Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Today is Budget Day so let's begin on a happy note. There's sure to be something in the budget to make every one of us feel a little gloomy later.

This baby was born deaf. Watch the 8-month-old's reaction when his cochlear implant is activated and he hears his mother's voice for the first time.

Thanks Dick Puddlecote


Anonymous said...

Joy indeed. What an extra burden it must be to have to cope with that kind of disability, and yet, of course some people do and make a great deal of themselves.

Hopefully in this wee lad's lifetime we'll find a way to cure deafness.

As for the budget, I predict plenty of good things to sweeten us up, and much of the bad announced, and enacted into law (to keep the bloody markets happy) and postponed for a year (to keep the populace happy).

Some of it will hurt, but, I reckon the worst hurt will be in a year's time.

subrosa said...

I too hope there's a way deafness can be obliterated Tris. The implant makes such a difference to lives but I'm told sound is very personal and some people find they can't cope with it all the time. Like others who find certain hearing aids difficult at times, it can be switched off I think.

What's amazing here is that specialists managed to do the complicated tests on the wee fella at such a young age.

Indyanhat said...

Lovely reaction there Rosa!

I too hope deafness can be obliterated from the populace especially that kind which afflicts politicians once in power!!

Elby the Beserk said...

Very moving. I have a good friend who is profoundly deaf, but adores music. He used to go and see the Grateful Dead in the USA, and could "hear" the music via the bass player (they have a bass player who you can often feel as well as hear, shaking your bones from within).

He used to sign the songs for other deaf people at the show - indeed, the Dead set aside space at some shows for deaf deadheads, known as "the deaf zone".

Sadly, he is no so deaf he can really get nothing from music at all, hence a great sense of joy is lost to him.

But thanks again for this.

subrosa said...

Indyan, medics can do miracles as in this case, but they can't do the impossible. :)

subrosa said...

Auch Ebly, how sad. I can understand him getting joy from the base player. The deep notes reverberate more and he would have felt them through the floor.

I know some years ago there was research done into ways we can help the deaf appreciate music but there doesn't seem to have been much success. I've just googled it and they're still working away although that's no benefit to your friend.

Mrs Rigby said...

I saw it at DP's place, well worth seeing again. Thank you, it's a magical moment.

subrosa said...

Did he post it Mrs R? Auch what a man. He emailed it to me saying it was more my kind of post. I had seen it some time ago, but, as you say it's worth viewing again.

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