Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Questions I Want Answered

The picture is one of only two of our armed forces who have lost three limbs. There are another five. plus thousands of others who have one or two limbs. All to 'protect our streets'.

I know many Scottish bloggers say the leaders' debates don't apply to Scotland, but I firmly believe tonight's is crucial to all the UK. It is concerning UK foreign policy. Until Scotland is independent we have to rely on London-based politicians to tell us the policy rather than Scotland being permitted a say.

My questions:

When are your troops going to be withdrawn from Afghanistan?

Why can't politicians understand we don't believe the reasons they give for our troops being deployed in Afghanistan?

Why have none of the alternative suggestions for Trident been explored?

Why is the UK continuing to give billions of taxpayers' money in 'aid' to countries such as China and India?

Along with Richard at EUReferendum, I too cannot understand why the EU is included in tonight's debate. The EU rules our country.


Captain Ranty said...


Not being as polite as you I merely gave the answer. I didn't bother with the questions.


forfar-loon said...

Just a thought on Trident. Why not publicly say we'll renew it, but secretly just slap together a few metal tubes with some old TV innards thrown inside, give them a lick of paint so they look the part and use them as our deterrent? Total cost over the lifetime of the system: twenty quid tops.

Then again, maybe they already did that last time round...?! [removes tin foil hat]

subrosa said...

Thank you CR. I ought to toughen up a bit on behalf of the 60+ vote which is ignored.

subrosa said...

Forfarloon, that's about how effective our present system is.

We depend totally on the US to *tell* us how to defend this country.

Can't we think for ourselves?

subrosa said...

CR, I do hope others read your post. Because it was teatime I tried to make my photograph sensitive, but I'd been sent some horrific ones.

Maybe I should post them to let people really know what happens to our troops.

They would put to shame the injuries the poor souls received in the London bombings.

Hythlodaeus said...

I won't be doing ScotlandSpeaks tonight. Partially because I have things other then politics on my mind, and partially because this debate really does affect Scotland in every possible way and even with 20 MPs the SNP won't get a real say on defence.

We contribute a disproportionate number of troops to the armed forces, encourage others from the commonwealth to join up and rely on the military to keep the yards in Fife and Glasgow going.

I don't think any of the three parties are going to talk much about Scotland, but what they say will have a much bigger impact then what they said in the last debate.

subrosa said...

I understand your view Hythlodaeus. I've made time in my daily routine to watch this one in particular because of the complete lack of defence policy.

I read the tory's one today. I could have written that with the limited knowledge I have and made a better job of it.

Sad to know you're not going to watch though. Foreign affairs are important to our future.

Dramfineday said...

Two braw looking young laddies torn to bits on the alter of imperial posturing. The question is, how well will they be looked after down the years when their strength goes, no young lassies look near them, their parents pass on etc? Are we up to it or will it be the usual "war hero denied support as cost cuts go on"? Britain a land fit for heros...hahahahaha.....

subrosa said...

They'll be ignored by the general population Dram. The only people who will care of them will be the military charities such as SSAFA, Blesma etc.

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