political 'silly season' and with Purcell and Brown, the African Hasbeen, both popping up in unlikely guises it's not surprising it's scary.

Why would you name your business to remind everyone of your most disgraceful fall from office and personal breakdown? Not a 'consultancy' for which I would beat a path to the front door to be supplied with anything uplifting, unless............

subrosa said...

Oh Clarinda, I'm sure 'anything uplifting' would be of the best quality and top price. After all, he must have a series of reliable suppliers.

William said...

Imagine if you got a call saying "Hi. I'm Steven Purcell and I'd like to talk to you about....."

Sound of phone being slammed down.

What a nerve---only in Glasgow Labour cicles could someone with his record contemplate setting up as a consultant.

William Brown

Sandy said...

My memory must be failing, but I thought there were more serious allegations of irregularities.

If Labour is afraid of him returning why do they not push for an open and transparent investigation of these matters ?

Or would that risk wiping the entire West Coast branch of the party completely off the map as well ?

subrosa said...

It will be interesting to discover what his consultancy provides William. Someone will spill the beans.

subrosa said...

I think your last sentence is the stumbling block Sandy. Don't forget, Purcell knows where the bodies are buried too.

Rob Royston said...

Many years ago, I, a hick from the sticks, arrived in Glasgow to serve an apprenticeship. There were many good citizens in that no-mean city but I never ceased to be amazed by some of the others, who almost fifty years later have never changed.
Guys that cheated society were known as being "wide", a term of respect to many, and a super-cheat was "double-wide".
To these people, some of whom hold responsible positions, Purcell will be a Super-Hero. I can only see his career sky-rocketing.

Dramfineday said...

"he's the kind who just wont stay dead" - SR I think Peter Cushing had the answer to that involves a hammer and a wooden stake

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