Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Now's Your Chance to Question Alex Salmond

The First Minister will take part in a televised Scots leaders' debate, which will be broadcast by Sky, in Edinburgh on 25 April.

Elaine C Smith has other ideas. The Rab C Nesbitt star is hosting 'Ask Alex' sessions in town halls across the country as part of the SNP's election strategy. A great idea.

Voters can question Alex Salmond in his Gordon constituency, Livingston, Dundee and Glasgow. These events will be open to all regardless of political persuasion. Quite a change from the unionist parties who surround themselves with only the party faithful at Q & A events.

Keep an eye on the SNP website for the date in your area and consider attending. These live sessions can be intriguing to say the least.


RantinRab said...

I'm going to ask what his favourite type of pie is!

Though I suspect the answer will be 'all of them'!

subrosa said...

Can't you get curry pies Rab? Not being a pie eater myself I don't have a clue.

Debate is Free said...

I am sure that at some point on the means streets of Glasgow I have seen a curry sauce Scotch pie.

subrosa said...

Oh Kisteen, you've put me off my lunch! But come to think of it, I seen school children with chip shop pies covered in curry sauce.

Whatever turns your intestines on I suppose. :)

RantinRab said...

Indeed you can get curry pies.

Bells make a chicken curry 'scotch' type pie, available at Morrisons but only in Scottish stores.

They are quite tasty as well...

RantinRab said...

Have a look -


subrosa said...

Rab, you're surely not a pie eater too. Next time I'm in Morrisons I will look. Would save me a great deal of time and patience cooking curry here and especially when pies are a favourite (except with me).

Thanks Rab. I owe you one.:)

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