Friday, 9 April 2010

Labour really love Scotland!

Such High Quality Of Candidates?

Now I know you are supposed to keep Stephen Purcell's murky behaviour out of sight but it would seem that scandal may be hidden but this one might go viral!

I guess that Labour are very, very poorly off to foist such on their heartlands.


Sandy said...

Jim Murphy says Stuart MacLennan will continue to be Labour candidate in Moray despite Con and SNP calls for him to go about 3 hours ago via web

from the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg

Oh what a tangled web, someones moral compass is upside down.

CrazyDaisy said...

Jeeeze what a pwick! He's the best Labour could find for Moray, looks like he's not fit to be part of humanity!

As for Jim The Coward Murphy sticking up for him, well he clearly lacks credibility and judgement and has just proven to the Scottish Electorate that he's happy to protect the Labour Party, but not society from this cretin, failure in my book with a Capitol F!

I wonder what 2 duffs Blether has to say on this, his Radio cast today was pathetic, truly pathetic, glad I don't pay the tv tax!


Andrew_S said...

hi there, Guido is reporting that he's gone. Sacked, but only after he said he was going to resign. Pravda is carrying the story too.

I wonder when the numpties (the only polite word I could use) in the centre of the big parties are going to realise that the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, other forms of Instant Messaging, just cannot be controlled. All their petty squabbles and stupidity can now so very easily be passed around the world. If only the rest of the population would waken up and see just how vacuous and tawdry the "political class" actually is.

hatfield girl said...

Clearly I'm still not up to speed. Scotland has its own Parliament and a Scottish government. Why would any of you vote for a Labour and Unionist party any more than a Conservative and Unionist party?

The SNP is clearly more 'labour' in terms of everything Labour once stood for - social decency, human kindness, decent chances for the kids, etc.,

Why does ANYONE other than a client fearful of their privileges, vote Labour in Scotland when they can vote to run their own country on proper standards? Is it because the vote is not a secret vote? Are there sanctions?

JRB said...

The very fact that the Labour party not only picked this ‘person’ as a PPC, but that they also employ him at Holyrood as a researcher specialising in constitutional affairs - neatly sums up the quality and integrity of Labour’s PPCs and political staff.

JRB - one of Mr MacLennan’s elderly “bloody coffin dodgers”

Oldrightie said...

JRB, my handle gives me the same qualifications. This fellow might be doing more dodging than you and I!

Sandy said...

Needless to say Jim Murphy is now in high speed reverse.

Funniest thing all year so far.

subrosa said...

Aye Sandy, I just heard he's gone.

subrosa said...

CD, that programme with BWB was dreadful right enough. I gave up listening.

Bring back Lesley Riddoch I say!

subrosa said...

Aye Andrew, it was on the 12 o'clock news I think it was.

Silly boy but that's the level of labour candidates. He didn't stand a chance in Moray anyway.

subrosa said...

HG, you ask the same questions 33% of Scots ask. We can't understand it either, although there is a great fear amongst unionist voters that if we became independent we would crumble into the North Sea.

subrosa said...

Ah John, how good to see you. Hope you're keeping your chin above water.

Wonder who they'll impose on you now?

Dubbieside said...

Hatfield Girl

I am afraid that most Scots do not know the answer to your question either.

Part of it is the anti SNP propaganda that would put Mugabe to shame, but there is more to it than that, we still have the "too wee, too poor, too small" mindset in more than half the adult population in Scotland. Added to that I have had people in their sixties say to me on the doorstep "my father always voted Labour and so do I"

One thing you can be sure off however, is that there are a lot of us who will keep working for the SNP and hopefully we can return more SNP MPs at this election, then make real inroads with a much larger number of MSPs at the Holyrood elections in 2011.

subrosa said...

Well said Dubbie.

Dubbieside said...


Just a thought. Maybe we should be asking all the Labour candidates in the North of Scotland if they view their electorate as teuchters?

Does the Labour party view anyone not from Glasgow as "teuchters"

I wonder what Labours man in Inverness must be thinking? Is he a happy man today?

Stewart Cowan said...

Hopefully I still have the Twitter screen shot of an Oxford Labour councillor telling me to eff off. I see she is helping get the "great MP, Andrew Smith" re-elected

She's annoyed me for years. Could I make something of it? Should I? Muhahahah!

Idle Pen Pusher said...

I found the tweets rather amusing and it made me warm to him and smile.

Odd for a Labourite, they're normally so sanctimonious. I don't understand why he hadn't been shut up before.

Sadly, you do have to be rather dull and inoffensive if you seek office. No good upsetting the electorate!

As for 'their heartlands'... I they can foist whatever they like there. It's the marginals where they take more care, SR.

subrosa said...

Now there's a thought Dubbie. I doubt if anyone from labour will stand here (they don't bother these days) but if one does I will make the point of asking them.

subrosa said...

Go for it Stewart! The Sun will help you.:)

subrosa said...

To be honest IPP I didn't read them. Like you I'm surprised he slipped through the net or perhaps that's what they all privately think.

There was once a tory MP in the Perth area and he could be most offensive, but he was a character and respected for the way he treated his electorate.

Nicolas Fairbairn was his name.

Anonymous said...

Looked up this story about Stuart MacLennan and nearly ate my keyboard, this photo of his collegue, very inteligent looking small man in ultra huge coat.

subrosa said...

TS, that's definitely worth a post of its own. x

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