Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Done Deal?

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The news is that a deal has been done between the tories and the libdems. I will wait to hear the details before commenting further.


Allan said...

It's the only offer in town and Labour should just accept that they are out.

Quiet_Man said...

Jeez don't tell Niko, it might just kill him ;-)

subrosa said...

I think it is accepted now Allan. Rumours abound that Brown will leave politics altogether. That was being said here last week.

Pound to a penny he will. I can't see him sitting on the opposition benches can you?

subrosa said...

I think Niko will be lying down in a darkened room telling his wife to switch off all radios and TVs QM.

Poor man. I've no sympathy though. ;)

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

I personally agree with the official TRG position [unsurprising really], we need a strong Conservative - Liberal coalition, it is in the national interest.

We need to have a government capable at bringing forward much needed economic reform, but also capable at preventing the ultimate travesty of another Labour government.

There is much room for consensus between TRG Tories and Orange Book Liberals, indeed in some policy areas there is nothing between us really at all.

CrazyDaisy said...

On Sky at 4.45 the bags being packed out the backdoor of No.10 belong to Alastair Darling - Yeah we believe you NOT! still lying and spinning until the bitter end, hope the door doesn't hit you on the way out....


ps. Let's see how brave Wee Dougie is in opposition!

subrosa said...

Dean, I'm slow today. What are TRG tories? Traditional is possibly the T...

subrosa said...

Aye I heard that CD. Let's see how brave many of them are once their huge salaries and privileges are removed.

Brown will resign from politics don't you think?

Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...


'Tory Reform Group', we are the Chris Pattons, Hesseltines, Ken Clarke and Malcolm Rifkinds of the party- our main tagline is "a belief in a Free market, with social justice"

We are not too popular with the larget faction: 'Way Forward' [who have Baroness T as their founder].

We constitute the main internal divisions of the Party, and today TRG came out in support for a coalition and Way Forward against....sigh- as divided as ever!

subrosa said...

Thanks for the explanation Dean. I understand now.

Much appreciated.

wisnaeme said...

So Cameron is to be the giver and receiver of patronage and favours, the dispenser of jobs for the guys and gals and the progressor of policies not quite agreeable to folk some what north of Watford then?
. . . and if by some miracle he has the blessing of some Fibdems other Fibdems, notably in pairts others canna reach will be less than enthusiastic about jumping into bed with an erm reformist wet.

Ironic isn't it, we have as bitter political enemies,Noo Liebour and the Tory partei who judging by Noo Liebour's policies and decisions since the 1987 policy review and their actions in governance since, one would have thought common cause policies with Cameron would have been their natural inclination.Whatever the ya, boo, you suck theatrics across the great Westmidden divide.
So now Scotland has the Cameron chappie. Not quite what it had in mind a few days ago at the electshun; what!!
I cannot think of a better scenario to give cause for grievance and dislike of westmidden governance and an encouragement to do a flitting from it, even amongst die hard labour supporters.
Broon will become a martyr to some folk, not me and the separation from Westmidden will have it's momentum increased.
My, wee Eck must be a happy chappie at the happenings of a disfunction westmidden establishment.
I'll lift a glass to Westmidden; three cheers fer ye, may ye continue not to disappoint.
..and bye and bye the separation will come by default.

subrosa said...

Aye indeed wisnaeme, Eck must he delighted. I am. Couldn't have worked out better for an referendum on independence.

The only slip up was Eck's speed at offering his services to labour. He should have hung on a day or so. Smacked of desperation really.

Let's hope the SNP makes the most of the situation.

wisnaeme said...

Aye Eck was a bit hasty but those words spoken less than a few minutes ago that there wasn't the political will (directed at the feeble 41 in the first instance) when they had the opportunity to save Scotland from a Westmidden governance they have a dislike for.
The Fib dems in Scotland are on a mighty shoogly peg from here on in, that's for sure too.
Aye, wee Eck might have been a bit hasty but he has the acute perception unlike the labour grandees (I know that from personal experience) and he knew what middle England desired. Not only have England got the result most of them desired but shortly there will be an outbreak of patroitism fueled by a wee footie game. I suspect that will add grist to the mill.
The thinking Scottish labour supporter, if there is such a creature will not only be dismayed at the recent happenings in Westmidden but will also be mightily scunnered by the failings of his westmidden representitives to avoid their distress at the outcome. Confidence in their Westmidden abilities and competence will be severely dented.

It won't help matters when that smug slekit Alexander chappie lost his ministerial mondeo after declaring he wouldn't work with the SNP in the avoidance of Scotland's interests and dislikes.
he and his partie will pay for that bye and bye, that's for sure.

... and so will the Fib dems north of the border if they don't ca canny.

subrosa said...

Aye I saw him on the BBC just a wee while ago wisnaeme and he's certainly back on form.

Unfortunately a few here are still speaking about last Friday when he was offering his wares to Labour. That's what worries me.

According to Caron's Musings she is worried that the Scottish libdems will leave in droves.

This could work out very well for independence if the cards are played well. I'm a fairly poor card player but I'm good at sealing contract deals. (Speaking as a bridge player).

wisnaeme said...

My point is he offered the devil himself the opportunity to help keep the tories out of power and to protect Scotland's best interests. ...and labour grandees spurned it, adding to cause and effect of downfall and their treck into the wilderness.or was that back to their wilderness.

Thinking folk, even the rarity of Scottish thinking labour folk in hindsight will be dismayed at the stupidity of their Westmidden creatures to prevent what could so easily have been preventible.Consider also the history of some of the good things that came out of the fibdem/ labour exectutive pact in Embra for folk amongst the dross of that regime. They got along, sort of, did they not?
I very much doubt if the fibdem/ Tory one in Westmidden will, unless the fibdems sell their souls and even then it will end in tears and failure for them.

Aye, It will give Scotland cause and more consideration of the benefits of a flitting from Westmidden.

Westmidden new Labour has failed them.

subrosa said...

Aye wisnaeme, I do get your point. What was noticed here was the timing though. Eck was in there on Friday doing his stuff. If only he'd left it until the weekend, although he did calm it down on Sunday and thereafter.

Let's hope SNP voters here forgive him.

CrazyDaisy said...


The Queen was delighted that Broon resigned tonight and Cameron came a calling, she was doing a wee jig as tomorrow she can return to Windsor as she has a few ponies in the show tomorrow! Royal Windsor Tattoo this year is looking braw!

Broon will head off into obscurity much like Wee Dougie and Skull Coward Murphy.... Meanwhile North o ra Border the SNP sit and wait, for tomorrow brings new opportunities for our journey to Independence!

Saor Alba


wisnaeme said...

Oh dear, Fib dems agree that trident can stay in return for Tory financial scrutiny.

Yup, we Scottish Fib dems along with the vast majority of Scots support that...

So what other 'sacrifies' will the Westmidden Fibdems make whilst in the beezness of selling their souls to Cameron?

wisnaeme said...

Danny Alexander is gonna be Whit!!!

Mrs Rigby said...

The thing is that SNP are the largest party at Holyrood, but they didn't manage to get a good enough result last week. Labour returns the highest number of Scottish MPs to Westminster.

It's often the case that local government is formed of parties opposite to that of central government, but that doesn't explain these results.

Any idea what happened, or is the SNP active membership too small to cope with two 'parliaments'?

Let's hope, though, that things work out well for all the separate countries of the Union, because in reality England has had a terribly raw deal for the last few years.

subrosa said...

Aye CD. One of my delights is that I'll never hear Murphy warbling on about how patriotic he is etc.

Changing days indeed. Sit tight and watch.

subrosa said...

I'm TV'd out wisnaeme so didn't know that. So wasn't much of a policy was it.

What's Danny Alexander going to be? I'd never heard of him until the past couple of days.

subrosa said...

Labour played it as tories against labour Mrs R and that was doom for the SNP.

I was pleased they held what they have under these circumstances although sad about Glasgow East.

I don't think it's anything to do with the active membership being too small, it's more of a problem with the electorate thinking what's the point of the SNP being in Westminster when they're governing here perhaps. I'm sure someone will correct me there.

It would be good for England to waken up and get their own parliament. That would solve lots of problems.

wisnaeme said...

Secretary of State for Scotland, apparently.

Mundell will be pleased.

...and I wonder if Goldie will be looking forward to that union of like minds :-)

subrosa said...

Really?? Jings! Well well. Mundell will be in the huff for years now.

As for Annabel, what can I say. Union of minds? Somehow I dinnae think so. :)

scunnert said...

"The only slip up was Eck's speed at offering his services to labour. He should have hung on a day or so. Smacked of desperation really."

I think his timing was impeccable. It was obvious that the Tories and LibDems would do a deal and just as obvious that Labour in Scotland would try to blame the SNP for letting the Tories back in. By offering a deal that was refused he put the SNP in a position where they can blame Labour for letting the Tories in. Masterful.

banned said...

I see that only 1% of us got it right in your election poll SR.

subrosa said...

Scunnert I have to disagree. Alex Salmond was on the media the day after the election offering his services to labour. It would have been more dignified if he'd have sat quietly for 24 hours.

That's just my thoughts. I completely understand why he did it although some ex-tory voters can't.

subrosa said...

Isn't it 8% banned?

banned said...

Quite so, I do seem to have missread the results SR.

subrosa said...

Easy done banned, 1% was the next one down.

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